December 13 update details!


・Added "New World" quest series

Introduction (contains spoilers!)

The Great Maou "Anther" has attacked all mankind by controlling Maous.
For humans to defend themselves, they must find the "successors" of the three wise men and transfer their magical powers.
The explorers discovered that Lula was the second successor, but because she had caused an incident, even though she had been controlled by a magical tool, it was hard to get in touch with her.
They talked to Father Berner, who advised them to form an organization that doesn't belong to any country and put it in charge of Lula's surveillance.
As a result, the explorers' organization "Anemos" was established with Yuuki as the leader.
This made it possible to meet and pass the magical powers to Lula.
Everything seemed to be going smoothly, but the explorers did not yet know that behind the scenes, the Great Maou was preparing for another attack...

*Please note that you have to clear "[N] New Organization" to accept this quest.
*There are no voices in this quest.