Become even stronger! "Tower of Time: Night" is here! December 6 Update!


What's "Tower of Time: Night"?
It's a new solo feature where players can strengthen their rank 3 and extra jobs.
Together with your YOME, you can reach the higher floors while defeating enemies, which enables you to strengthen your status and skills.
Each floor's enhancement rewards can only be received once per week, and the acquisition history and achievements reset every Monday at 0:00 JST.

・You must have accepted the quest "Let's Climb The Tower!"
・You must clear the quest "Request for Cokes"
・Your current job must be Lv 90 or above.

When you move to the Tower of Time 1F while meeting the above conditions, you can accpet the exclusive quest "Tower of the Night".
After that, you can proceed from the movement point in the Tower of Time 2F to the Tower of Time: Night 1F. (*Only if your current job is at level 90)
After moving, the entrance to the next floor is closed, and you can only enter it by defeating the enemies there.

About "Tower of Time: Night"
At the beginning of a battle, a damage restriction is added to the enemies in the Tower of Time: Night, preventing you from dealing more than a certain amount of damage.
Look for ways to relax or remove the restricition and be creative in how you fight to aim for bigger damage!
Also, you cannot revive during the battles at the Tower of Time: Night, so make sure to fight in cooperation with your YOME to avoid being defeated.

Damage restriction icon

By defeating the enemies on the regular floors, you can get "Time Skip Coin (Dusk)" , "Soul Shard", and "Coins" based on your current job.
You can get these once per week per floor.
In addition, at the boss floors located every fifth floor, when you win the battle and use "Soul Shard" you can get a "Soul" based on your current job.
Even if you go to the next floor without using a "Soul Shard", you can use it and get the "Soul" if you retry the battle.
*You can choose to use the "Soul Shard" only at the end of a battle if you win. There is no weekly limit to the rewards you can get when using it.

Passive Skill Acquistion, Item Trade
The "Coin", "Soul", and "Time Skip Coin (Dusk)" you get can be traded for passive skills and items at the Merchant's Exchange in the Tower of Time 2F.
The passive skills enhance your status and also boost the effects when enhancing skills or getting buffs from your allies.
*You can trade passive skills only once.


