Akashic Weapons
Akashic Weapons
Akashic weapons are powerful weapons that existed during the ancient alchemy civilization.
The weapon chooses its owner and both of them grow together.
There are more than a dozen different weapon types in the Akashic Weapons, and the weapons differ depending on the Job.
If you reach the final stage, your weapon will become stronger than any weapon you've ever seen - LR weapon (rarity 5)! Master your weapon and reach the final stage!

※You must accept Evolution Quests from Glack to evolve your Akashic Weapon.
※You cannot accept multiple Evolution Quests at the same time.
※Some parts in some Quests do not have voices.
Please kindly wait until we have fixed this issue.
※Akashic Weapon related Quests will not be included in the Album.

How can you get Akashic Weapons?
・After clearing Main Quest Ch. 76, go to Enhancement Center and talk to NPC Glack.(※Lv70 and above)

Akashic Weapons for each Job
JobWeapon name
BerserkerReviving Old Large Axe
Moonlight FencerReviving Old Magic Sword
WizardReviving Old Magic Staff
PriestReviving Old Holy Staff
Planetary MageReviving Old Staff
MageReviving Old Knife
PaladinReviving Old Knight Sword
AssassinReviving Old Dagger
HighfighterReviving Old Knuckles
EngineerReviving Old Hammer
HeroReviving Old Blade
Lancer CavalryReviving Old Spear
HunterReviving Old Bow

How to receive them?
You can get the weapon from NPC Glack's "Weapon" Menu > "Get Equipment" > "Get".
※You are not able to get weapons for Jobs that you don't have.
※You cannot have multiple same weapons.You can have onlt one weapon per Job.

Akashic Weapon Evolution
Your Akashic Weapon doesn't have great abilites after you get it from Glack, but you are able to strengthen it and change its appearance and abilities.
In order to strengthen your weapon, you must clear Evolution Quests and collect necessary materials.
As you strengthen your weapon and it's rarity increases, you will also be able to add special abilities for it at random by rolling.
※The Akashic Weapon's level must be maxed to evolve it.
Find more details about the Evolution and Abilities here

You can change the abilities by re-rolling after completing the evolution. Let's get strong abilities for your finished weapon!
※You can re-roll the Abilities after evolving your Akashic Weapon up to 4 stars and using the necessary items.
Find more details about the Ability re-roll here

Akashic Weapon Evolution Quests
After you get your Akashic Weapon, you can accept Quests from Glack to evolve it.
You cannot accept multiple Evolution Quests for different Jobs at the same time.
If you wish to accept Quests for other Jobs, you must either clear the ones you have already accepted or select "Dispose Equipment".

How to access Evolution Quests?
Go to Glack's menu and select "Quest" > "Evolution Quest List" and press the "Accept" button of the weapon.

・You must have the Job whose Evolution Quest you wish to accept
・You have received the weapon from Glack
・The weapon's corresponding Job must be level 70 or above
・You haven't accepted other Evolution Quests

In the Evolution Quests you fight with Mamono and collect special materials to strengthen and evolve your weapon.
Please check the following page for details about the materials you need during the Quests.

How to get materials to enhance from N to R
How to get materials to enhance from R to SR
How to get materials to enhance from SR to UR

Akashic Weapon Resonance
Players who have evolved their Akashic Weapons to rarity 4 (UR) can release the weapons true powers by "resonance".

Find more about Resonance here!

Dispose Equipment
If you want to get other Job's weapons before finishing the evolution, you need to dispose the Akashic Weapon that you are currently evolving.
※Please note that if you decide to dispose the weapon, the materials that you used for the evolution will also disappear.
※If you get the disposed weapon again, the rarity will be "N" regardless of its state when it was disposed.

List of materials that will be destroyed when disposing of equipment【12/18 Update】
・When disposing of Equipment N
Metal for<weapon types>
Wood for <weapon types>
Ore for <weapon types>

・When disposing of Equipment R
Rare Stone Crystal
Magic Bezoar Crystal

・When disposing of Equipment SR
M Power Bezoar Crystal
Stormy Flame Jewel
Ether Liquid

How to Dispose of the Equipment
Go to Glack's menu and select "Weapon" > "Dispose Equipment" and press the "Disposal" button of the weapon.