5th Anniversary! "5th Anniversary Packs" Now Available!
Notice from Alchemia Story team.

5th Anniversary! Limited to 1 per person! 3 luxurious "5th Anniversary Packs" are now available!
Don't miss this special chance!

Sales Periods (JST)
Start: 2022/11/23 (Wed) 15:00
End: 2022/12/14 (Wed) 14:59

Here are the products!
SP5 AnnivP/W
パックSP5 AnnivP/W
Gems (Paid):9800
Available 1 per person
LF G Tix 20221
5th Anniversary Box1
[High] Rune Potion1
Master Slot Drill:R1
Master Slot Drill:B1
Master Slot Drill:Y1
Master Slot Drill:G1
Lv5 High Core Box3
Vulcanus Smelted Stone30

SP5 AnnivP/A
パックSP5 AnnivP/A
Gems (Paid):9800
Available 1 per person
LR Jewel G Tix 20221
5th Anniversary Box1
Ultra-Precise Slot Drill1
Lv5 High Core Box3
Area Boss Ticket300

SP5 AnnivP/M
パックSP5 AnnivP/M
Gems (Paid):9800
Available 1 per person
Flute G Tix 20221
5th Anniversary Box1
Pendulum Stone300
Sage’s Rainbow Crystal150

5th Anniversary Box
1H SwordFireElectric 1HS-F1
1H SwordWaterElectric 1HS-I1
1H SwordEarthElectric 1HS-E1
1H SwordWindElectric 1HS-A1
2H SwordFireElectric 2HS-F1
2H SwordWaterElectric 2HS-I1
2H SwordEarthElectric 2HS-E1
2H SwordWindElectric 2HS-A1
1H AxeFireElectric 1HA-F1
1H AxeWaterElectric 1HA-I1
1H AxeEarthElectric 1HA-E1
1H AxeWindElectric 1HA-A1
2H AxeFireElectric 2HA-F1
2H AxeWaterElectric 2HA-I1
2H AxeEarthElectric 2HA-E1
2H AxeWindElectric 2HA-A1
SpearFireElectric 2HSP-F1
SpearWaterElectric 2HSP-I1
SpearEarthElectric 2HSP-E1
SpearWindElectric 2HSP-A1
DaggerFireElectric DGR-F1
DaggerWaterElectric DGR-I1
DaggerEarthElectric DGR-E1
DaggerWindElectric DGR-A1
StaffFireElectric STA-F1
StaffWaterElectric STA-I1
StaffEarthElectric STA-E1
StaffWindElectric STA-A1
BowFireElectric BOW-F1
BowWaterElectric BOW-I1
BowEarthElectric BOW-E1
BowWindElectric BOW-A1
KnucklesFireElectric KNU-F1
KnucklesWaterElectric KNU-I1
KnucklesEarthElectric KNU-E1
KnucklesWindElectric KNU-A1
ShieldFireElectric SHLD-F1
ShieldWaterElectric SHLD-I1
ShieldEarthElectric SHLD-E1
ShieldWindElectric SHLD-A1
1H SwordFireRevolver Sword G1
1H SwordWaterRevolver Sword B1
1H SwordEarthRevolver Sword S1
1H SwordWindRevolver Sword P1
2H SwordFireRevolver Saber G1
2H SwordWaterRevolver Saber B1
2H SwordEarthRevolver Saber S1
2H SwordWindRevolver Saber P1
1H AxeFireRevolver Hatchet G1
1H AxeWaterRevolver Hatchet B1
1H AxeEarthRevolver Hatchet S1
1H AxeWindRevolver Hatchet P1
2H AxeFireRevolver Axe G1
2H AxeWaterRevolver Axe B1
2H AxeEarthRevolver Axe S1
2H AxeWindRevolver Axe P1
SpearFireRevolver Spear G1
SpearWaterRevolver Spear B1
SpearEarthRevolver Spear S1
SpearWindRevolver Spear P1
DaggerFireRevolver Knife G1