Passive Skill List
These are job-specific passive skills and they are only effective for the corresponding job.
JobPassive Skill Name & Effect
DestroyerHavoc Axe Power
Damage Factor +20%
DestroyerHavoc Axe D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
DestroyerDetonation Fire ATK
Fire ATK +200
DestroyerDetonation Extra D
Extra Damage: 1000% of Fire ATK
DestroyerUnchain Critical D
(Chain x2)% Critical Damage UP
DestroyerUnchain D Limit
Chain x20000 Damage Limit UP
Chaos XcaliburStar Wind Sword E ATK
Earth ATK +200
Chaos XcaliburStar Wind Sword +D
Extra Damage: 100% of MATK (max 50000)
Chaos XcaliburCrimson I Sword F ATK
Fire ATK +200
Chaos XcaliburCrimson I Sword +D
Extra Damage: 100% of MATK (max 50000)
Chaos XcaliburEclipse Sword ATK
ATK UP: 100% of MATK
Chaos XcaliburEclipse Sword D Limit
Damage Limit: 200% of MATK
SorcererFlames of Hell Power
Damage Factor +20%
SorcererFlames of Hell D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
SorcererHail Storm Power
Damage Factor +20%
SorcererHail Storm D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
SorcererUndulation MATK
Whirl 1st Stage: MATK +15%
Whirl 2nd Stage: MATK +30%
Whirl 3rd Stage: MATK +50%
SaintWall of Misery Power
Damage Factor +20%
SaintWall of Misery D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
SaintSanctify Recovery
Recovery UP 3% of max HP
SaintSanctify Shortened CT
Shortens Cool Time for 2 sec
SaintApotheosis MDEF
MDEF +25%
ZodiacCapricorn D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
ZodiacCapricorn ATK
ATK +30%
ZodiacAquarius D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
ZodiacAquarius E ATK
Elemental ATK (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind) +20%
ZodiacNebula Damage Limit
Damage Limit UP: 100% of MATK
ShamanFictional Fire Power
Damage Factor +20%
ShamanFictional Fire Extra D
Extra Damage: 1000% of Fire ATK
ShamanMoving Earth Power
Damage Factor +20%
ShamanMoving Earth Extra D
Extra Damage: 1000% of Earth ATK
ShamanCursed Hour Curse Mark
Attack +1 against enemies with Curse Mark
Divine KnightRiot Blade D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
Divine KnightRiot Blade ATK
ATK UP: 1000% of DEF
Divine KnightReversal Raid D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
Divine KnightReversal Raid ATK
ATK UP: 1000% of DEF
Death BringerShadow Stitch Power
Damage Factor +20%
Death BringerShadow Stitch D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
Death BringerInstant Hit Power
Damage Factor +20%
Death BringerInstant Hit Extra D
Extra Damage: 100% of ATK
Death BringerMortality Critical D
Critical Damage +20%
KaiserBreaking Fist Power
Damage Factor +20%
KaiserBreaking Fist ATK
ATK +30%
KaiserPiercing Wave Power
Damage Factor +20%
KaiserPiercing Wave D Limit
Damage Limit +100000
KaiserFive Gates D Limit
Damage Limit +50000 per 1 Gate Mark
Max +150000
InitiatorRafale Power
Damage Factor +20%
InitiatorRafale D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
InitiatorAssign CT down
Cool Time shortened for 1 sec during assign
LegendDivide Power
Damage Factor +20%
LegendDivide D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
LegendFalx Power
Damage Factor +20%
LegendFalx Damage Limit
Damage Limit +50000
LegendExcess Damage Limit
Excess 1: Damage Limit UP: 10% of ATK
Excess 2: Damage Limit UP: 20% of ATK
Excess 3: Damage Limit UP: 50% of ATK
NirvanaTrident Power
Damage Factor +20%
NirvanaTrident Damage Limit
Damage Limit +50000
NirvanaScarlet Thrusts Power
Damage Factor +20%
NirvanaScarlet Thrusts D Lmt
Damage Limit +50000
NirvanaPiercing Blow ATK
ATK +50%
MergenSpread Arrow Power
Damage Factor +20%
MergenSpread Arrow D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
MergenMeteor Rain Enemy Pwr
2 Enemies: Damage Factor 15%
1 Enemy: Damage Factor +30%
MergenMeteor Rain Enemy D Lm
2 Enemies: Damage Limit +50000
1 Enemy: Damage Limit +100000
MergenDevotion Critical D
Devotion 1: Critical Damage +10%
Devotion 2: Critical Damage +15%
Devotion 3: Critical Damage +25%
BardDissonance Enemy Power
1 Enemy: MATK +150%
2 Enemies: MATK +100%
3 Enemies: MATK +50%
BardArpeggio Power
Damage Factor +20%
Sword MasterFirst Form:Flash Power
Damage Factor +20%
Sword MasterSlash:Air Piledriver P
Damage Factor +20%
Sword MasterSlash:Ripple Water ATK
Water ATK +200
Sword MasterSlash: Ripple D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
Sword MasterMeditation D Limit
Damage Limit UP: 25% of ATK per 1 Meditation
Max 75%
ReceptorAttacking Roar ATK
ATK +25%
ReceptorAttacking Roar D Limit
Damage Limit +50000
ReceptorMagical Roar MATK
MATK +25%
ReceptorMagical Roar D Limit
Damage Limit +50000

*Buff Effect List
Buffs with "*" at the beginning are common passive skills that activate when they are added, regardless of your job.
JobBuff Name & Effect
Shaman*Weeping Soul Extra D
Extra Damage: 1000% of the reduced HP value
Divine Knight*Torus Guard DEF
MDEF +15%
Initiator*CRT Discharge Crit. D
CRT Discharge in all states
Critical Damage +15%
Initiator*CRT Discharge Extra D
Assign (Red) CRT Discharge
Extra Damage: 50% of ATK (max 50000
Extra Damage: 50% of MATK (max 50000)
Initiator*CRT Discharge DEF
Assign (Blue) CRT Discharge
MDEF +15%
Bard*♪DEF UP
DEF +15%
MDEF +15%
Bard*♪E-DEF UP
Elemental DEF (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind) +20