【4/21Update】April 19th update details!


We're announcing the contents of our April 19th update!

【4/21Update】*There are no voices in this quest.

・Added 2 "Alchemia Record 2" chapters
┗ "Magical☆Space War"
┗ "Time Fortress Chronos"

Content introduction

The missing Kairos was the core of the Invader World.
He uses that power to create gates leading to the Alchemia Story world and escapes through one of them.
However, Mamonos from the Invader World started rushing into those gates, so Kuro, a glasses fairy who was helping the explorers, put up a barrier and managed to prevent them from entering.
After returning from the Invader World, the explorers try to track down Kairos and Yomi to find out their true intentions.
But then someone appears in front of the explorers...

Will the explorers ever learn Kairos's true motive...?

*You are able to accept quests of this series after clearing the Main Quest Ch. 65.
*You can accept "Magical☆Space War" after clearing "Savior of Immortality".