【6/27 Update】Beach Sports Tournament
Event "Be a Winner! Beach Sports Tournament! ~Preparation~" starts!


Event "Be a Winner! Beach Sports Tournament! ~Preparation~" starts!

Before Summer, Shall starts preparing for a beach house and a sports tournament.
However, the beach is full or trash, trash,'s a mountain of trash!!
Explorers are heading to clean up the trash for the beach house and sports tournament!

Clear the event and get wonderful items!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2019/6/26 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2019/8/7 (Wed) before maintenance.

During the event, after clearing "Ch.14: Two Maids," when you move to event map Beach: Lobby, event story will start.

1.Open "Navi" on the left of display.
2. Accept "Beach Sports Tournament" from Event tab.
3. Select "Move" to move to "event map Beach: Lobby".
※Please note that you have to clear the quest "Main quest Ch.14 The two maids"

How to Participate





【6/27 Update】We have found mistakes in the descriptions for some of Shall's trading items in "Be a Winner! Beach Sports Tournament! ~Preparation~" event.
The correct rates are as follows.
Please kindly wait until we have made corrections in the game.
【6/27】We have completed the recovery for the malfunction.
Added itemsIncorrect descriptionCorrect items
Beach Trash×150FireEnhanceSword-R5×10FireEnhanceSword-R5×5
Beach Trash×150WaterEnhanceSword-R5×10WaterEnhanceSword-R5×5
Beach Trash×150EarthEnhanceSword-R5×10EarthEnhanceSword-R5×5
Beach Trash×150WindEnhanceSword-R5×10WindEnhanceSword-R5×5
Beach Trash×300Block of SandBlock of Sand×10

Trade items(Shall)
ItemPrizesNumber of times to trade
Beach Trash×5Ramune×1Infinite
Beach Trash×30030L Trash Bag×1Infinite
Beach Trash×300Trash Picking Tongs×1Infinite
Beach Trash×1500Straw Hat (Blue)×1Infinite
Beach Trash×1500Straw Hat (Red)×1Infinite
Beach Trash×1500Straw Hat (Yellow)×1Infinite
Beach Trash×1500Straw Hat (Black)×1Infinite
Beach Trash×3000Seashell Bikini Top×1Infinite
Beach Trash×3000Seashell Bikini Bottoms×1Infinite
Beach Trash×1000Blue Shell×1Infinite
Beach Trash×1000Yellow Shell×1Infinite
Beach Trash×1000Pink Shell×1Infinite
Beach Trash×1000Green Shell×1Infinite
Beach Trash×200Palm Tree×2Infinite
Beach Trash×200Deck Chair×2Infinite
Beach Trash×200Parasol of leaves×2Infinite
Beach Trash×200Beach parasol×2Infinite
Beach Trash×300Block of Sand×10Infinite
Beach Trash×20PleasureBoxA×1Infinite
Beach Trash×200WeaponBoxA×11
Beach Trash×1000WeaponBoxA×15
Beach Trash×1000NPC Lotto Ticket BOX×11
Beach Trash×3000
Trash Stone×5
NPC Lotto Ticket BOX×11
Beach Trash×5000
Trash Stone×10
NPC Lotto Ticket BOX×11
Beach Trash×1000URArmorLottoTicket×11
Beach Trash×3000
Trash Stone×5
Beach Trash×5000
Trash Stone×10
Beach Trash×1000URWeaponLottoTicket×11
Beach Trash×3000
Trash Stone×5
Beach Trash×5000
Trash Stone×10
Beach Trash×50RainbowOrb×2100
Beach Trash×150FireEnhanceSword-R5×5Infinite
Beach Trash×150WaterEnhanceSword-R5×5Infinite
Beach Trash×150EarthEnhanceSword-R5×5Infinite
Beach Trash×150WindEnhanceSword-R5×5Infinite
Beach Trash×80WaterofLife×130
Beach Trash×80SilverWater×130
Beach Trash×80GoldWater×130
Beach Trash×80MoonWater×130
Beach Trash×80StarWater×130
Trash Stone×5Gems×1001
Trash Stone×10Gems×1001
Trash Stone×15Gems×1001
Trash Stone×20Gems×1001
Trash Stone×25Gems×1001
Trash Stone×5AreaBossTicket×35
Trash Stone×5Corebox×110
Trash Stone×10Drillbox×15

Trade items(Paula)
ItemPrizesNumber of times to trade
Beach Trash×100NormalBait×10Tradeable once a day
Trash Stone×2FireEnhanceSword-R5×10Tradeable once a day
Trash Stone×2WaterEnhanceSword-R5×10Tradeable once a day
Trash Stone×2EarthEnhanceSword-R5×10Tradeable once a day
Trash Stone×2WindEnhanceSword-R5×10Tradeable once a day
Trash Stone×1WaterofLife×5Tradeable once a day
Trash Stone×1SilverWater×5Tradeable once a day
Trash Stone×1GoldWater×5Tradeable once a day
Trash Stone×1MoonWater×5Tradeable once a day
Trash Stone×1StarWater×5Tradeable once a day
Trash Stone×1DisplayTicket×3Tradeable once a day
Trash Stone×1AreaBossTicket×3Tradeable once a day

event Item


※There may be changes in even session without notice.