[7/9 18:55 Edit]About malfunction of having Lotto scheduled to sale was temporarily effective
[7/9 18:55 Edit]
Regarding the malfunction of some of Lottos can be purchased before its official release, we have confirmed that the "Madness Order Lotto" was able to purchase although it was scheduled to be released on July 13.
We will carry out return of the Gems used for those users who have drawn this Lotto.
We also have confirmed that the items that have obtained will be able to use normally.
But please refrain from using the items until the official sale on July 13th.
We apologize for inconvenience that was caused.

This is Alchemia Story Operation Team.

We have confirmed that there was a malfunction of Lottos that were schedule to sell were able to be purchased within July 9th, 15:00 to 16:10.
We are currently checking with the recovery and fixations.
As for Avatars already purchased, can be used normally.

Date and Time of Occurance
・From July 9th 15:00 until July 16:10

We apologize for inconvenience that was caused.