6th Anniversary! "6th Anniversary Packs" Now Available!
Notice from Alchemia Story team.

6th Anniversary! Limited to 1 per person! 3 luxurious "6th Anniversary Packs" are now available!
Don't miss this special chance!

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2023/11/22 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2023/12/20 (Wed) 13:59

Here are the products!
SP6 AnnivP/W
パックSP6 AnnivP/W
Gems (Paid):9800
Available 1 per person
LF G Tix 20231
6th Anniversary Box1
[High] Rune Potion1
Master Slot Drill:R1
Master Slot Drill:B1
Master Slot Drill:Y1
Master Slot Drill:G1
Lv5 High Core Box3
Vulcanus Smelted Stone30

SP6 AnnivP/A
パックSP6 AnnivP/A
Gems (Paid):9800
Available 1 per person
LR Jewel G Tix 20231
6th Anniversary Box1
Ultra-Precise Slot Drill1
Lv6 High Core Box3
Area Boss Ticket300

SP6 AnnivP/M
パックSP6 AnnivP/M
Gems (Paid):5000
Available 1 per person
Flute & M Drop BOX20231
6th Anniversary Box1
Pendulum Stone300
Sage’s Rainbow Crystal150

6th Anniversary Box

You can get 1 of the following.
Dragon Scale Sword F
Dragon Scale Sword W
Dragon Scale Sword E
Dragon Scale Sword S
Dragon Scale Blade F
Dragon Scale Blade W
Dragon Scale Blade E
Dragon Scale Blade S
Dragon Scale Axe F
Dragon Scale Axe W
Dragon Scale Axe E
Dragon Scale Axe S
Dragon Scale L Axe F
Dragon Scale L Axe W
Dragon Scale L Axe E
Dragon Scale L Axe S
Dragon Scale Spear F
Dragon Scale Spear W
Dragon Scale Spear E
Dragon Scale Spear S
Dragon Scale Dagger F
Dragon Scale Dagger W
Dragon Scale Dagger E
Dragon Scale Dagger S
Dragon Scale Staff F
Dragon Scale Staff W
Dragon Scale Staff E
Dragon Scale Staff S
Dragon Scale Bow F
Dragon Scale Bow W
Dragon Scale Bow E
Dragon Scale Bow S
Dragon S Knuckles F
Dragon S Knuckles W
Dragon S Knuckles E
Dragon S Knuckles S
Dragon Scale Shield F
Dragon Scale Shield W
Dragon Scale Shield E
Dragon Scale Shield S
Mico Machina Sword R
Mico Machina Sword C
Mico Machina Sword F
Mico Machina Sword V
Mico Machina Blade R
Mico Machina Blade C
Mico Machina Blade F
Mico Machina Blade V
Mico Machina Hatchet R
Mico Machina Hatchet C
Mico Machina Hatchet F
Mico Machina Hatchet V
Mico Machina Axe R
Mico Machina Axe C
Mico Machina Axe F
Mico Machina Axe V
Mico Machina Spear R
Mico Machina Spear C
Mico Machina Spear F
Mico Machina Spear V
Mico Machina Knife R
Mico Machina Knife C
Mico Machina Knife F
Mico Machina Knife V
Mico Machina Rod R
Mico Machina Rod C
Mico Machina Rod F
Mico Machina Rod V
Mico Machina Shooter R
Mico Machina Shooter C
Mico Machina Shooter F
Mico Machina Shooter V
Mico M. Jamadhars R
Mico M. Jamadhars C
Mico M. Jamadhars F
Mico M. Jamadhars V
Mico Machina Guard R
Mico Machina Guard C
Mico Machina Guard F
Mico Machina Guard V
Electric 1HS-F
Electric 1HS-I
Electric 1HS-E
Electric 1HS-A
Electric 2HS-F
Electric 2HS-I
Electric 2HS-E
Electric 2HS-A
Electric 1HA-F
Electric 1HA-I
Electric 1HA-E
Electric 1HA-A
Electric 2HA-F
Electric 2HA-I
Electric 2HA-E
Electric 2HA-A
Electric 2HSP-F
Electric 2HSP-I
Electric 2HSP-E
Electric 2HSP-A
Electric DGR-F
Electric DGR-I
Electric DGR-E
Electric DGR-A
Electric STA-F
