About Avatar Fair Gacha's malfunction
This is Alchemia Story Operation Team.

We have confirmed the following malfunction regarding "Avatar Fair Gacha" which has started its sale from 9/25 at 15:00 (JST).

All of the gachas were able to be purchased no matter the procedures for Step Up.

We are currently suspending the sale for "Avatar Fair Gacha",
and we will correspond to the following for those who have used "Avatar Fair Gacha"(Step 4)" at this malfunction.

Corresponding details
・Recalling all items acquired using "Avatar Fair Gacha (Step 4)" during the applicable period.

Please do not remove the items that was acquired from present box.
For those who have already removed the items, traded in to alchemy stones, or those used those traded alchemy stones and used to purchase items, please do not use those items and save it until recalling items have complete.

*There may be a possibility that a penalty imposed as a faulty use, when it doesn't match when items are recalled.

Recallling of items will start from 9/25, and will notify as soon as it completes.

We deeply apologize for incovenience caused and thank you for your understanding and patience.