Powerful Gear! "Ability Avatar GachaⅢ" Arrives!

Ability Avatar GachaⅢ featuring UR armors with powerful abilities is now available!
Each UR armor has a special ability!
Also, if you are lucky, you may win2 UR armors in 1 item slot!
Don’t miss this chance!

※SR Accessory will not be included.

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2022/10/12 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2022/10/19 (Wed) 13:59

11 Draws
Includes 1 Gacha Stamp
Gems: 3,000

About Gacha Stamps

You can trade the Gacha Stamps at "Liz’s Mystical Shop" and choose your favorite UR equipments.
*The tradable items are occasionally updated.

Slot information
・You can get 1 slot (Red / Blue / Yellow / Green) at random for each part (Head, Top, Bottoms).

【Milky Way Explorers Series (Head, Top, Bottoms) Common Abilities】
・Comes with an ability that increases the attack power against each element's weak element and decreases the attack power of elements other than the weak element!
※The increased elemental attack effect will increase each time you Limit Break.
[Fire Element Armor]: Water ATK increases and other elements ATKs decrease each time you limit break.
[Water Element Armor]: Earth ATK increases and other elements ATKs decrease each time you limit break.
[Earth Element Armor]: Wind ATK increases and other elements ATKs decrease each time you limit break.
[Wind Element Armor]: Fire ATK increases and other element' ATKs decrease each time you limit break.


Galaxy Witch N

Female only
UR Galaxy Witch Hat N
Part: Head

Male only
Element: Fire+50

Female only
UR Galaxy Witch Top N
Part: Top

Male only
Element: Fire+50

Female only
UR Galaxy Witch Bottoms N
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Element: Fire+50

【Sparkling Celebration Series (Head, Top, Bottoms) Common Abilities】
・Increased MATK.
・Increased Damage Factors at the 1st and 3rd Limit Breaks!
・Increased MATK at the 2nd and 4th Limit Breaks!


Celebration RD

Female only
UR Celebration Hat RD
Part: Head

Male only
Element: Fire+50

Female only
UR Celebration Top RD
Part: Top

Male only
Element: Fire+50

Female only
UR Celebration Bottoms RD
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Element: Fire+50

【Royal Knight Series (Head, Top, Bottoms) Common Abilities】
・Enhance ATK for decreased MATK!
・Break the Limit to gain even more ATK!


Royal Knight R

For both male/female
UR Royal Knight Shoulder R
Part: Head
Element: Fire+50

Female only
UR Royal Knight Armor R
Part: Top

Male only
Element: Fire+50

Female only
UR Royal Knight Greaves R
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Element: Fire+50

【12 Stars in the Sky Series (Head, Top, Bottoms) Common Abilities】
・Comes with the ability that increases your damage limit as your MATK gets higher!
*It increases even more when you limit break.


Star Wanderer C

For both male/female
UR Star Wanderer Hat C
Part: Head
Element: Fire+50

Female only
UR Star Wanderer Cloak C
Part: Top

Male only
Element: Fire+50

Female only
UR Star Wanderer Boots C
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Element: Fire+50

UR ★★★★:30%
SR ★★★:35%
R ★★:35%
Rarity:UR ★★★★(Tap Here)