Electric STA-I
Electric STA-E
Electric STA-A
Electric BOW-F
Electric BOW-I
Electric BOW-E
Electric BOW-A
Electric KNU-F
Electric KNU-I
Electric KNU-E
Electric KNU-A
Electric SHLD-F
Electric SHLD-I
Electric SHLD-E
Electric SHLD-A
Revolver Sword G
Revolver Sword B
Revolver Sword S
Revolver Sword P
Revolver Saber G
Revolver Saber B
Revolver Saber S
Revolver Saber P
Revolver Hatchet G
Revolver Hatchet B
Revolver Hatchet S
Revolver Hatchet P
Revolver Axe G
Revolver Axe B
Revolver Axe S
Revolver Axe P
Revolver Spear G
Revolver Spear B
Revolver Spear S
Revolver Spear P
Revolver Knife G
Revolver Knife B
Revolver Knife S
Revolver Knife P
Revolver Rod G
Revolver Rod B
Revolver Rod S
Revolver Rod P
Revolver Bow G
Revolver Bow B
Revolver Bow S
Revolver Bow P
Revolver Knuckles G
Revolver Knuckles B
Revolver Knuckles S
Revolver Knuckles P
Revolver Guard G
Revolver Guard B
Revolver Guard S
Revolver Guard P
Skofnung F
Skofnung I
Skofnung E
Skofnung A
Balmung F
Balmung I
Balmung E
Balmung A
Mjölnir F
Mjölnir I
Mjölnir E
Mjölnir A
Forseti’s Axe F
Forseti’s Axe I
Forseti’s Axe E
Forseti’s Axe A
Gungnir F
Gungnir I
Gungnir E
Gungnir A
Ridill F
Ridill I
Ridill E
Ridill A
Gambanteinn F
Gambanteinn I
Gambanteinn E
Gambanteinn A
Ullr’s Bow F
Ullr’s Bow I
Ullr’s Bow E
Ullr’s Bow A
Járngreipr F
Járngreipr I
Járngreipr E
Járngreipr A
Svǫl F
Svǫl I
Svǫl E
Svǫl A
Dark Shadow Sword R
Dark Shadow Sword B
Dark Shadow Sword P
Dark Shadow Sword G
Dark Shadow Blade R
Dark Shadow Blade B
Dark Shadow Blade P
Dark Shadow Blade G
Dark Shadow Sickle R
Dark Shadow Sickle B
Dark Shadow Sickle P
Dark Shadow Sickle G
Dark Shadow L Sickle R
Dark Shadow L Sickle B
Dark Shadow L Sickle P
Dark Shadow L Sickle G
Dark Shadow Spear R
Dark Shadow Spear B
Dark Shadow Spear P
Dark Shadow Spear G
Dark Shadow Dagger R
Dark Shadow Dagger B
Dark Shadow Dagger P
Dark Shadow Dagger G
Dark Shadow Staff R
Dark Shadow Staff B
Dark Shadow Staff P
Dark Shadow Staff G
Dark Shadow Bow R
Dark Shadow Bow B
Dark Shadow Bow P
Dark Shadow Bow G
Dark Shadow Knives R
Dark Shadow Knives B
Dark Shadow Knives P
Dark Shadow Knives G
Dark Shadow Scabbard R
Dark Shadow Scabbard B
Dark Shadow Scabbard P
Dark Shadow Scabbard G
Zeno Typhon Sword R
Zeno Typhon Sword C
Zeno Typhon Sword H
Zeno Typhon Sword D
Zeno Typhon Blade R
Zeno Typhon Blade C
Zeno Typhon Blade H
Zeno Typhon Blade D
Zeno Typhon Hatchet R
Zeno Typhon Hatchet C
Zeno Typhon Hatchet H
Zeno Typhon Hatchet D
Zeno Typhon Axe R
Zeno Typhon Axe C
Zeno Typhon Axe H
Zeno Typhon Axe D
Zeno Typhon Spear R
Zeno Typhon Spear C
Zeno Typhon Spear H
Zeno Typhon Spear D
Zeno Typhon Dagger R
Zeno Typhon Dagger C
Zeno Typhon Dagger H
Zeno Typhon Dagger D
Zeno Typhon Rod R
Zeno Typhon Rod C
Zeno Typhon Rod H
Zeno Typhon Rod D
Zeno Typhon Bow R
Zeno Typhon Bow C
Zeno Typhon Bow H
Zeno Typhon Bow D
Zeno Typhon Claws R
Zeno Typhon Claws C
Zeno Typhon Claws H
Zeno Typhon Claws D
Zeno Typhon Guard R
Zeno Typhon Guard C
Zeno Typhon Guard H
Zeno Typhon Guard D
Dash Earrings
Four ATK Earrings
Four DEF Earrings
Strength Earrings
Wise Earrings
Almighty Earrings
