About the number of rate for getting the Gacha items
Thank you for playing Alchemia Story.

After the maintenance on August 22, we will be showing individual obtaining rate for each items on gacha information.
Also, with those gachas on sale before August 22, some item's winning rate will be adjusted and shows with gacha items' individual obtaining rate for resale.

After the maintenance on August 22

Showing winning items' individual obtaining rate

Covered gachas
All of gachas that uses Gems after the maintenance on August 22.

※With those gachas that are on sale will not be covered for now, but after the maintenance and renewal, some item's winning rate will be adjusted and will show with gacha items' each obtaining rate at resale.
※Daily 1x Free gacha, gachas that uses gacha tickets, and gachas that does not consume Gems will not be covered.
※The rates will be rounded up from fourth place from the decimal, which will not add up to 100% for some items.

We are striving to enhance our service of Alchemia Story for you to enjoy.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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