March 8 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our March 8th update!

・Added "New World" quest series
 ┗ [N] Clues About The Seal
 ┗ [N] Legendary 3 Wise Men

Content introduction

The Great Maou Anther has finally shown a glimpse of its power and the explorers are helplessly defeated by it.
They managed to escape with the help of Izarc's secret magic, but in return, Izarc used all his powers and fell asleep.
Before he fell asleep, he told the explorers that they needed to find the descendants of the three wise men in order to defeat the Great Maou, but they had no clue where to look for them.
For starters, they met with Light and HIkari, and were planning together what do next. Then Marika gave them some advice...

Will the explorers be able to find the descendants of the three wise men?!

*You are able to accept quests of this series after clearing the Main Quest Ch. 65.
*You can accept "[N] Clues About The Seal" after clearing "[N] Mark & The Great Maou".