Akashic Weapon Evolution and Abilities
Akashic Weapon Evolution
You can evolve your weapon by 1 rank from Glack's Weapon Menu after you have collected the necessary materials at the Evolution Quest.
When you're evolving your weapon, you can add special abilities to it by rolling.

Steps to evolve
Go to Glack's AW Menu and tap "Equipment Evolution" > "Select".
※You must enhance your Akashic Weapon to its max level before you can evolve it.

Select Abilities
Select the Ability Group when evolving your Akashic Weapon.
The Abilities are divided into three groups, and they are added at random from the selected group.
※After you have evolved your Akashic Weapon up to 4 stars, you can re-roll the Abilities by using the necessary items.

The added Abilities will be shown with "AW" at the Equipment details.

Rules about Adding Abilities
Abilities can be added for each level until the weapon evolves to UR.
You are able to choose the group to roll again when evolving next, but the Ability types that have already been added will not be included.
1st evolving: You chose Group A and the Ability ""Max HP+"" was added.
2nd evolving: You choose Group A again, but the Ability ""Max HP+"" will be excluded from the roll."

Ability Activation Requirements
Abilites added to the Job weapon are effective only when both of the following conditions are met.
・You have the corresponding Job of the Akashic Weapon
・You have set the Akashic Weapon as your Main/Sub Equipment [12/12 Edit]