DaggerWaterRevolver Knife B1
DaggerEarthRevolver Knife S1
DaggerWindRevolver Knife P1
StaffFireRevolver Rod G1
StaffWaterRevolver Rod B1
StaffEarthRevolver Rod S1
StaffWindRevolver Rod P1
BowFireRevolver Bow G1
BowWaterRevolver Bow B1
BowEarthRevolver Bow S1
BowWindRevolver Bow P1
KnucklesFireRevolver Knuckles G1
KnucklesWaterRevolver Knuckles B1
KnucklesEarthRevolver Knuckles S1
KnucklesWindRevolver Knuckles P1
ShieldFireRevolver Guard G1
ShieldWaterRevolver Guard B1
ShieldEarthRevolver Guard S1
ShieldWindRevolver Guard P1
1H SwordFireSkofnung F1
1H SwordWaterSkofnung I1
1H SwordEarthSkofnung E1
1H SwordWindSkofnung A1
2H SwordFireBalmung F1
2H SwordWaterBalmung I1
2H SwordEarthBalmung E1
2H SwordWindBalmung A1
1H AxeFireMjölnir F1
1H AxeWaterMjölnir I1
1H AxeEarthMjölnir E1
1H AxeWindMjölnir A1
2H AxeFireForseti’s Axe F1
2H AxeWaterForseti’s Axe I1
2H AxeEarthForseti’s Axe E1
2H AxeWindForseti’s Axe A1
SpearFireGungnir F1
SpearWaterGungnir I1
SpearEarthGungnir E1
SpearWindGungnir A1
DaggerFireRidill F1
DaggerWaterRidill I1
DaggerEarthRidill E1
DaggerWindRidill A1
StaffFireGambanteinn F1
StaffWaterGambanteinn I1
StaffEarthGambanteinn E1
StaffWindGambanteinn A1
BowFireUllr’s Bow F1
BowWaterUllr’s Bow I1
BowEarthUllr’s Bow E1
BowWindUllr’s Bow A1
KnucklesFireJárngreipr F1
KnucklesWaterJárngreipr I1
KnucklesEarthJárngreipr E1
KnucklesWindJárngreipr A1
ShieldFireSvǫl F1
ShieldWaterSvǫl I1
ShieldEarthSvǫl E1
ShieldWindSvǫl A1
1H SwordFireDark Shadow Sword R1
1H SwordWaterDark Shadow Sword B1
1H SwordEarthDark Shadow Sword P1
1H SwordWindDark Shadow Sword G1
2H SwordFireDark Shadow Blade R1
2H SwordWaterDark Shadow Blade B1
2H SwordEarthDark Shadow Blade P1
2H SwordWindDark Shadow Blade G1
1H AxeFireDark Shadow Sickle R1
1H AxeWaterDark Shadow Sickle B1
1H AxeEarthDark Shadow Sickle P1
1H AxeWindDark Shadow Sickle G1
2H AxeFireDark Shadow L Sickle R1
2H AxeWaterDark Shadow L Sickle B1
2H AxeEarthDark Shadow L Sickle P1
2H AxeWindDark Shadow L Sickle G1
SpearFireDark Shadow Spear R1
SpearWaterDark Shadow Spear B1
SpearEarthDark Shadow Spear P1
SpearWindDark Shadow Spear G1
DaggerFireDark Shadow Dagger R1
DaggerWaterDark Shadow Dagger B1
DaggerEarthDark Shadow Dagger P1
DaggerWindDark Shadow Dagger G1
StaffFireDark Shadow Staff R1
StaffWaterDark Shadow Staff B1
StaffEarthDark Shadow Staff P1
StaffWindDark Shadow Staff G1
BowFireDark Shadow Bow R1
BowWaterDark Shadow Bow B1
BowEarthDark Shadow Bow P1
BowWindDark Shadow Bow G1
KnucklesFireDark Shadow Knives R1
KnucklesWaterDark Shadow Knives B1
KnucklesEarthDark Shadow Knives P1
KnucklesWindDark Shadow Knives G1
ShieldFireDark Shadow Scabbard R1