Exertion Earrings
Rebirth Earrings
Auto-Fix Earrings
Limit Earrings
Red Flame Earrings
Green Storm Earrings
Vivid Wall Earrings
Frost Earrings
Devotion Earrings
Regain Earrings
Flowery Earrings
Barrage Earrings
Booster Earrings
Quick Earrings
Enmity Earrings
Blessed Earrings
Scar Earrings
Super Earrings
Dance Earrings
Burnt Earth Earrings
Storm Weir Earrings
Collector: Staff E
Rough Earrings
Redemption Earrings
Sacrifice Earrings
Enemy Wind Earrings
Collector: Spear E
Advanced Earrings
Frozen Earrings
Collector: Blade E.
Undaunted Earrings
Collector:Bow Earrings
Sand Weir Earrings
High Stakes Earrings
Collector: L Axe E
Dual Curse Earrings
Grudge Earrings
Collector: Knuckles E
Barrier Earrings
Passionate Earrings
Collector: Dagger E
Sword Shield Earrings
Struggle Earrings
Neutral ATK Necklace
Transcending Necklace
Wisdom Necklace
Steel Body Necklace
Heavy DEF Necklace
Heavy MDEF Necklace
Hard Power Necklace
Heaven’s Gift Necklace
Hero Earrings
Holy Earrings
ATK Earrings
DEF Earrings
Fire Earrings
Water Earrings
Earth Earrings
Wind Earrings
Crimson Earrings
Blue Sky Earrings
Golden Earrings
Greenery Earrings
Inner Eye Necklace
Triggering Necklace
Elemental ATK Necklace
Bloody Tears Necklace
Courage Necklace
Strong Muscles Necklace
Control Necklace
Elemental DEF Necklace
Surpassing Earrings
Congenial Earrings
Threatening Earrings
Hermit Earrings
Hellfire Earrings
Rime Earrings
Cracked Earth Earrings
Storm Earrings
Daring Earrings
Tenacious Earrings
Sacred Earrings
Heaven’s Will Earrings
Overpower Necklace [UR]
Life Necklace [UR]
Endure Necklace [UR]
Power Necklace [UR]
Remover Necklace [UR]
Enlighting Necklace [UR]
DLUp Earrings [UR]
HateUp Earrings [UR]
HateDown Earrings [UR]
HPUp Earrings [UR]
ATKUp Earrings [UR]
DEFUp Earrings [UR]
MATKUp Earrings [UR]
MDEFUp Earrings [UR]
Fire ATK Earrings [UR]
Water ATK Earrings [UR]
Earth ATK Earrings [UR]
Wind ATK Earrings [UR]
Heavy ATK Necklace
Strong DEF Necklace
Tenacious Necklace
Robust Necklace
Vision Necklace
Light Necklace
Adversity Necklace
Sharp Necklace
Furious Necklace
Convert: F Necklace
Convert: W Necklace
Convert: E Necklace
Convert: A Necklace
Devotion Necklace
Fierce Necklace
Pursuit Necklace
Unbending Necklace
Argument Necklace
Reckless Necklace
Balloon Necklace
Live or Die Necklace
Changing F Necklace
Soul Necklace
Changing W Necklace
Erosion Necklace
Changing Wind Necklace
Steel Necklace
AW-DD4000T Whistle
Tank Whistle
Train Whistle
Hippogriff Whistle
Robot Whistle
Black Fox Flute
Pegasus Whistle
C Dragon Flute
Chrome Emperor Flute
Bear’s Bamboo Flute
Flying Board’s Flute
Flying Carpet’s Pungi
Flying Chair’s Harmonica
Macaron’s Flute
Kitsune Flute
Flying Broom Ocarina
DIY Box Car Horn
Coffee Cup Trumpet
Ghost Flute
Floating Magic Flute
Cat Flute
Brown Shiba Whistle
Black Shiba Whistle
AW-DD4000T M. Drop
Tank Miracle Drop
Train Miracle Drop
Hippogriff M Drop
Robot Miracle Drop
Black Fox Miracle Drop
Pegasus Miracle Drop
C Dragon Miracle Drop
Chrome Emperor MiracleDrop
Bear’s Miracle Drop
Board’s Miracle Drop
Carpet’s Miracle Drop
Chair’s Miracle Drop
