Akashic Weapon Ability Re-roll
Ability Re-roll
You are able to re-roll the added Abilites after evolving your Akashic Weapon to UR.
If you wish to re-roll, you must first clear the Quest "For the goal power", which you can accept from NPC Pick after clearing the Evolution Quest.
After clearing the Quest, open Pick's re-roll menu and use the necessary materials to re-roll.

How to re-roll

Open Pick's re-roll menu and select the weapons whose abilities you want to change.

Select "No" if you weren't satisfied with the re-roll result and wish to keep the original Ability.
However, please note that the materials will be used regardless of the result.

Let's aim to get the most powerful Abilities and create your own unique weapon!

How to get materials for the re-roll
You can trade the materials for the re-roll at Pick's exchange.
There's a limited amount of the tradable re-roll materials per week and it will be reset every Monday.

Tradable materials
Item you getCostNecessary amountWeekly limit
Alexandrite×1Magic Coin [Silver]×700Up to 3 items
Alexandrite×1Magic Coin [Bronze]×2000Up to 2 items
Alexandrite×1Magic Coin [Gold]×500Up to 3 items
Alexandrite×1Chrysoberyl​ Gemstone×1Up to 1 items