Alchemia Story Starts!
June 13th (Weds) 21:30 (JST) Alchemia Story officially stated its service.
The vast world of magic and alchemy is now accessible from your smartphone.

Game Outline

Title: Alchemia Story
Genre: MMO"J"RPG
Price: Free to Play
Supported OS: Android, iOS (Planned)
Present Campaign for Number of Pre-registered Players
Thanks to you, the number of pre-registered players for Alchemia Story has surpassed 50,000!
Currently, players can receive 10,000 Zell (in-game currency) and a Beauty Room item which allows players to change their character's appearance!
Don't miss this opportunity!

About Switching to Another Language

As a principal we do not move accounts between languages, but in case of necessity we may be able to switch your account to another language through private inquiry.
Additionally, items cannot be moved unless all items are withdrawn from the present box.
Please refer to the following regarding the transfer of data beween languages.
▼Transferable Data
・Number of shop purchases with limited purchase amounts
・Number of bag, storage, and synth expansions

▼Non-Transferable Data
・Character Data
・Present Box Contents
┗All contents should be withdrawn before moving from the previous language.


※It is not possible to transfer a character currently in play on the Japanese version to another language for gameplay.
※Additionally, players using the Japanese version cannot make new characters for another language.