The "IT'S MY LIFE" x Alchemia Story collaboration will start!!
Today, Dec. 19th, 2018 (Weds) the "IT'S MY LIFE" x Alchemia Story collaboration will start following maintenance.

During the collaboration period, the main characters Astra and Noah from the smash comic will appear in the game, you'll be able to take special event quests, and there will even be a collaboration gacha containing limited avatar.

Last but not least, we're implementing a special login bonus to celebrate!
Don't forget to login daily and get those limited items!

Collaboration Period

Start: 2018/12/19 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2019/1/16 (Wed) before maintenance.

The collab event, "Making My Sweet Home" is here!!


During the collaboration period, "IT'S MY LIFE" characters Astra and Noah will be visiting the world of Alchemia Story!

During the event period, you can move to the event map "[Collab] IT'S MY LIFE: Reception" by accepting the quest "Making My Sweet Home" from the event tab. However, you must have cleared main scenario "Chapter 14: The Two Maids" to participate.

The event scenario will start when your enter the event map.

Once you complete the collab event, you can get the event item "Astra's House Layout". Also, by using the quest item Special Tix, you can exchange for limited event items.
Additionally, you have a chance to get collab avatars of Gor Gor and Yaboyoh from rare revent monsters!
We've lined up some limited avatars that you can only get here, so don't miss out on this oppurtunity!


Go get those limited event Gor Gor and Yaboyoh avatar!


Recreate Astra's house with a special layout!
(*Housing materials are required for crafting.)


Start: 2018/12/19 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2019/1/16 (Wed) before maintenance.

Event detail

Become Astra and Noah! The "IT'S MY LIFE Collaboration Gacha" is here!!


The IT'S MY LIFE Collaboration Gacha, brimming with limited avatar, will be sold at the shop throughout the collab period.
Get at least 1 Astra or Noah avatar with any 11x Draw!!
These avatar have the bonus effect of increasting the number of the event item "Special Tix" you receive!



Whether you're a boy or a girl, it's time to dress like Astra and Noah!


Start: 2018/12/19 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2019/1/16 (Wed) before maintenance.
Check here for more details about the collaboration gacha.

We've added a collaboration celebration login bonus!


A special login bonus to celebrate the collaboration on now!
According the the cumulative number of days that you login during this period, you can get presents such as "UR Guaranteed Weapon Gacha Tickets", housing materials to build a make a home as fabulous as Astra's, "Housing Medals" that can be exchanged for items, "EXP" Potatoes" to raise your EXP 100%, and collaboration furniture like the Gor Gor Figure [Furniture].

Login Bonus Period

Start: 2018/12/20 (Thu) 0:00
End: 2019/1/16 (Wed) before maintenance.

login bonus!
DaysLogin Bonus
5Neutral Orb (S)x500、Neutral Orb (M)x100、EnhancedSword-R4x100 
9Housing Medalx1000
10Gor Gorx1

※There may be changes in even session without notice.
※There will be no Voices.

What's "IT'S MY LIFE"?

A slapstick at-home fantasy about former Imperial Captain Astra (35 yrs), who retires early to work on his dream home, only to encounter little witch Noah (8 yrs), lost and wandering about his new house on his first day after moving in.
“IT’S MY LIFE” sold over 450,000 copies and reached 16 million downloads from the comic application Manga One before grandly concluding its 4 year run in August 2018. The final volume, volume 11, was released on October 19th, 2018. Additionally, in January 2018, a crowdfunding was started for the series' transition to anime and met with massive success due to the support of many fans. Anime production is currently in progress!

©Imomushi Narita/Shogakukan