Introducing Liz's Mystical Shop!
What's Liz's Mystical Shop?
Liz's Mystical Shop is a place where you can trade rare items.

Where is the shop?
Find the shops here!

「Duchy of Schlinger」

「State of Abul」

「Republic of Marlo」

What can you trade for?
Stamp Trade
You can exchange items with Gacha Stamps, that you get when you play Gacha.
About Gacha Stamps

You will get one Gacha Stamp for each Gacha purchase of 3000 Gems or more.
You can trade your Gacha Stamps in Liz's Mystical Shop, and choose items from past Gacha UR armor and weapon selections.
※The item selection is occasionally updated.
※You may not be able to get a Stamp under the above conditions.

Item Trade
You can exchange special items.
exchange special items
PrizesNumber of times to tradeItem
Ether Liquid×1Tradeable 9 times a weekMagic Coin [Silver]×100
High Ether Liquid×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Gold]×100
Black Tourmaline×1InfiniteGleaming Crystal [Small]×200
Lv5Corebox×1Tradeable 3 times a weekMagic Coin [Silver]×1000
Bond Crystal Stone×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Silver]×100
Bond Crystal Ball×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Silver]×300
Housing Medal×100Tradeable once a weekMagic Coin [Silver]×300
Harpy Crystal×5Tradeable once a weekMagic Coin [Silver]×500
Nussy Crystal×5Tradeable once a weekMagic Coin [Silver]×500
Alstora Crystal×5Tradeable once a weekMagic Coin [Silver]×500
Krishna Quenching Oil×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×300
Spiritual Powder of Fodina×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×1500
Alkahest×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×10
Cinnabar×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×30
Storage Expansion +5×120Storage Expansion Tix×1
Peafowl Emerald×1InfiniteWind Feathers×30
Crimson Ruby×1InfiniteFlame Scales×30
Wind Feathers×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Silver]×100
Flame Scales×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Silver]×100
Enhanced Sword-R5×10InfiniteWind Feathers×1
Enhanced Sword-R5×10InfiniteFlame Scales×1
Light Rare Stone×1InfiniteLight Distorted Stone×50
Heavy Rare Stone×1InfiniteHeavy Distorted Stone×50
Thick Rare Stone×1InfiniteThick Distorted Stone×50
Slim Rare Stone×1InfiniteThin Distorted Stone×50
Fire Enhanced Sword-R4×3InfiniteThick Distorted Stone×1
Water Enhanced Sword-R4×3InfiniteThin Distorted Stone×1
Earth Enhanced Sword-R4×3InfiniteHeavy Distorted Stone×1
Wind Enhanced Sword-R4×3InfiniteLight Distorted Stone×1
Borderline Magic Bezoar×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×1500
Mountain Road Magic Bezoar×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×1500
Coalmine Magic Bezoar×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×1500
Sea Magic Bezoar×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×1500
Peninsula Magic Bezoar×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×1500
Lake Magic Bezoar×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×1500
Blue Rare Stone×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×60
Red Rare Stone×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×60
Green Rare Stone×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×60
Black Rare Stone×1InfiniteMagic Coin [Bronze]×60
Core Box×1InfiniteAtypical Magic Bezoar×20
Drill Box×1InfiniteAtypical Magic Bezoar×40
Black Tourmaline×1InfiniteAtypical Magic Bezoar×200
Housing Medal×100InfiniteAtypical Magic Bezoar×20
Bond Crystal Fragment×1InfiniteAtypical Magic Bezoar×1
Bond Crystal Stone×1InfiniteAtypical Magic Bezoar×3
Bond Crystal Ball×1InfiniteAtypical Magic Bezoar×7
Tenaces Aurum×1InfiniteMagic Coin [SiLver]×200
Magna Lapis×1InfiniteHeliconia×50
Mamono Horn×200

Mount Item Trade
Required itemsGet
(Mount name) Flute×1Sage’s Rainbow Crystal×75
Sage’s Rainbow Crystal×150(Mount name) Flute×1
Sage’s Rainbow Crystal×750Miracle Drop of each Mount×1
Crystal of each Mount×100(Mount name) Flute that matches with Crystal of each Mount×1
Crystal of each Mount×1Sage’s Rainbow Crystal×1
Miracle Drop of each Mount×1Sage’s Rainbow Crystal×250

Past Event Exchange
Includes Exchanges from past events.
※You need special items from the past events to trade.

We may hold other limited events.