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What is Numbers?
It's a number type Lotto that you can purchase by choosing any 4 numbers you like.
Talk to Lil Rabber at the Casino map "Grevy Amgen" and every week you can buy up to 3 Lotto tickets in exchange for Casino Medals.

The Winning numbers are announced every Sturday at 20:00 (JST).
If the numbers you selected matches the winning numbers,
you can earn up to 10 million Casino Medals depending on the amount of the matching numbers.
Even if you don't win, you will get more Medals than you purchased as a payback!
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Join Numbers every week and get amazing Casino prizes!
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Numbers Schedule

Purchase periodEvery week from Sat 20:00 (JST) to the following week’s Sat 19:30 (JST)
ResultsSaturday 20:00 (JST) on the following week
Receiving period for rewardsFrom Saturday 20:00 (JST) of the following week to Saturday 20:00 (JST) week later

How to join Numbers
①Buy Numbers Lotto
Talk to NPC Lil Rabber at Casino "Grevy Amgen".

Select to purchase the Lotto and press the button to turn it once.

Enter any 4 numbers you like.
※You can also select the numbers randomly by pressing the automatic button.

※One Numbers Lotto ticket costs 300 Medals and you are able to purchase up to 3 tickets.
※You can purchase Numbers Lotto until 30 minutes before the Winning numbers are announced.
※Purchase period for Numbers Lotto: every Saturday 20:00 (JST) ~ the following Saturday 19:30 (JST).

You can buy the Lotto by pressing "Yes" at the confirmation dialogue after selecting the numbers.

You can check your purchased Lotto numbers by pressing "Check your Lotto" from the Menu on the left.

※If you wish to check your previously purchased Lottos after the winning numbers are announced, please select "Trade Lotto" at NPC Lil Rabber's menu.

② Wait for the winning number announcement
The winning numbers are announced every Saturday at 20:00 (JST).
※An in-game notification will appear 3 minutes before the announcement.
※The notification will not appear if you haven't purchased the Numbers Lotto.
※If you aren't logged in during the winning number announcement,
please check the result at Trade Lotto menu after talking to Lil Rabber.

③Trade Lottos

Talk to NPC Lil Rabber at Casino "Grevy Amgen" and select "Trade Lotto".

You can get the Winning rewards by pressing the trade button on the right of the Numbers Lotto.

※The trading period lasts until 20:00 (JST) on the following week after the result announcement.
※No trades accepted after the trading period has finished. Please make sure to exchange as soon as possible.
※Please note that we will not compensate any trades you may have forgotten due to your private reasons.
※You can trade even when none of the numbers matched.

Numbers Rewards
You can get the following rewards according to the amount of the numbers you purchased that match the winning numbers.
GradeContentsAmount of the Casino Medal rewards
1All match10,000,000
2Last 3 numbers match500,000
3Last 2 numbers match50,000
4Last 1 number matches5,000
5No matches500

※Even if there are multiple winners, each winner can recieve the same reward.

Numbers Purhcase Bonus
The reward will increase depending on the total number of Numbers Lotto tickets purchased by all participants.
Total of the purchased ticketsBonusTotal Bonus
More than 100 TixAmount of the Casino Medal rewards+1%Amount of the Casino Medal rewards+1%
More than 300 TixAmount of the Casino Medal rewards+3%Amount of the Casino Medal rewards+4%
More than 800 TixAmount of the Casino Medal rewards+1%Amount of the Casino Medal rewards+5%
More than 1600 TixAmount of the Casino Medal rewards+2%Amount of the Casino Medal rewards+7%
More than 2500 TixAmount of the Casino Medal rewards+1%Amount of the Casino Medal rewards+8%
More than 3600 TixAmount of the Casino Medal rewards+3%Amount of the Casino Medal rewards+11%
More than 5000 TixAmount of the Casino Medal rewards+5%Amount of the Casino Medal rewards+16%

※The total of the purchased tickets will be calculated on fixed times.
※It will not be updated when the Purchase Bonus screen is open.
※You can check the number of purchases at the Purchase Bonus screen.