Macaron’s Miracle Drop
Kitsune Miracle Drop
Flying Broom Miracle Drop
DIY Box Car Miracle Drop
Coffee Cup Miracle Drop
Ghost Miracle Drop
Floating Magic M. Drop
Cat Miracle Drop
BR Shiba Miracle Drop
BK Shiba Miracle Drop
Rote Burg Sword
Blaue Burg Sword
Goldene Burg Sword
Weiße Burg Sword
Rote Burg Blade
Blaue Burg Blade
Goldene Burg Blade
Weiße Burg Blade
Rote Burg Hammer
Blaue Burg Hammer
Goldene Burg Hammer
Weiße Burg Hammer
Rote Burg Breaker
Blaue Burg Breaker
Goldene Burg Breaker
Weiße Burg Breaker
Rote Burg Lance
Blaue Burg Lance
Goldene Burg Lance
Weiße Burg Lance
Rote Burg Dagger
Blaue Burg Dagger
Goldene Burg Dagger
Weiße Burg Dagger
Rote Burg Staff
Blaue Burg Staff
Goldene Burg Staff
Weiße Burg Staff
Rote Burg Bow
Blaue Burg Bow
Goldene Burg Bow
Weiße Burg Bow
Rote Burg Fist
Blaue Burg Fist
Goldene Burg Fist
Weiße Burg Fist
Rote Burg Shield
Blaue Burg Shield
Goldene Burg Shield
Weiße Burg Shield
Pierrot Sword
Joker Sword
Clown Sword
Jester Sword
Pierrot Blade
Joker Blade
Clown Blade
Jester Blade
Pierrot Scythe
Joker Scythe
Clown Scythe
Jester Scythe
Pierrot Hammer
Joker Hammer
Clown Hammer
Jester Hammer
Pierrot Spear
Joker Spear
Clown Spear
Jester Spear
Pierrot Knife
Joker Knife
Clown Knife
Jester Knife
Pierrot Rod
Joker Rod
Clown Rod
Jester Rod
Pierrot Shooter
Joker Shooter
Clown Shooter
Jester Shooter
Pierrot Puppet
Joker Puppet
Clown Puppet
Jester Puppet
Pierrot Emblem
Joker Emblem
Clown Emblem
Jester Emblem
Heat Light Sword
Flood Light Sword
Freeze Light Sword
Storm Light Sword
Heat Light Blade
Flood Light Blade
Freeze Light Blade
Storm Light Blade
Heat Light Mace
Flood Light Mace
Freeze Light Mace
Storm Light Mace
Heat Light Hammer
Flood Light Hammer
Freeze Light Hammer
Storm Light Hammer
Heat Light Spear
Flood Light Spear
Freeze Light Spear
Storm Light Spear
Heat Light Dagger
Flood Light Dagger
Freeze Light Dagger
Storm Light Dagger
Heat Light Staff
Flood Light Staff
Freeze Light Staff
Storm Light Staff
Heat Light Shooter
Flood Light Shooter
Freeze Light Shooter
Storm Light Shooter
Heat Light Knuckles
Flood Light Knuckles
Freeze Light Knuckles
Storm Light Knuckles
Heat Light Shield
Flood Light Shield
Freeze Light Shield
Storm Light Shield
DLUp Earrings [SR]
HateUp Earrings [SR]
HateDown Earrings [SR]
HPUp Earrings [SR]
ATKUp Earrings [SR]
DEFUp Earrings [SR]
MATKUp Earrings [SR]
MDEFUp Earrings [SR]
Fire ATK Earrings [SR]
Water ATK Earrings [SR]
Earth ATK Earrings [SR]
Wind ATK Earrings [SR]
Almandine Rapier
Turquoise Rapier
Heliodor Rapier
Jade Rapier
Almandine Blade
Turquoise Blade
Heliodor Blade
Jade Blade
Almandine Hammer
Turquoise Hammer
Heliodor Hammer
Jade Hammer
Almandine Breaker
Turquoise Breaker
Heliodor Breaker
Jade Breaker
Almandine Spear
Turquoise Spear
Heliodor Spear
Jade Spear
Almandine Edge
Turquoise Edge
Heliodor Edge
Jade Edge
Almandine Rod
Turquoise Rod
Heliodor Rod
Jade Rod
Almandine Bow
Turquoise Bow
Heliodor Bow
Jade Bow
Almandine Claws
Turquoise Claws
Heliodor Claws
Jade Claws
Almandine Shield
Turquoise Shield
Heliodor Shield
Jade Shield
DLUp Earrings [R]
HateUp Earrings [R]
