Drill Winning Rate 2x! Upgrade Lotto!


We will be holding a campaign to double the winning rate for "Drills" included in upgrade lotto to win items such as "Enhance Swords" useful to enhance armors, "Core" to enhance slots, "Slot Drills" to release slots.
There will be double the chance to win "Masterslotdrill:R/B/Y" and "Slotdrill:R/B/Y."
Take this chance to try one!

Start: 2018/7/18 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2018/7/25 (Wed) start of maintenance.

・There will be double the chance to win "Masterslotdrill:R/B/Y", "Slotdrill:R/B/Y".

1 spinGems: 300
11 spinsGems: 3,000

About Lotto line-up

Rarity: UR ★★★★(Offering Rate:20%)
Rarity: SR ★★★(Offering Rate:30%)
Rarity: R ★★(Offering Rate:50%)

Rarity: UR ★★★★
Masterslotdrill: Red
Masterslotdrill: Blue
Masterslotdrill: Yellow
Fire Enhance Sword - R4 x15
Water Enhance Sword - R4 x15
Earth Enhance Sword - R4 x15
Wind Enhance Sword - R4 x15
Unenhanced Sword - R4 x15

Rarity: SR ★★★
Slot drill: Red
Slot drill: Blue
Slot drill: Yellow
Fire Enhance Sword - R3 x20
Water Enhance Sword - R3 x20
Earth Enhance Sword - R3 x20
Wind Enhance Sword - R3 x20
Unenhanced Sword - R3 x20

Rarity: R ★★
ATK up core: Redx10
MATK up core: Redx10
DEF-up core: Bluex10
MDEF up core: Bluex10
HP up core: Yellowx10
DL-up core: Yellowx10
ATK up core: Redx5
MATK up core: Redx5
DEF-up core: Bluex5
MDEF up core: Bluex5
HP up core: Yellowx5
DL-up core: Yellowx5
ATK up core: Redx3
MATK up core: Redx3
DEF-up core: Bluex3
MDEF up core: Bluex3
HP up core: Yellowx3
DL-up core: Yellowx3


※You can receive your winning items from present box.
※There may be overlaps of same items won as well.
※Rare item is UR ★★★★.
※Offering rate will differ according to different items.