[7/10 Edit]【Open for Entries】"Illustration Contest" Starts!


Illustration Contest starts after our maintenance on July 8!

The topic is Alchemia Story events!
Draw your fun memories of our past events!

In addition, round 1 winner drawings will be added to the game!
In round 2 users can vote for the best illustration!

We're looking forward to your entries!

Contest Details
Entry Period(JST)
Start: 2020/7/8 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2020/7/29 (Wed) 23:59

・Round 1: After the entry period has finished, Alchemia Story team will select 6 winner drawings and actually add them into the game!
・Round 2: The grand winner will be selected by user vote.
※The grand winner will be the drawing that is traded the most with a ticket to vote.
※You can get the added drawings by other methods besides trading with the voting ticket, however, they won't be then counted as votes for the contest.

Entry Conditions
You can enter this contest on Twitter.
Please enter with an account that meets the following conditions.
[1] Make sure your account/tweet is not set private.
[2] You're following Alchemia Story Official Twitter (@alchemiastory

Please make sure your Tweet includes the following two points.
【1】Picture of the design
・We accept JPEG and PNG formats
・Make sure your drawing fits the size 1:2 - 2:1.
※Please note that the ratio above is a suggestion and you can use standard sizes, such as A4, B5.
However, we do not accept drawings with extreme sizes (1:10 - 10:1 etc.) .

Add our hashtag『#アルストイラコン』to your Tweet before posting.

【3】Comment about your drawing
Please note that we may not be able to show special characters or symbols in the game.

I really liked the Halloween event, so here's a picture of my memories from the event! 
【GM Nekosuke sample】Here's my drawing of the Alsto Quiz. 

Selection Period
Round 1 Period
Start: 2020/7/29 (Wed)
End: 2020/8/26 (Wed)

Round 2 Period
During our event in September 2020

We will announce the results at Bemmo channel after the event in September 2020 is finished.

Grand Winner (1 person)
Full avatar set (1 element)
・10,000 Gems

Winner (5 People)
Full avatar set (limited to 1 element , excluding accessories)
・3000 Gems

Others (1 Person for each)
※The winners will be selected from the works besides the winners above, and they are announced at Bemmo channel.
・Pineapple Award (3000 Gems)
・Mango Award (3000 Gems)
・Nekosuke Award (3000 Gems)
・Mona Monaka Award (3000 Gems)
・Chiyo Korone Award (3000 Gems)

※We do not accept drawings about collaboration events with other companies. [7/10 Edit]
※The picture resolution of the drawings may get lower in the game due to the system.
※Please make sure to enter with your own design/ unpublished design.
※Asobimo Inc. will have the copyrights and usage rights of the submitted works/drawings.
※The drawing may be partially modified for development purposes when adding it into the game.
※We may contact you via direct message (DM) on Twitter, so make sure to accept DMs on your account.
※We may change the event period and contents without prior notice.