Policy Violation
「Alchemia Story」When ASOBIMO,Inc. ("ASOBIMO") finds violation of prohibited acts in "Alchemia Story" ("Application", "Service") Terms of Use, the following penalty will be applied.
*Please check the following for details of penalties.

Penalty Level

In this game, there are 7 levels of penalty and the penalty level will rise as we find repeated violation acts.
The level of penalty will differ according to the content of the violation act, and penalties different from below maybe applied.We are not responsible for disclosing the reasons of the applied penalty.
Once applied, there will be no cancels to penalties or lowering of the penalty levels.If you have a penalty record, you may not be admitted to receive some services and offers.
In principle, penalties are applied without prior notice, but there may be a warning sent via in-game mail beforehand.
Penalties will be applied to each account, not to each character.Even if the character that has taken violated actions is not the character, penalty levels will be added with higher penalties applied to the characters in the same account.

Level Multi-channel Restriction Login Restriction
1 24 hour -
2 72 hours -
3 120 hours -
4 168 hours -
5 720 hours -
6 Permanent -
7 Permanent Permanent

※It will be fixed to Solo Mode and restricted interaction with other players for multi-channel restriction.Also, you will restricted to use some contents such as market, battle power ranking and other interactions with players.

What is GM?

GM is an abbreviation for Game Master.The person with the GM degree will take the role for the proper operation of the Service.


The GM will check the contacted information and inform to the operation/development team.Players of the game are responsible to inform ASOBIMO when there is a bug.If you do not inform, the GM and the operation team cannot be responsible for any losses or disadvantages. Please report bugs from Contact Form available in the application or on the official website.

Cautions given inside the game

Basically, GM will not engage in the acts of the users in the game, the GM is allowed to give cautions and requests against any movement or acts, when it is necessary. If you do not accept the request, the GM can apply penalties.
The Handling of Matters Not Written in the Penalty Policy
For solving and handling of matters not listed in the Penalty Policy, the operation team will decide from the Terms of Use, law, and common sense with fairness and equity.

Matters the GM/Operation Team do not handle:

1. The GM will not engage in troubles among users that arise within or outside of the game.
2. The GM/Operation Team will not give any kind of benefit to a specific user.
3. The GM/Operation Team will never ask for personal information such as account information within the game, under any circumstances.

Penalty execution

When issue is confirmed, penalties will be executed for violation of prohibited acts including from the past.


There may be additional penalty such as the listed below, according to penal content.

・Measure to change charcter name
・Measure to initialize character data
・Measure to change the character data
・Measure to confiscate owning items
・Measure to confiscate virtual currency

Applied examples
List below show how a penalties will be applied.
However, higher penalties may be applied if the operation team finds act to be malicious.

▼Abusive Language, slandering, and offensive statements
Using abusive language, slandering, and offensive statements to an individual, including racial and religious discrimination, and sexually harassment and threat.
[Response] Initial level 1 or higher applied.
If both players are both using abusive language and slandering each other within their own conversation, both will applied to a penalty.

▼Trolling and harassment
Actions related bullying and harassment to specific player, causing interference and psychological suffering.
[Response] Initial level 1 or higher

Repeating meaningless statements, making excessive amount of statements, etc., to interfere with other users' conversation.
※Private conversation between players do not include.
[Response] Initial level 1 or higher applied

▼Malicious Reporting
Sending admittedly excessive number of reports, reporting fabricated information, or reporting information not related to the game.
[Response] Initial level 1 or higher applied.

▼Inappropriate Character Names
Playing with character names that include words ASOBIMO finds to be inappropriate, such as words related to sexual or racial discrimination, discriminating disabilities, and words that violate public order and morality.Actual names of people that were part of famous incidents and crimes such as terrorists and criminals are also not allowed.
Character names that can be mistaken to the GM, operators, and developers are all prohibited.
[Response] Initial level 1 or higher applied.

An activity to pretend to be another character and using abusive language or behaviors to lower its honor.
[Response] Initial level 2 or higher applied

▼Actions using bugs
Whether consciously or not, improperly gaining experience, virtual items and currencies through program bugs and failures. This will include spreading out statements that encourage others to act fraudulently as well.
※If you find something that appears to be a bug or failure, please stop the usage of the feature, and please report immediately via the Contact Form.
[Response] Initial level 3 or higher applied
Any advantages gained by utilizing the bug or failure could be forfeited.

▼Trading Different Currencies and Items -
Trading virtual items and currencies from application with items and currencies from other online games, or goods and personal information.
※Statements that encourage trading different currencies and items are also included.
[Response] Initial level 4 or higher applied
Items and in-game currencies obtained through this can be forfeited.

▼Real Money Trading (RMT)
Buying or selling virtual items or currencies for actual real currency.
※Statements that encourage real money trading are also included.
[Response] Initial level 4 or higher applied
Virtual items and currencies gained through RMT could be forfeited with permanent restriction of Trade, Consignment system, and other related functions.

▼Transferring Accounts to Others
Transferring "Application" game account in exchange for virtual items and virtual currencies of "Application" or other online games.
Transferring "Application" game account in exchange for goods, money, personal information, or other information.
Transferring "Application" game account to others regardless of paid or for free of charge.
※Statements that promote account transfers are included.
※Transferring user's account to their family member or friends are also included.
[Response] Initial level 4 or higher applied
All the items and virtual currencies can be forfeited. Also, Trade and Consignment system can be suspended permanently."

▼Sharing Accounts with Others
Sharing same account among multiple users, or allowing third party to use own data. Sharing among family members and friends are also included.
※Penalty is applied regardless of permission, if user's data is used by third parties. Please manage your account carefully.
[Response] Initial level 4 or higher applied.

To gain virtual items and currencies improperly by deceiving others or intentionally modifying the digits of the amount of money in the shop functions.
[Response] Initial level 4 or higher applied.
※All the items and virtual currencies can be forfeited. Also, Trade and Consignment system can be suspended permanently.
▼Use of malware
Using external program that ASOBIMO does not permit, to falsify data or cause the game to behave in unintended manner.
※Statements that encourage development, distribution, and use of malicious program are also included.
[Response] Initial level 5 or higher applied.
The advantages gained by use of malicious program are forfeited.
※The item considered to be created fraudulently could be forfeited, even after being transited to third parties.

Using programs or tools that will operate the character while the player being absent.
If the act above is confirmed, or is found to be a threat by the operation team, there will be a response according to the rules in the Terms of Use and Penalties Policy.
[Response] Initial level 5 or higher applied.
※All the items and virtual currencies will be forfeited. Also, Trade and Consignment system will be suspended permanently.

▼Operation Interference
Interfering GM, operation team, or support team by pretending to be related to the company, disturbing event or campaign progress and ignoring the instructions from the operation team or the GM.
[Response] Initial level 5 or higher applied.

▼Actions that can Lead to Criminal Cases
Statements or actions that may advance to murder, suicide or terrorist acts.
[Response] Initial level 7 applied.
The usage of the application is suspended immediately and will be informed to the police.

▼Interference to Our Business
Acts that are threat, or interference to ASOBIMO's business.
[Response] Initial level 7 or higher applied.
For any other actions that we find inappropriate, we will respond to them according to the Terms of Use.

Any suspicious acts could be subject to temporal restriction to the game functions.The contents of the Penalty Policy can be revised without any notice.

Issued: June 13, 2018