Get Rare Cores! "High Boost Gacha" now available!


Step up style "High Core Boost Gacha" including rare High Cores is now available!

Learn how to use Slots and Drills and get stronger!

About "High Core Boost Gacha"
"High Core Boost Gacha" is a set of six Steps!
1High Core Box×1~5:(2x)Gems (Paid):1000
2Red High Core Lv 2 - Lv 5:(2x)
+Gacha Stamp×1
Gems (Paid):1500
3Green High Core Lv 2 - Lv 5:(2x)Gems (Paid):2000
4Yellow High Core Lv 2 - Lv 5:(2x)
+Gacha Stamp×1
Gems (Paid):2500
5Blue High Core Lv 2 - Lv 5:(2x)
+Gacha Stamp×1
Gems (Paid):3000
6Chance to win Lv 6 - Lv 8 High Core Boxes!:(2x)
+Gacha Stamp×1
Gems (Paid):3000

About gacha stamps
You can get 1 gacha stamp as you purchase 11x gacha(Step 2,4,5,6).
You can also trade the Gacha Stamps at "Liz’s Mystical Shop" and choose your favorite UR equipments.
*The tradable items are occasionally updated.

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2024/4/26 (Fri) 15:00
End: 2024/5/3 (Fri) 14:59

Core Ability【Core Ability(Lv)】
Normal Type:Ability×Lv
Ex①)ATK Up High CoreLv2 Ability=ATK+300×2(LV2)=ATK+600
Ex②)ATK Up High CoreLv3 Ability=ATK+300×3(LV3)=ATK+900

ATK Up High CoreATK+300Normal Type
MATK Up High CoreMATK+300Normal Type
DEF Up High CoreDEF+60Normal Type
MDEF Up High CoreMDEF+60Normal Type
HP Up High CoreHP+200Normal Type
DL Up High CoreDamage Limit+1500Normal Type
Fire Attack High CoreFire ATK+20Normal Type
Water Attack High CoreWater ATK+20Normal Type
Earth Attack High CoreEarth ATK+20Normal Type
Wind Attack High CoreWind ATK+20Normal Type
Fire Def High CoreFire DEF+20Normal Type
Water Def High CoreWater DEF+20Normal Type
Earth Def High CoreEarth DEF+20Normal Type
Wind Def High CoreWind DEF+20Normal Type

Lv●High Core Box
If you use "Lv● High Core Box", you can get 1 of the following.
ATK Up High Core:R Lv●×1
MATK Up High Core:R Lv●×1
DEF Up High Core:B Lv●×1
MDEF Up High Core:B Lv●×1
HP Up High Core:Y Lv●×1
DL Up High Core:Y Lv●×1
Fire Attack High Core Lv●×1
Water Attack High Core Lv●×1
Earth Attack High Core Lv●×1
Wind Attack High Core Lv●×1
Fire Defense High Core Lv●×1
Water Defense High Core Lv●×1
Earth Defense High Core Lv●×1
Wind Defense High Core Lv●×1

Item List
Item List(Tap Here)

Step 1
High Core Box5 0.200%
High Core Box4 1.800%
High Core Box3 6.000%
High Core Box2 26.000%
High Core Box1 66.000%

Step 2
NameCore LevelAmountProbability
ATK Up High CoreLV51 0.100%
MATK Up High CoreLV51 0.100%
ATK Up High CoreLV41 1.000%
MATK Up High CoreLV41 1.000%
ATK Up High CoreLV31 5.000%
MATK Up High CoreLV31 5.000%
ATK Up High CoreLV21 43.900%
MATK Up High CoreLV21 43.900%

Step 3
NameCore LevelAmountProbability
Fire Attack High CoreLV51 0.025%
Fire Def High CoreLV51 0.025%
Water Attack High CoreLV51 0.025%
Water Def High CoreLV51 0.025%
Earth Attack High CoreLV51 0.025%
Earth Def High CoreLV51 0.025%
Wind Attack High CoreLV51 0.025%
Wind Def High CoreLV51 0.025%
Fire Attack High CoreLV41 0.250%
Fire Def High CoreLV41 0.250%
Water Attack High CoreLV41 0.250%
Water Def High CoreLV41 0.250%
Earth Attack High CoreLV41 0.250%
Earth Def High CoreLV41 0.250%
Wind Attack High CoreLV41 0.250%
Wind Def High CoreLV41 0.250%
Fire Attack High CoreLV31 1.250%
Fire Def High CoreLV31 1.250%
Water Attack High CoreLV31 1.250%
Water Def High CoreLV31 1.250%
Earth Attack High CoreLV31 1.250%
Earth Def High CoreLV31 1.250%
Wind Attack High CoreLV31 1.250%
Wind Def High CoreLV31 1.250%
Fire Attack High CoreLV21 10.975%
Fire Def High CoreLV21 10.975%
Water Attack High CoreLV21 10.975%
Water Def High CoreLV21 10.975%
Earth Attack High CoreLV21 10.975%
Earth Def High CoreLV21 10.975%
Wind Attack High CoreLV21 10.975%
Wind Def High CoreLV21 10.975%

Step 4
NameCore LevelAmountProbability
HP Up High CoreLV51 0.100%
DL Up High CoreLV51 0.100%
HP Up High CoreLV41 1.000%
DL Up High CoreLV41 1.000%
HP Up High CoreLV31 5.000%
DL Up High CoreLV31 5.000%
HP Up High CoreLV21 43.900%
DL Up High CoreLV21 43.900%

Step 5
NameCore LevelAmountProbability
DEF Up High CoreLV51 0.100%
MDEF Up High CoreLV51 0.100%
DEF Up High CoreLV41 1.000%
MDEF Up High CoreLV41 1.000%
DEF Up High CoreLV31 5.000%
MDEF Up High CoreLV31 5.000%
DEF Up High CoreLV21 43.900%
MDEF Up High CoreLV21 43.900%

Step 6
Lv8 High Core Box1 10.000%
Lv7 High Core Box1 30.000%
Lv6 High Core Box1 60.000%

*Items won from the gacha can be received from the Present Box.
*You may win the same item multiple times.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.
*We may re-sell the limited items after the campaign period has ended.
*The images are for illustrative purposes only and may look slightly different due to the equipment combination and our system.