HateDown Earrings [R]
HPUp Earrings [R]
ATKUp Earrings [R]
DEFUp Earrings [R]
MATKUp Earrings [R]
MDEFUp Earrings [R]
Fire ATK Earrings [R]
Water ATK Earrings [R]
Earth ATK Earrings [R]
Wind ATK Earrings [R]
Ivy Sword of Solomon
Ivy Sword of Deena
Ivy Sword of Norma
Ivy Sword of Sylphy
Ivy Blade of Solomon
Ivy Blade of Deena
Ivy Blade of Norma
Ivy Blade of Sylphy
Ivy Hatchet of Solomon
Ivy Hatchet of Deena
Ivy Hatchet of Norma
Ivy Hatchet of Sylphy
Ivy Axe of Solomon
Ivy Axe of Deena
Ivy Axe of Norma
Ivy Axe of Sylphy
Ivy Spear of Solomon
Ivy Spear of Deena
Ivy Spear of Norma
Ivy Spear of Sylphy
Ivy Knife of Solomon
Ivy Knife of Deena
Ivy Knife of Norma
Ivy Knife of Sylphy
Ivy Rod of Solomon
Ivy Rod of Deena
Ivy Rod of Norma
Ivy Rod of Sylphy
Ivy Bow of Solomon
Ivy Bow of Deena
Ivy Bow of Norma
Ivy Bow of Sylphy
Ivy Claws of Solomon
Ivy Claws of Deena
Ivy Claws of Norma
Ivy Claws of Sylphy
Ivy Shield of Solomon
Ivy Shield of Deena
Ivy Shield of Norma
Ivy Shield of Sylphy
Heat Steel Sword
Frosted Steel Sword
Solid Steel Sword
Airy Steel Sword
Heat Steel Blade
Frosted Steel Blade
Solid Steel Blade
Airy Steel Blade
Heat Steel Hammer
Frosted Steel Hammer
Solid Steel Hammer
Airy Steel Hammer
Heat Steel Axe
Frosted Steel Axe
Solid Steel Axe
Airy Steel Axe
Heat Steel Spear
Frosted Steel Spear
Solid Steel Spear
Airy Steel Spear
Heat Steel Dagger
Frosted Steel Dagger
Solid Steel Dagger
Airy Steel Dagger
Heat Steel Rod
Frosted Steel Rod
Solid Steel Rod
Airy Steel Rod
Heat Steel Bow
Frost Steel Bow
Solid Steel Bow
Airy Steel Bow
Heat Steel Nails
Frosted Steel Nails
Solid Steel Nails
Airy Steel Nails
Heat Steel Shield
Frosted Steel Shield
Solid Steel Shield
Airy Steel Shield
AW-DD4000T Crystal
Tank Crystal
Train Crystal
Hippogriff Crystal
Robot Crystal
Black Fox Crystal
Pegasus Crsytal
C Dragon Crystal
Chrome Emperor Crystal
Bear Crystal
Board Crystal
Carpet Crystal
Chair Crystal
Macaron Crystal
Kitsune Crystal
Flying Broom Crystal
DIY Box Car Crystal
Coffee Cup Crystal
Ghost Crystal
Floating Magic Crystal
Cat Crystal
Brown Shiba Crystal
Black Shiba Crystal

Lv6High Corebox

You can get 1 of the following.
ATK Up High Core:R Lv6
MATK Up High Core:R Lv6
DEF Up High Core:B Lv6
MDEF Up High Core:B Lv6
HP Up High Core:Y Lv6
DL Up High Core:Y Lv6
Fire Attack High Core Lv6
Water Attack High Core Lv6
Earth Attack High Core Lv6
Wind Attack High Core Lv6
Fire Defense High Core Lv6
Water Defense High Core Lv6
Earth Defense High Core Lv6
Wind Defense High Core Lv6

Flute & M Drop BOX2023

You can get 1 of the following.
AW-DD4000T Whistle+AW-DD4000T M. Drop
Tank Whistle+Tank Miracle Drop
Train Whistle+Train Miracle Drop
Hippogriff Whistle+Hippogriff M Drop

Where can I buy these items?
Items are sold at "Shop"!
How to Access the Shop: Tap the Shop button at the top of the game screen,
or Tap "≡" on the left-side of the game screen > select "Shop" > tap "Shop" on the bottom-right.

*Items purchased from the Shop will be sent directly to the Item page. They will not appear in the Present Box.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.