How to Vote in the Illustration Contest


The works that passed the 1st round of the Illustration Contest are displayed in the Fun Cultural Festival event area.

Get your favorite work with the "Illustration Contest Vote" that will be distributed from September 3 0:00 (JST).

Find more details about how to join Fun Cultural Festival here!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2020/9/3 (Thu) 0:00
End: 2020/9/30 (Wed) 13:59

How to Vote
1. Please receive "Illustration Contest Vote" from your Present Box.

2. Go closer to the displayed works to select one.
When you select a work/illustration, you can get that in exchange for the Vote ticket.

3. Using 1 Vote will add a vote for the illustration/work.

*You are able to vote total 2 times, once during the first part of the event and once during the second part.
*The second "Illustration Contest Vote" will be distributed on September 17, 2020 at 0:00 (JST).
*The location of the illustrations will be different in the first and second part of the event.
*The Illustration Contest furniture can be traded for event items in the future. However, the trades won't affect the amount of votes.

Illustrations Displayed (by artist name)

【EntryNo1】 Posted by:Agi 

【Comment 】
私の好きな思い出は、エッグ ミステリー イベント です。地図とパズル合わせは本当に本当に楽しかった!。もっとこんなイベントを待ってます!。
Exploring the map and solving puzzles in Egg's Mystery was fun! Hope to see more events like this!

【EntryNo2】 Posted by:Chen 

【Comment 】
I'm grateful to have you."
My first event after a long hiatus from the game !

【EntryNo3】 Posted by:supiika 

【Comment 】
The Pool needs to be cleaned!

【EntryNo4】 Posted by:えあり 

【Comment 】

【EntryNo5】 Posted by:のの 

【Comment 】

【EntryNo6】 Posted by:リド 

【Comment 】

【EntryNo7】 Posted by:リリィ 

【Comment 】

【EntryNo8】 Posted by:蒼音 

【Comment 】

【EntryNo9】 Posted by:에키네시아 

【Comment 】
관람차에서 너와 본 풍경은 / 観覧車で君と見た風景は、
기억에 남는 이벤트 하면 역시 놀이공원이지..
예쁜 맵에서 좋은 추억 많이 남겼었던 마로파크!!

【EntryNo10】 Posted by:유노 

【Comment 】
알스토 시작하고 아마도 처음 참여했던 이벤트. 이벤트 하면 가장 먼저 떠오름.