ShieldWaterDark Shadow Scabbard B1
ShieldEarthDark Shadow Scabbard P1
ShieldWindDark Shadow Scabbard G1
1H SwordFireZeno Typhon Sword R1
1H SwordWaterZeno Typhon Sword C1
1H SwordEarthZeno Typhon Sword H1
1H SwordWindZeno Typhon Sword D1
2H SwordFireZeno Typhon Blade R1
2H SwordWaterZeno Typhon Blade C1
2H SwordEarthZeno Typhon Blade H1
2H SwordWindZeno Typhon Blade D1
1H AxeFireZeno Typhon Hatchet R1
1H AxeWaterZeno Typhon Hatchet C1
1H AxeEarthZeno Typhon Hatchet H1
1H AxeWindZeno Typhon Hatchet D1
2H AxeFireZeno Typhon Axe R1
2H AxeWaterZeno Typhon Axe C1
2H AxeEarthZeno Typhon Axe H1
2H AxeWindZeno Typhon Axe D1
SpearFireZeno Typhon Spear R1
SpearWaterZeno Typhon Spear C1
SpearEarthZeno Typhon Spear H1
SpearWindZeno Typhon Spear D1
DaggerFireZeno Typhon Dagger R1
DaggerWaterZeno Typhon Dagger C1
DaggerEarthZeno Typhon Dagger H1
DaggerWindZeno Typhon Dagger D1
StaffFireZeno Typhon Rod R1
StaffWaterZeno Typhon Rod C1
StaffEarthZeno Typhon Rod H1
StaffWindZeno Typhon Rod D1
BowFireZeno Typhon Bow R1
BowWaterZeno Typhon Bow C1
BowEarthZeno Typhon Bow H1
BowWindZeno Typhon Bow D1
KnucklesFireZeno Typhon Claws R1
KnucklesWaterZeno Typhon Claws C1
KnucklesEarthZeno Typhon Claws H1
KnucklesWindZeno Typhon Claws D1
ShieldFireZeno Typhon Guard R1
ShieldWaterZeno Typhon Guard C1
ShieldEarthZeno Typhon Guard H1
ShieldWindZeno Typhon Guard D1
Accessory-Dash Earrings1
Accessory-Four ATK Earrings1
Accessory-Four DEF Earrings1
Accessory-Strength Earrings1
Accessory-Wise Earrings1
Accessory-Almighty Earrings1
Accessory-Exertion Earrings1
Accessory-Rebirth Earrings1
Accessory-Auto-Fix Earrings1
Accessory-Limit Earrings1
Accessory-Red Flame Earrings1
Accessory-Green Storm Earrings1
Accessory-Vivid Wall Earrings1
Accessory-Frost Earrings1
Accessory-Devotion Earrings1
Accessory-Regain Earrings1
Accessory-Flowery Earrings1
Accessory-Barrage Earrings1
Accessory-Booster Earrings1
Accessory-Quick Earrings1
Accessory-Enmity Earrings1
Accessory-Blessed Earrings1
Accessory-Scar Earrings1
Accessory-Super Earrings1
Accessory-Dance Earrings1
Accessory-Burnt Earth Earrings1
Accessory-Storm Weir Earrings1
Accessory-Collector: Staff E1
Accessory-Rough Earrings1
Accessory-Redemption Earrings1
Accessory-Sacrifice Earrings1
Accessory-Neutral ATK Necklace1
Accessory-Transcending Necklace1
Accessory-Wisdom Necklace1
Accessory-Steel Body Necklace1
Accessory-Heavy DEF Necklace1
Accessory-Heavy MDEF Necklace1
Accessory-Hard Power Necklace1
Accessory-Heaven’s Gift Necklace1
Accessory-Hero Earrings1
Accessory-Holy Earrings1
Accessory-ATK Earrings1
Accessory-DEF Earrings1
Accessory-Fire Earrings1
