August 16 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our August 16 update!

・Added "Mamono School Arc" quest series
Added new area

Content introduction
Richard has a new task for you: to attend the Mamono School as a student!
He wants the students to interact with humans to deepen their understanding of them.
However, the Mamonos' knowledge of humans seems to be a little off...

A new quest series "Mamono School", where you end up in various situations with the Mamono School students, starts!

*Please note that you have to clear "[N] The Rumored Place"to accept this quest.

Added new map "Mamono School"
The newly added area is the school for Mamonos where they learn about humans.

Sub-Quests Requirements
・Released when starting "[N] Mamono School"

*Please note that you have to clear "[N] The Rumored Place" to accept this quest.