January 24 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our January 24 update!

Added 2 new chapters to the "Mamono School" quest series
We have added chapters 5 and 6 of the "Mamono School" series, in which explorers are sent to the Mamono School at Richard's request and experience various things with Mamonos.

*Please note that you have to clear "[N] Let's Join A Club!" to accept the quests.

Introduction (contains spoilers!)

Ch. 5 "[N] Mamono Gourmet"
The Seller Girl is looking for the explorers, and when they are heading to meet her, they find Rabby being attacked by a Mamono.

It seems that the Seller Girl wanted to make a new menu for the school store, but Mamonos got mixed in with the ingredients...
What's the explorers' fate?!

Ch. 6 "[N] Mamonos In Love"
Teacher GOT had asked the explorers to join a special class.
The participants were different from their usual classmates because of the "special" nature of the class.
They included students from other classes and even Boss-senpai.
The class was about love, which Mamonos are not really familiar with.
Special classmates, special class... there's no way nothing unusual will not happen...