Notice for App Version1.0.47
This is Alchemia Story Operation Team.

We have released Alchemia Story App Version1.0.47.
Please update the game from Store.

※There may be time required for updating the app according to the Environment being set up.

Corresponding Details
・Adjusting the place of "Shorten Time" button during Synthesis.
・Adding a "Change Target" button for battles.
・Adjusting the display information on Core set screen.
・Point effects, such as action points will not be shown when taking a screenshot.
・Adding "500", "1000" and "5000" betting buttons in Casino.
・Adding the amount of the Casino Medals you own on Status screen.
・Adding a Shop icon on field screen
 ┗You can set to show/hide the Shop icon from MENU > System > Drawing Settings > Show Shop icon.
・Adding a function to show/hide YOME's speech bubble.
 ┗You can set to show/hide the YOME's speech bubble from MENU > System > Drawing Settings > Show YOME's speech bubble.
・Adding filters to "Expend.", "Housing" and "Tool" in item menu.
・Adding a feature to show skill attack when editing skill deck.
・You will be able to scroll recipies even when synthesizing.

Recoveries from malfunction
・Other recoveries from small malfunctions