[8/3 20:00 Edit]Event "Cooling Summer Festival -Preparation-" now open!


Alchemia Story will be holding an Event "Cool Summer Festival -Preparation-"!
Join the Event and get Event-limited weapons!


Start: 2018/7/11 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2018/8/15 (Wed) start of maintenance.[8/3 20:00 Edit]

Event "Cooling Summer Festival -Preparation-"


During the event, after completing Main Scenario's Chapter 14 "Two Maids," you can move to Event Map from Duchy of Schlinger.

How to join

1. Open "Navi" from the menu on the left-side of the display.
2. Accept "Craftsman and Merchant" from the "Event" tab.
3. If you select "Move," you will move to Event Map.

※You will need to complete Chapter 14, "Two Maids," to join the event.
※Please use "Navi's" map move function if you want to go to event map during the quest.

About Event-limited Weapon

There will be changes with rarity and looks for Event-limited equipment as you progress with Event Quest.It will last change to [UR weapon] !

▼Get the Event-limited weapon and increase its rarity!
Get the Event-limited weapon "Wooden Light Rod" and increase the rarity.
As you complete the quest to the end, it will change to the UR weapon "Scarlet Light Rod."

納涼祭 納涼祭 納涼祭 納涼祭

※Event-limited weapons can not be sold at the market.
※There are 4 levels of Event Weapons' rarity N, R, SR, and UR, and as you progress through Event Quest, it will increase 1 level at a time.
※After the second weapon, you can create them by trading Event collection item, "Rice Bud" with NPC "Fuji."
※For Event Weapons from N to SR, "Sub Weapon," "YOME Present," "Selling" will not be allowed during the Event.

How to get "Rice Buds"

You will be able to get "Rice Buds" from the monsters that will appear in the following map.

Target Map

Along borderline
Underground Factory Floor 2
Road to God
Fire Cave
3-country Borderline
Outside Tower
In Front of Coal Mine
Mountains, seas and beaches
Fruiting Peninsula

※There will be monsters that will not drop even in the map.

Also, you may able to retrieve it from following area boss.

Applicable Area Boss

Geru Grandpa
Kono Grandma

Helping to prepare for the Summer Festival.

There will be NPC preparing for Summer Festival at the Event Hall.
If you make their wish come true, you can get Avatars that are just right for festivals!
Help them out, and get those special Yukata avatars and accessories!


納涼祭 納涼祭 納涼祭

Yuuki's exchange item
AreaBossTicket [3]
AreaBossTicket [3]
AreaBossTicket [3]
Yukata [Cool]
AreaBossTicket [5]
AreaBossTicket [5]
AreaBossTicket [7]
Yukata [Silence]
AreaBossTicket [7]
AreaBossTicket [10]

Karen's exchange item
Housing Medal [50]
Housing Medal [50]
Housing Medal [50]
Housing Medal [50]
Konomi Fan
Housing Medal [100]
Housing Medal [100]
Housing Medal [100]
Housing Medal [100]
Ork Fan

Mamono-chan's exchange item
FireEnhanceSword-R3 [15]
WaterEnhanceSword-R3 [15]
EarthEnhanceSword-R3 [15]
WindEnhanceSword-R3 [15]
Goldfish Hairpin
FireEnhanceSword-R4 [15]
WaterEnhanceSword-R4 [15]
EarthEnhanceSword-R4 [15]
WindEnhanceSword-R4 [15]

Fendark's exchange item
Emotion "Festival Dance"
Yukata [Calamity]
Yukata [Color]

About Event Collection Item

You can trade with Event collection item "Rice Bud" with NPC "Fuji" to another item!
If you are achieving to help out with NPCs and progressing with Event, you can also get Yukata Avatars and accessories again.
Please give it a try for those who wants to multiples of limited-time-only avatars and accessories.


※We have confirmed that the number of necessary item's achievements do not show progress 3 to 5.
※You can not give items that are already equipped to another characters.
*You will not be able to open Exchanges when Event Weapon is already equipped.