Accessory-Water Earrings1
Accessory-Earth Earrings1
Accessory-Wind Earrings1
Accessory-Crimson Earrings1
Accessory-Blue Sky Earrings1
Accessory-Golden Earrings1
Accessory-Greenery Earrings1
Accessory-Inner Eye Necklace1
Accessory-Triggering Necklace1
Accessory-Elemental ATK Necklace1
Accessory-Bloody Tears Necklace1
Accessory-Courage Necklace1
Accessory-Strong Muscles Necklace1
Accessory-Control Necklace1
Accessory-Elemental DEF Necklace1
Accessory-Surpassing Earrings1
Accessory-Congenial Earrings1
Accessory-Threatening Earrings1
Accessory-Hermit Earrings1
Accessory-Hellfire Earrings1
Accessory-Rime Earrings1
Accessory-Cracked Earth Earrings1
Accessory-Storm Earrings1
Accessory-Daring Earrings1
Accessory-Tenacious Earrings1
Accessory-Sacred Earrings1
Accessory-Heaven’s Will Earrings1
Accessory-Overpower Necklace [UR]1
Accessory-Life Necklace [UR]1
Accessory-Endure Necklace [UR]1
Accessory-Power Necklace [UR]1
Accessory-Remover Necklace [UR]1
Accessory-Enlighting Necklace [UR]1
Accessory-DLUp Earrings [UR]1
Accessory-HateUp Earrings [UR]1
Accessory-HateDown Earrings [UR]1
Accessory-HPUp Earrings [UR]1
Accessory-ATKUp Earrings [UR]1
Accessory-DEFUp Earrings [UR]1
Accessory-MATKUp Earrings [UR]1
Accessory-MDEFUp Earrings [UR]1
Accessory-Fire ATK Earrings [UR]1
Accessory-Water ATK Earrings [UR]1
Accessory-Earth ATK Earrings [UR]1
Accessory-Wind ATK Earrings [UR]1
Accessory-Heavy ATK Necklace1
Accessory-Strong DEF Necklace1
Accessory-Tenacious Necklace1
Accessory-Robust Necklace1
Accessory-Vision Necklace1
Accessory-Light Necklace1
Accessory-Adversity Necklace1
Accessory-Sharp Necklace1
Accessory-Furious Necklace1
Accessory-Convert: F Necklace1
Accessory-Convert: W Necklace1
Accessory-Convert: E Necklace1
Accessory-Convert: A Necklace1
Accessory-Devotion Necklace1
Accessory-Fierce Necklace1
Item-Robot Whistle1
Item-Black Fox Flute1
Item-Pegasus Whistle1
Item-C Dragon Flute1
Item-Chrome Emperor Flute1
Item-Bear’s Bamboo Flute1
Item-Flying Board’s Flute1
Item-Flying Carpet’s Pungi1
Item-Flying Chair’s Harmonica1
Item-Macaron’s Flute1
Item-Kitsune Flute1
Item-Flying Broom Ocarina1
Item-DIY Box Car Horn1
Item-Coffee Cup Trumpet1
Item-Ghost Flute1
Item-Floating Magic Flute1
Item-Cat Flute1
Item-Brown Shiba Whistle1
Item-Black Shiba Whistle1
Item-Robot Miracle Drop1
Item-Black Fox Miracle Drop1
Item-Pegasus Miracle Drop1
Item-C Dragon Miracle Drop1
Item-Chrome Emperor MiracleDrop1
Item-Bear’s Miracle Drop1
Item-Board’s Miracle Drop1
Item-Carpet’s Miracle Drop1
Item-Chair’s Miracle Drop1
Item-Macaron’s Miracle Drop1
Item-Kitsune Miracle Drop1
Item-Flying Broom Miracle Drop1
