June 19 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our June 19 update!

◆Added 2 new chapters for Main Story Part 2
Introduction (contains spoilers!)

The Shadow Mamonos' attack on the State of Abul has temporarily come to an end with the return of Prince Hakuro.
However, the identity and purpose of the attackers remain unknown, and a solution to solve this fiasco is nowhere to be seen.
Issues with Mamonos have slowed down, however, that may be the reason why the Goddess' protection is starting to fade in many villages.
The Goddess' blessing is the greatest barrier against the Shadow Mamonos, which is why its disappearance is extremely dangerous.
When the explorers visit the Village of Destruction, they meet Paula who is setting off on a journey to officially become a priest...
Cape is worried about Paula and asks the explorers to watch over her on her trip.
Will Paula be able to become a priest...?