HeadFireGalaxy Witch Hat N×20.174%
HeadWaterGalaxy Witch Hat R×20.174%
HeadEarthGalaxy Witch Hat W×20.174%
HeadWindGalaxy Witch Hat B×20.174%
TopFireGalaxy Witch Top N×20.074%
TopWaterGalaxy Witch Top R×20.074%
TopEarthGalaxy Witch Top W×20.074%
TopWindGalaxy Witch Top B×20.074%
BottomsFireGalaxy Witch Bottoms N×20.207%
BottomsWaterGalaxy Witch Bottoms R×20.207%
BottomsEarthGalaxy Witch Bottoms W×20.207%
BottomsWindGalaxy Witch Bottoms B×20.207%
HeadFireCelebration Hat RD×20.174%
HeadWaterCelebration Hat BL×20.174%
HeadEarthCelebration Hat BK×20.174%
HeadWindCelebration Hat GN×20.174%
TopFireCelebration Top RD×20.074%
TopWaterCelebration Top BL×20.074%
TopEarthCelebration Top BK×20.074%
TopWindCelebration Top GN×20.074%
BottomsFireCelebration Bottoms RD×20.207%
BottomsWaterCelebration Bottoms BL×20.207%
BottomsEarthCelebration Bottoms BK×20.207%
BottomsWindCelebration Bottoms GN×20.207%
HeadFireRoyal Knight Shoulder R×20.074%
HeadWaterRoyal Knight Shoulder B×20.074%
HeadEarthRoyal Knight Shoulder W×20.074%
HeadWindRoyal Knight Shoulder G×20.074%
TopFireRoyal Knight Armor R×20.074%
TopWaterRoyal Knight Armor B×20.074%
TopEarthRoyal Knight Armor W×20.207%
TopWindRoyal Knight Armor G×20.207%
BottomsFireRoyal Knight Greaves R×20.207%
BottomsWaterRoyal Knight Greaves B×20.207%
BottomsEarthRoyal Knight Greaves W×20.207%
BottomsWindRoyal Knight Greaves G×20.207%
HeadFireStar Wanderer Hat C×20.174%
HeadWaterStar Wanderer Hat W×20.174%
HeadEarthStar Wanderer Hat N×20.174%
HeadWindStar Wanderer Hat G×20.174%
TopFireStar Wanderer Cloak C×20.074%
TopWaterStar Wanderer Cloak W×20.074%
TopEarthStar Wanderer Cloak N×20.074%
TopWindStar Wanderer Cloak G×20.074%
BottomsFireStar Wanderer Boots C×20.207%
BottomsWaterStar Wanderer Boots W×20.207%
BottomsEarthStar Wanderer Boots N×20.207%
BottomsWindStar Wanderer Boots G×20.207%
HeadFireGalaxy Witch Hat N0.551%
HeadWaterGalaxy Witch Hat R0.551%
HeadEarthGalaxy Witch Hat W0.551%
HeadWindGalaxy Witch Hat B0.551%
TopFireGalaxy Witch Top N0.251%
TopWaterGalaxy Witch Top R0.251%
TopEarthGalaxy Witch Top W0.251%
TopWindGalaxy Witch Top B0.251%
BottomsFireGalaxy Witch Bottoms N0.651%
BottomsWaterGalaxy Witch Bottoms R0.651%
BottomsEarthGalaxy Witch Bottoms W0.651%
BottomsWindGalaxy Witch Bottoms B0.651%
HeadFireCelebration Hat RD0.551%
HeadWaterCelebration Hat BL0.551%
HeadEarthCelebration Hat BK0.551%
HeadWindCelebration Hat GN0.551%
TopFireCelebration Top RD0.251%
TopWaterCelebration Top BL0.251%
TopEarthCelebration Top BK0.251%
TopWindCelebration Top GN0.251%
BottomsFireCelebration Bottoms RD0.651%
BottomsWaterCelebration Bottoms BL0.651%
BottomsEarthCelebration Bottoms BK0.652%
BottomsWindCelebration Bottoms GN0.652%
HeadFireRoyal Knight Shoulder R0.252%
HeadWaterRoyal Knight Shoulder B0.252%
HeadEarthRoyal Knight Shoulder W0.252%
HeadWindRoyal Knight Shoulder G0.252%
TopFireRoyal Knight Armor R0.252%
TopWaterRoyal Knight Armor B0.252%
TopEarthRoyal Knight Armor W0.652%
TopWindRoyal Knight Armor G0.652%
BottomsFireRoyal Knight Greaves R0.652%
BottomsWaterRoyal Knight Greaves B0.652%
BottomsEarthRoyal Knight Greaves W0.652%
BottomsWindRoyal Knight Greaves G0.652%
HeadFireStar Wanderer Hat C0.551%
HeadWaterStar Wanderer Hat W0.551%
HeadEarthStar Wanderer Hat N0.551%
HeadWindStar Wanderer Hat G0.551%
TopFireStar Wanderer Cloak C0.252%
TopWaterStar Wanderer Cloak W0.252%
TopEarthStar Wanderer Cloak N0.252%
TopWindStar Wanderer Cloak G0.252%
BottomsFireStar Wanderer Boots C0.652%
BottomsWaterStar Wanderer Boots W0.652%
BottomsEarthStar Wanderer Boots N0.652%
BottomsWindStar Wanderer Boots G0.652%

