New Area Boss! December 20 Update!


New Area Boss "Phoenix" arrives!
The powerful Area Boss - "Phoenix" has appeared in the Far Land!
Those who win the battles against the powerful Phoenix might get rare weapons...
Face this overwhelming power together with your friends!
*You need 3 Area Boss Tickets to fight.
*You can fight with a party of up to 8 people (YOME will not join)

・You must clear the quest "[N] Nature Battle: Flame"
*After clearing "[N] To the Far Land" and "[N]The New World's Spirits"
・Your current job must be Lv 71 or above.
・You need 3 "Area Boss Tickets".

Phoenix Drop Items
Phoenix may drop LR Staffs, Bows, and Knuckles!
Each weapon comes with abilities.

LR武器 LR武器 LR武器