[10/12 18:00 Update] Maintenance Notice [End]


[10/12 18:00 (JST)Update]
This is Alchemia Story Team.
The maintenance we have started at 14:00, was completed at 18:00 (JST)

Fixed issues
・Fixed some sub-quest album texts

This is Alchemia Story Team.

We will perform a maintenace with the details below.

Scheduled date (JST)
2022/10/12 (Wed) 14:00 - 18:00

Maintenance Details
・Shop Updates
[End of Sales]
 ┗ Mechanic Tiger Gacha
 ┗ Halloween Gacha
 ┗ Mamono Plushie Gacha

・Event Update
 ┗ Frozen Halloween ~Part 1~

・Updated the product line-ups for Liz's Mystical Shop.
*Trading Open
 ┗ Winged Lancer
 ┗ Fantastic Academy
 ┗ Mamono Club

*Trading Closed
 ┗ Oni Kagura
 ┗ Grim Reaper
 ┗ Unicorn Praetoriani

・Added items below to Exchange
 ┗ City Police Gacha Tix(Alchemy Stones×6000)
 ┗ Em: Telescope(Alchemy Stones×1500)
 ┗ Oratorio of Angels Tix(Alchemy Stones×6000)

Changes in system
・Added Male YOME 3 voice to Alchemia Record 2.

Fixed issues
・Some small adjustments and corrections

We apologize for the incovenience caused, and appreciate for your cooperation.

*Please note that items and EXP gained right before the maintenance starts may disappear.
*Please make sure to log out before the maintenance starts.