New Spring Avatar Pack" is back!
Our new Spring Avatar Pack is now available!
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Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2020/7/16 (Thu) 15:00
End: 2020/7/23 (Thu) 14:59

Featured items!
New Spring Avatar Pack
New Spring Avatar Pack『New Spring Avatar Pack』
Available 2 per person

New Spring Avatar Pack DetailsAmount
Spring 2020 Avatar Coupon1
Spring 2020 Accessory Lotto Tix2

About the Spring 2020 Avatar Coupon
The Coupon can be exchanged for any avatar set at "Spring 2020 Avatar Coupon Trade" in "Liz's Mystical Shop".
※The number of avatar tops you have is displayed at the bottom right of the coupon exchange screen.
Please note that this is not the number of avatar sets you have.

Spring 2020 Avatar Coupon line-up list(Tap Here)
Plum Imperial Series
Plum Imperial Crown(Head)Plum Imperial Outfit(Top)Plum Imperial Hakama(Bottoms)
Peony Imperial Series
Kiku Imperial Series
Camellia Imperial Series
Stray Sheep Series
Stray Sheep Horns(Head)Stray Sheep Cape(Top)Stray Sheep Bottoms(Bottoms)
Sleeping Sheep Series
Sleeping Sheep Horns(Head)Sleeping Sheep Cape(Top)Sleeping Sheep Bottoms(Bottoms)
Mentor Sheep Series
Mentor Sheep Horns(Head)Mentor Sheep Cape(Top)Mentor Sheep Bottoms(Bottoms)
Savior Sheep Series
Savior Sheep Horns(Head)Savior Sheep Cape(Top)Savior Sheep Bottoms(Bottoms)
Wonder Dessert Series
Wonder Dessert Bandana(Head)Wonder Dessert Vest(Top)Wonder Dessert Harlem(Bottoms)
Wonder Lake Series
Wonder Lake Bandana(Head)Wonder Lake Vest(Top)Wonder Lake Harlem(Bottoms)
Wonder Step Series
Wonder Step Bandana(Head)Wonder Step Vest(Top)Wonder Step Harlem(Bottoms)
Wonder Mist Series
Wonder Mist Bandana(Head)Wonder Mist Vest(Top)Wonder Mist Harlem(Bottoms)
Cheerful School Series
Cheerful School Beret(Head)Cheerful School Blazer(Top)Cheerful School Shoes(Bottoms)
Genius School Series
Genius School Beret(Head)Genius School Blazer(Top)Genius School Shoes(Bottoms)
Adept School Series
Adept School Beret(Head)Adept School Blazer(Top)Adept School Shoes(Bottoms)
Lovely School Series
Lovely School Beret(Head)Lovely School Blazer(Top)Lovely School Shoes(Bottoms)
Crimson Baron Series
Crimson Baron Hat(Head)Crimson Baron Vest(Top)Crimson Baron Hose(Bottoms)
Secret Baron Series
Secret Baron Hat(Head)Secret Baron Vest(Top)Secret Baron Hose(Bottoms)
Midnight Baron Series
Midnight Baron Hat(Head)Midnight Baron Vest(Top)Midnight Baron Hose(Bottoms)
Hunting Baron Series
Hunting Baron Hat(Head)Hunting Baron Vest(Top)Hunting Baron Hose(Bottoms)
Fencer Dahlia Series
Fencer Viola Series
Fencer Aster Series
Fencer Zinnia Series
Fall S. Uniform Series
Fall School Cap(Head)Fall S. Uniform Top(Top)Fall S. Uniform Bottom(Bottoms)
Summer S. Uniform Series
Summer School Cap(Head)Summer S. Uniform Top(Top)Summer S. Uniform Bottom(Bottoms)
Spring S. Uniform Series
Spring School Cap(Head)Spring S. Uniform Top(Top)Spring S. Uniform Bottom(Bottoms)
Winter S. Uniform Series
Winter School Cap(Head)Winter S. Uniform Top(Top)Winter S. Uniform Bottom(Bottoms)
Labyrinth H Series
Labyrinth Hat H(Head)Labyrinth Top H(Top)Labyrinth Bottoms H(Bottoms)
Labyrinth S Series
Labyrinth Hat S(Head)Labyrinth Top S(Top)Labyrinth Bottoms S(Bottoms)
Labyrinth D Series
Labyrinth Hat D(Head)Labyrinth Top D(Top)Labyrinth Bottoms D(Bottoms)
Labyrinth C Series
Labyrinth Hat C(Head)Labyrinth Top C(Top)Labyrinth Bottoms C(Bottoms)
Seiei [Red] Series
Seiei Headband [Red](Head)Seiei Jacket [Red](Top)Seiei Hakama [Red](Bottoms)
Seiei [Blue] Series
Seiei Headband [Blue](Head)Seiei Jacket [Blue](Top)Seiei Hakama [Blue](Bottoms)
Seiei [Black] Series
Seiei Headband [Black](Head)Seiei Jacket [Black](Top)Seiei Hakama [Black](Bottoms)
Seiei [White] Series
Seiei Headband [White](Head)Seiei Jacket [White](Top)Seiei Hakama [White](Bottoms)
Flame Lord Series
Flame Lord’s Horns(Head)Flame Lord’s Top(Top)Flame Lord’s Bottoms(Bottoms)
Moon Lord Series
Moon Lord’s Horns(Head)Moon Lord’s Top(Top)Moon Lord’s Bottoms(Bottoms)
Demon Lord Series
Demon Lord’s Horns(Head)Demon Lord’s Top(Top)Demon Lord’s Bottoms(Bottoms)
Heavenly Lord Series
Heavenly Lord’s Horns(Head)Heavenly Lord’s Top(Top)Heavenly Lord’s Bottoms(Bottoms)

Where can I buy these items?
Items are sold at "Shop"!
How to Access the Shop: Tap the Shop button at the top of the game screen,
or Tap "≡" on the left-side of the game screen > select "Shop" > tap "Shop" on the bottom-right.

*Items purchased from the Shop will be sent directly to the Item page. They will not appear in the Present Box.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.