Rarity:SR ★★★(Tap Here)

HeadFireFlamme Schaller2.917%
HeadWaterWasser Schaller2.917%
HeadEarthErde Schaller2.917%
HeadWindWind Schaller2.917%
TopFireFlamme Harnisch2.917%
TopWaterWasser Harnisch2.917%
TopEarthErde Harnisch2.917%
TopWindWind Harnisch2.917%
BottomsFireFlamme Eisenschuhe2.917%
BottomsWaterWasser Eisenschuhe2.917%
BottomsEarthErde Eisenschuhe2.917%
BottomsWindWind Eisenschuhe2.917%

Rarity:R  ★★(Tap Here)

HeadFireFlame Warrior Crown0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Warrior Crown0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Warrior Crown0.486%
HeadWindAero Warrior Crown0.486%
HeadFireFlame Witch Hat0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Witch Hat0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Witch Hat0.486%
HeadWindAero Witch Hat0.486%
HeadFireFlame Rogue Headgear0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Rogue Headgear0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Rogue Headgear0.486%
HeadWindAero Rogue Headgear0.486%
TopFireFlame Warrior Coat0.486%
TopWaterAqua Warrior Coat0.486%
TopEarthEarth Warrior Coat0.486%
TopWindAero Warrior Coat0.486%
TopFireFlame Witch Robe0.486%
TopWaterAqua Witch Robe0.486%
TopEarthEarth Witch Robe0.486%
TopWindAero Witch Robe0.486%
TopFireFlame Rogue Vest0.486%
TopWaterAqua Rogue Vest0.486%
TopEarthEarth Rogue Vest0.486%
TopWindAero Rogue Vest0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Warrior Gaiters0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Warrior Gaiters0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Warrior Gaiters0.486%
BottomsWindAero Warrior Gaiters0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Witch Boots0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Witch Boots0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Witch Boots0.486%
BottomsWindAero Witch Boots0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Rogue Braies0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Rogue Braies0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Rogue Braies0.486%
BottomsWindAero Rogue Braies0.486%
HeadFireFlame Ritter Helm0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Ritter Helm0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Ritter Helm0.486%
HeadWindAero Ritter Helm0.486%
HeadFireFlame Sorcerer Hat0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Sorcerer Hat0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Sorcerer Hat0.486%
HeadWindAero Sorcerer Hat0.486%
HeadFireFlame Colosseum Head0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Colosseum Head0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Colosseum Head0.486%
HeadWindAero Colosseum Head0.486%
TopFireFlame Ritter Coat0.486%
TopWaterAqua Ritter Coat0.486%
TopEarthEarth Ritter Coat0.486%
TopWindAero Ritter Coat0.486%
TopFireFlame Sorcerer Robe0.486%
TopWaterAqua Sorcerer Robe0.486%
TopEarthEarth Sorcerer Robe0.486%
TopWindAero Sorcerer Robe0.486%
TopFireFlame Colosseum Vest0.486%
TopWaterAqua Colosseum Vest0.486%
TopEarthEarth Colosseum Vest0.486%
TopWindAero Colosseum Vest0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Ritter Gaiters0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Ritter Gaiters0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Ritter Gaiters0.486%
BottomsWindAero Ritter Gaiters0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Sorcerer Boots0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Sorcerer Boots0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Sorcerer Boots0.486%
BottomsWindAero Sorcerer Boots0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Colosseum Braies0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Colosseum Braies0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Colosseum Braies0.486%
BottomsWindAero Colosseum Braies0.486%

*Items won from the Gacha can be received from the Present Box.
*You may win the same item multiple times.
*Rare item is UR ★★★★.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.
*We may re-sell the limited items after the campaign period has ended.
*The images are for illustrative purposes only and may look slightly different due to the equipment combination and our system.
*The animations of avatars with special animations may not work on the preview screen.