Hortensia Marriage Gacha now available!
We are holding "Hortensia Marriage Gacha Gacha" that includes various Avatar Armors you can get!


There will be 1 UR Avatar confirmed for 11 Draws!
1 DrawGems: 300
11 Draws
1 UR confirmed!
Gems: 3,000

About Gacha line-up

Rarity: UR ★★★★(Offering Rate:30%)
Rarity: SR ★★★(Offering Rate:40%)
Rarity: R ★★(Offering Rate:30%)

Rarity: UR ★★★★

HeadFireFlora bridal hat
HeadWaterRainy bridal hat
HeadEarthShine bridal hat
HeadWindDark bridal hat
TopFireFlora bridal dress
TopWaterRainy bridal dress
TopEarthShine bridal dress
TopWindDark bridal dress
BottomsFireFlora bridal Whores
BottomsWaterRainy bridal Whores
BottomsEarthShine Bridal Whores
BottomsWindDark bridal Whores

Rarity: SR ★★★

HeadFireFlamme Sallet
HeadWaterWasser Sallet
HeadEarthErde Sallet
HeadWindVint Sallet
TopFireFlamme Harnisch
TopWaterWasser Harnisch
TopEarthErde Harnisch
TopWindVint Harnisch
BottomsFireFlamme Eisen Schuhe
BottomsWaterWasser Eisen Schuhe
BottomsEarthErde Eisen Schuhe
BottomsWindVint Eisen Schuhe
AccessoryFireFlora Bridal Petal
AccessoryWaterRainy Bridal Petal
AccessoryEarthShine Bridal Petal
AccessoryWindDark bridal petal

Rarity: R ★★

HeadFireFlame Rogue Headgear
HeadWaterAqua Rogue Headgear
HeadEarthEarth Rogue Headgear
HeadWindAero Rogue Headgear
HeadFireFlame Witch Hat
HeadWaterAqua Witch Hat
HeadEarthEarth Witch Hat
HeadWindAero Witch Hat
HeadFireFlame Warrior Crown
HeadWaterAqua Warrior Crown
HeadEarthEarth Warrior Crown
HeadWindAero Warrior Crown
TopFireFlame Rogue Vest
TopWaterAqua Rogue Vest
TopEarthEarth Rogue Vest
TopWindAero Rogue Vest
TopFireFlame Witch Robe
TopWaterAqua Witch Robe
TopEarthEarth Witch Robe
TopWindAero Witch Robe
TopFireFlame Warrior Coat
TopWaterAqua Warrior Coat
TopEarthEarth Warrior Coat
TopWindAero Warrior Coat
BottomsFireFlame Rogue Braies
BottomsWaterAqua Rogue Braies
BottomsEarthEarth Rogue Braies
BottomsWindAero Rogue Braies
BottomsFireFlame Witch Boots
BottomsWaterAqua Witch Boots
BottomsEarthEarth Witch Boots
BottomsWindAero Witch Boots
BottomsFireFlame Warrior Gaiters
BottomsWaterAqua Warrior Gaiters
BottomsEarthEarth Warrior Gaiters
BottomsWindAero Warrior Gaiters
HeadFireFlame Colosseum Headgear
HeadWaterAqua Colosseum Headgear
HeadEarthEarth Colosseum Headgear
HeadWindAero Colosseum Headgear
HeadFireFlame Sorcerer Hat
HeadWaterAqua Sorcerer Hat
HeadEarthEarth Sorcerer Hat
HeadWindAero Sorcerer Hat
HeadFireFlame Ritter Helm
HeadWaterAqua Ritter Helm
HeadEarthEarth Ritter Helm
HeadWindAero Ritter Helm
TopFireFlame Colosseum Vest
TopWaterAqua Colosseum Vest
TopEarthEarth Colosseum Vest
TopWindAero Colosseum Vest
TopFireFlame Sorcerer Robe
TopWaterAqua Sorcerer Robe
TopEarthEarth Sorcerer Robe
TopWindAero Sorcerer Robe
TopFireFlame Ritter Coat
TopWaterAqua Ritter Coat
TopEarthEarth Ritter Coat
TopWindAero Ritter Coat
BottomsFireFlame Colosseum Braies
BottomsWaterAqua Colosseum Braies
BottomsEarthEarth Colosseum Braies
BottomsWindAero Colosseum Braies
BottomsFireFlame Sorcerer Boots
BottomsWaterAqua Sorcerer Boots
BottomsEarthEarth Sorcerer Boots
BottomsWindAero Sorcerer Boots
BottomsFireFlame Ritter Gaiters
BottomsWaterAqua Ritter Gaiters
BottomsEarthEarth Ritter Gaiters
BottomsWindAero Ritter Gaiters


※You can receive your winning items from present box.
※There may be overlaps of same items won as well.
※Rare item is UR ★★★★.
※Offering rate will differ according to different items.
※There may be time for resell of limite-time-items, after the session.
※The picture appearing may differ according to the combination of equipment and system.