Asobimo Day: Fishing Contest
Celebrating Asobimo Day on November 11, we will be having "Asobimo Day: Fishing Contest"!!

Aim to fish "Asobi Coelacanth" for this fishing event!
There will be special items that can be exchanged with "Asobi Coelacanth" at Exchanges!
Fish together to get "Asobi Coelacanth" and get the reward!


"Asobimo Day: Fishing Contest"Dates (JST)

Start: 2018/11/11(Sun) 0:00
End: 2018/11/21 (Wed) before maintenance.

How to join

This Fishing Event will be held at Fishing Hall.
You can move to the Fishing Hall from Navi and select Events.
*There may be maps that cannot start the event such as from indoor maps like Tavern, Church or Dungeon.
(You may move from Duchy of Schlinger and State of Abul)

You can join the fishing event by talking over to Adventure Master in the Fishing Hall.
You will also get 10 "Normal Baits" from Daily Log-in Bonus during the event.
*In order to fish, you will need to complete Quest Master's quest, "Gone Fishin'."
*In order to accept the quest, "Gone Fishin'," you will need to complete the quest, "The Master's hesitation."
*During the period, we will be selling a set of Normal Baits x 10 (50 Gems).

Details for exchange reward
Asobi Coelacanth *100 :WeaponBoxA *1
Asobi Coelacanth *5 :PleasureBoxA *1
Asobi Coelacanth *1 :FishingCoin *7
・Rewards can be received by exchanging Asobi Coelacanth at Exchange Cat in Fishing Hall.
・Rewards can be received any number of times.


*"Asobi Coelacanth" can only be fished for limited-time for the Event.
*The voice will not be played for quest.