Akashic Weapon Resonance
Akashic Weapon Resonance
After evolving an Akashic Weapon to UR, you can evolve it further to LR by clearing a "Resonance Quest".
Akashic Weapons that have reached LR have enhanced abilities and also a special effect called "Resonance" during battles.

Resonance Effect
During battles a special effect "Resonance" occurs for the owner, allies and enemies.
A special icon is displayed for the weapons when the Reconance effect activates.
The conditions, probability and effects of the Resonance effect differ depending on the weapon.

Resonance Effect Activation Requirements
Resonance Effect added to the Job weapon are effective only when both of the following conditions are met.
・You have the corresponding Job of the Akashic Weapon
・You have set the Akashic Weapon as your Main Equipmen

Resonance Quests
After creating an UR Akashic weapon for any Job, you will be able to receive a "Resonance Quest" from Glack's quest menu.

Resonance Quest requirements
・Your character's Job is matching the Resonance Quest
・You have the UR weapon of the Resonance Quest you wish to take

In the Resonance Quest, you will need to defeat powerful Mamono many times in order to master your Akashic weapon.
The more powerful Mamono you defeat, the higher level of skills you get.
Also, by using your weapon you can collect "Material M" that you must take to Glack and trade for special materials.
※Players must accept the Resonance Quest and set the Akashic Weapon as the main equipment to count Mamono defeats and get Material M.(Your character's Job is matching the Resonance Quest.)
※The Mamono defeats won't be count and the Materials will not drop when the weapon is set as sub equipment or Avatar.

Find the target Mamono and necessary Materials here!

About High Ether Liquid and Magic Coin [Gold]
You will need a certain amount of "High Ether Liquid" in addition to the Materials obtained during the quest for your Akashic Weapon's final evolution.
You can get "High Ether Liquid" by traiding it for Magic Coins [Gold] at Liz's exchange.

Where to get Magic Coin [Gold]?
Area Boss Drauga AdvRare amount
Tower of Time Floor B4F 1st battlea few
Tower of Time Floor B4F 2nd battlea few
Tower of Time Floor B5F 1st battlesome
Tower of Time Floor B5F 2nd battlesome
Tower of Time Floor B6F Senrimany
party dungeon・Factory Danger Zone Purple Toppomany