Event "Spirit Wars (Earth Spirit)" Starts!


What's Spirit Wars (Earth Spirit)?
Spirit Wars is a limited One-Time Party that you can challenge with level 70+ Jobs.

When you win in the battle, you'll get materials to create a powerful "Spirit Weapon".
*YOME will not join the Spirit Wars.
Find more details about One-Time Party here


Start: 2021/1/6 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2021/1/20 (Wed) 13:59

Requirements to join "Spirit Wars (Earth Spirit)"
・Level 70 or above
・Cleared Ch. 82 Spirit Sword
・The following items (the required amount depends on the level)
 ┗[Adv / Adv+] : Earth Amphibole x3
 ┗[Hell] : Earth Amphibole x5

If you meet the requirements above, you can join from Navi > One-Time Party > Event.
You can also join from Navi > Event.

About the required items to challenge the Spirit Wars
Defeat Beg/Int "Earth Servant" to get 1 of the items that you need to challenge the Spirit Wars.
*You need an Area Boss Tix to fight the Beg/Int Boss.

Bosses who drop the items
[Beg] Earth Servant: If you succeed in defeating the Boss, it will drop 1 Earth Amphibole
[Int] Earth Servant: If you succeed in defeating the Boss, it will drop 2 Earth Amphiboles


About Spirit Weapons
Collect materials in the Spirit Wars to trade Spirit Weapons at "Liz's Mystical Shop".


Awakened Spirit Weapons will have special effects on their appearance, and in rare cases, they will deal additional damage based on their earth element value.
Also, awakened Spirit Weapon shields will have a reduced damage effect instead of the additional damage.
*The Awakening materials will drop only at "Hell" level.

Weapons that can be created with Spirit Wars (Earth Spirit) materials
・[1H Sword]Elemental Sword
 ┗[Awakened] Elemental Sword E
・[2H Axe]Elemental Hammer
 ┗[Awakened] Elemental Hammer E
・[Shield]Elemental Shield
 ┗[Awakened] Elemental Shield E