Try Monthly Courses For Free!
Try our Monthly Courses for free! [Trial] Posh Adventure Tix and [Trial] Stylish Beauty Tix are now available at the Trade Shop!

We are offering two different courses to enjoy your adventure faster and to enjoy customizing your character freely.
Find more details about the courses here!

Try Monthly Courses fo free!
How To Get Monthly Course Free [Trial] Tickets
You can trade [Trial] Posh Adventure Tix」 and [Trial] Stylish Beauty Tix from Menu > Shop > Trade Shop.
You can use the tickets from Item > Expend.
* [Trial] Posh Adventure Tix and [Trial] Stylish Beauty Tix can be traded only once per account.

Monthly Course Free Trial Period
The free trial is valid for 3 days (72 hours) from the moment you use the "[Trial] Tix".
※After tapping "Menu" or "YOME" , tap the diamond shaped button in the top left corner of the screen to display the remaining time of your free trial.(※App Version 1.0.81~)
*After the free trial period finishes, it will not automatically switch to the paid subscription.
*If you subscibe to the paid course during the free trial period, the free period will end and you will switch to the paid Monthly Course.
*You can't use the "[Trial] Tix" if you are currently subscribing to a Monthly Course.

Monthly Course Free Trial Features
All Monthly Course features are not available in the free trial.

Posh Adventure Set([Trial] Posh Adventure Tix

・Use oxcart anywhere for free

・Use the Market anywhere

・Change your job anywhere

・Use the storage anywhere

・Shorten synth time to 0 seconds

・Double rewards in Zell Dungeons


・Double rewards in Alchemy Water Dungeons


・Double EXP from the first time in Party Dungeons


Stylish Beauty Set([Trial] Stylish Beauty Tix

・Use Beauty Room as many times as you like

・Get 1 extra accessory slot


How to subscribe to Monthly Courses
You can subscribe to the Monthly Courses from the Shop.
How to access the Shop: Press the Shop button at the top of the screen or tap MENU > Shop.
Tap "Buy Gems" on the bottom right and select then "Course Ticket".
Tap the course you want to subscribe from the list.

Find more details about the courses here!