Announcing the new event "Watermelon of Love -Act 1-"!

恋するスイカ -前編-

Alchemia Story will hold the new event "Watermelon of Love -Act 1-"!
Dive in to this summer event by collecting Watermelon Seeds and get some nifty event-exclusive weapons!

Event Period

Starts: Aug 8, 2018 following maintenance
Ends: Sept 5, 2018 at maintenance

"Watermelon of Love -Act 1-" Event!!

恋するスイカ -前編-1

If you clear Main Scenario Chapt 14: The Two Maids, you will be able to move to the event map from Navi.

How to Participate

1. Open "Navi" from the menu on the left side of the screen.
2. From the "Event" tab, find "Watermelon of Love" and select "Accept".
3. Select "Move" to move to the event map.

※You will be able to participate in the event after you have cleared Chapter 14: The Two Maids.
※If you return to the event map after progressing in the quest, please use the function for moving to other maps from the Navi.

About Limited Event Weapons

The appearance and rarity of limited event equipment changes as you progress through the event quests!They will even change to [UR Weapons] at the end!
▼Increase the rarity of limited event weapons.
Enhance the limited event weapon "Watermelon Club" and raise its rarity.
If you enhance it to the end, it will become the UR Weapon "Seed Saw"!
恋するスイカ -前編-2 恋するスイカ -前編-2
※Limited event weapons cannot be listed on the market.
※Event weapons have 4 steps of rarity (N, R, SR, UR), and the rarity can be raised one step at a time by progressing through the event quests.
※For the 2nd and following weapons, you can exchange Watermelon Seeds for weapons with NPC Shall.
※During the event, event weapons N~SR cannot be used for Sub Weapons, YOME Presents, or Recycling.

About Event Collection Items

Event collection items "Watermelon Seeds" and "Shells" can be exchanged with NPCs Shall and Bro for other items too!

恋するスイカ -前編-4 恋するスイカ -前編-4

Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon Seeds will only drop from monsters on the event map.


Get them from the "Watermelon Pinata" on the event map after you create the limited event weapon.

恋するスイカ -前編-4

恋するスイカ -前編-4