May 24 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our May 24th update!

・Added "New World" quest series
 ┗ [N] A Hero Is Born
 ┗ [N] The First Seal

Content introduction

According to Chitose's prediction, it is very likely that Noel is one of the successors.
Believing this, the explorers headed to the Duchy.
However, the Duchy was already involved in a battle with the Maou army.

Noel seems to be at the front line with Lake and they are cornered by the fierce Maou army...
But in the midst of this, a miracle occurs on the battlefield...

*You are able to accept quests of this series after clearing the Main Quest Ch. 65.
*You can accept "[N] A Hero Is Born" after clearing "[N] Legendary 3 Wise Men".
*There are no voices in this quest.