October 31 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our Oct 31th update!

Corresponding Details
・Change in details of rewards for Daily Mission and Log-in Bonus.
・Added Closet function.
・Opened 60F of Tower of Time
・Added sub-quests.

Change in details of rewards for Daily Mission and Log-in Bonus.
Able to get Gems at for log-in bonus.


※The number of days for log-in bonus will be reset on October 31, 23:59 (JST), and the new log-in bonus will start from November 1, 0:00 (JST).

Able to Gems for rewards for completing Daily Missions.

Added Closet function.
If you store your avatars in the closet in each Tavern, you can select the avatars from there whenever you want to change the avatar gear.
・Duchy Tavern
・State - Tavern
・Republic - Tavern

 ※Stored items will not be deleted, but can also be selected as avatar gear.
 ※Although you can store weapons, head, upper and lower gears with SR or lower, and accessories including UR, here may be some items that cannot be stored.
 ※The dye and location for player and YOME will be saved individually, and will be shown as original condition when set-up individually.

Opened 60F of Tower of Time
Opened Tower of Time floors up to 60F.

Added sub-quests
When the main quest Ch. 65 is cleared, 5 new subquests will be added.
 ※Subquests will start when moving to specific area.
 ※Subquest will not be shown at Navi.
 ※The voice will not be played for sub-quest.