Teamwork! "Bond Hideouts" are here! December 20 Update!


What are "Hideouts"?
Hideout Information
What are "Boosts"?
What are "Bond Quests"?

What are "Hideouts"?
This feature allows you and your Bond members to build your own Hideout.
You can also obtain Hideout EXP and Hideout Points by completing "Bond Quests", which are implemented at the same time as the Hideout feature.
The "Boost" function activates by using the "Hideout Points" and gives you various buff effects.
As your Hideout level increases, the amount of "Boost" buffs increases, and the rewards for "Bond Quests" change.

Hideout Information
You can see HIdeout information from Menu > Interact > Bond.

Hideout Status
You can check details about your Hideout.
Bond Name      ・・・Name of your current Bond
Hideout Level    ・・・Current Hideout level
HIdeouit Points   ・・・HIdeout Points your Bond currently has
My Hideout Points ・・・My Hideout Points you currently have
Current EXP    ・・・Total of current Hideout EXP
Until Next Lv   ・・・Amount of Hideout EXP required to level up
You can also check the Boosts you've learned at each level and those currently in effect.

You can activate Boosts.
You can also check the Boosts that are currently activated.
Bond Quests
You can check details about Bond Quests.

What are "Boosts"?
You can access Boosts from Menu > Interact > Hideout Information > Boost.
There are two types of Boosts: "Overall" and "Individual"
Overall Boost
You can activate up to 3 Boosts.
You need 100 Hideout Points to activate one Boost.
By activating the Boost, all Bond members will get the effects.
The Boost is activated for 24 hours.
Individual Boost
You can activate up to 3 Boosts.
You need My Hideout Points to activate a Boost.
You can activate one Boost for 1 hour with 10 My Hideout Points. (If you want to activate a Boost for a longer time, you are charged more points. )
You can activate them for up to 100 hours.

About the function to manage permissions to change Hideout boosts[12/27 Update]
You can check boost permissions via Menu> Interact> Bond> Change Permissions.
The bond leader can grant permission to activate Hideout boosts to each bond member.
*All members' permissions will be disabled as default.
*Permissions can be changed by the bond leader.

What are "Bond Quests"?
You can access Bond Quests from Menu > Interact > Bond > Bond Quest.
There are weekly "Co-op Quests" that you can play with your Bond members, as well as daily "Solo Quests" that you can play by yourself.

Co-op Quests
You can play the selected quest with your Bond members each week.
The quests and rewards you can get change by the Bond level.
*Co-op Quests update every Monday at 0:00 JST.
*The number of finished Co-op Quests may take a few minutes to update.
*The Bond level you have by Sunday at 20:00 JST will be reflected.
*The quest status will reset during the update.
*Even if there is a similar quest after the update, your previous progress will not be transferred.
*About new Bond members
┗The quest is automatically accepted from the next update after the member has joined.
┗New members won't get the rewards from the week they joined.
┗If you leave the Bond before receiving your reward and rejoin the same Bond, you will become a new Bond member and will not receive the reward for that week's Co-op Quest.

◆Co-op Quest Rewards
Rewards can be received when the Bond Leader presses the receive button on the Co-op Quest list.
Hideout Points, Hideout EXP, and Bond Donations will be added to your Bond when you receive the rewards.
Other rewards will be sent to the Limited Time Reward Box.

Solo Quests
Daily quests for Bond members to play by themselves.
Only the player who clears the quests can receive the rewards.
The rewards will be sent directly to your bag after pressing the receive button.
*About rejoining a Bond
┗If you leave the Bond and rejoin it before completing the Solo Quests or receiving the rewards, your status will be carried over.
┗If you leave the Bond after receiving the Solo Quest rewards and then rejoin the Bond, your Solo Quest status will be carried over.
┗Individual points you got before leaving the Bond will be carried over when you rejoin another Bond.