Notice for App Version 1.0.28
This is Alchemia Story Operation Team.
We have released Alchemia Story App Version 1.0.28
Please update the game from Store.
*There may be time required for updating the app according to the Environment being set up.

Update Details

▼Specification change
・Added a function to restrict who can enter your house.
 ┗*Currently, we have determined that the restriction function does not work properly when there are 2 or more rooms in the housing menu.
We plan to make the necessary corrections to this issue during our maintenance on Aug 8, so we ask for your patience at this time.

・Added skill filters for Multiple Target and Single Target.
・Added a Item Help button to the Synth menu list.
・Made changes so that other nearby players are not displayed when Mamono-chan is shown at the Shop or Login Bonus screen.
・Made adjustments so that the Bulletin Board and Friend Talk can display up to 60 half-width characters.
・Made changes so that the NEXT EXP display on that status screen now displays the required amount to reach the next level.
・Made changes so that the rise of Core status is displayed in the description.
・Made changes so that the battle victory log of other players will not be displayed in the chat when the battle function is set to Off.
・Changed the appearance of the chat field.
・Changed the chat log to display on the left-hand side.
・Changed the remaining event time to display in days when remaining time is over 24 hours.
・Made changes so that the direction of the player is correctly reflected to other players.
・Made changes so that the first-time demo movie will not be shown upon starting up the app.
 ┗The movie will play when the title screen is displayed for 1 minute without closing the Notice window.

▼Fix from malfunctions
・Corrected a problem occuring with the use of the Emotion "Pose".
・Made changes so that waiting time does not occur with another person's skill "Play Dead" during battle.
・Corrected a problem where skill cool time did not decrease and skills were made unselectable during battle.
・Corrected an error where the Player and the YOME's HP may fall to 0 and stay there.
・Corrected a problem where saving during Work Mode in Housing would make UI inoperable.
・Corrected a problem where selecting "Draw Again" on the Avatar Fair Gacha would cause users to return to the Gacha selection screen.
・Made corrections to small errors.