Item-DIY Box Car Miracle Drop1
Item-Coffee Cup Miracle Drop1
Item-Ghost Miracle Drop1
Item-Floating Magic M. Drop1
Item-Cat Miracle Drop1
Item-BR Shiba Miracle Drop1
Item-BK Shiba Miracle Drop1
1H SwordFireRote Burg Sword1
1H SwordWaterBlaue Burg Sword1
1H SwordEarthGoldene Burg Sword1
1H SwordWindWeiße Burg Sword1
2H SwordFireRote Burg Blade1
2H SwordWaterBlaue Burg Blade1
2H SwordEarthGoldene Burg Blade1
2H SwordWindWeiße Burg Blade1
1H AxeFireRote Burg Hammer1
1H AxeWaterBlaue Burg Hammer1
1H AxeEarthGoldene Burg Hammer1
1H AxeWindWeiße Burg Hammer1
2H AxeFireRote Burg Breaker1
2H AxeWaterBlaue Burg Breaker1
2H AxeEarthGoldene Burg Breaker1
2H AxeWindWeiße Burg Breaker1
SpearFireRote Burg Lance1
SpearWaterBlaue Burg Lance1
SpearEarthGoldene Burg Lance1
SpearWindWeiße Burg Lance1
DaggerFireRote Burg Dagger1
DaggerWaterBlaue Burg Dagger1
DaggerEarthGoldene Burg Dagger1
DaggerWindWeiße Burg Dagger1
StaffFireRote Burg Staff1
StaffWaterBlaue Burg Staff1
StaffEarthGoldene Burg Staff1
StaffWindWeiße Burg Staff1
BowFireRote Burg Bow1
BowWaterBlaue Burg Bow1
BowEarthGoldene Burg Bow1
BowWindWeiße Burg Bow1
KnucklesFireRote Burg Fist1
KnucklesWaterBlaue Burg Fist1
KnucklesEarthGoldene Burg Fist1
KnucklesWindWeiße Burg Fist1
ShieldFireRote Burg Shield1
ShieldWaterBlaue Burg Shield1
ShieldEarthGoldene Burg Shield1
ShieldWindWeiße Burg Shield1
1H SwordFirePierrot Sword1
1H SwordWaterJoker Sword1
1H SwordEarthClown Sword1
1H SwordWindJester Sword1
2H SwordFirePierrot Blade1
2H SwordWaterJoker Blade1
2H SwordEarthClown Blade1
2H SwordWindJester Blade1
1H AxeFirePierrot Scythe1
1H AxeWaterJoker Scythe1
1H AxeEarthClown Scythe1
1H AxeWindJester Scythe1
2H AxeFirePierrot Hammer1
2H AxeWaterJoker Hammer1
2H AxeEarthClown Hammer1
2H AxeWindJester Hammer1
SpearFirePierrot Spear1
SpearWaterJoker Spear1
SpearEarthClown Spear1
SpearWindJester Spear1
DaggerFirePierrot Knife1
DaggerWaterJoker Knife1
DaggerEarthClown Knife1
DaggerWindJester Knife1
StaffFirePierrot Rod1
StaffWaterJoker Rod1
StaffEarthClown Rod1
StaffWindJester Rod1
BowFirePierrot Shooter1
BowWaterJoker Shooter1
BowEarthClown Shooter1
BowWindJester Shooter1
KnucklesFirePierrot Puppet1
KnucklesWaterJoker Puppet1
KnucklesEarthClown Puppet1
KnucklesWindJester Puppet1
ShieldFirePierrot Emblem1
ShieldWaterJoker Emblem1
ShieldEarthClown Emblem1
ShieldWindJester Emblem1
1H SwordFireHeat Light Sword1
1H SwordWaterFlood Light Sword1
1H SwordEarthFreeze Light Sword1
1H SwordWindStorm Light Sword1
2H SwordFireHeat Light Blade1
2H SwordWaterFlood Light Blade1
2H SwordEarthFreeze Light Blade1
2H SwordWindStorm Light Blade1
1H AxeFireHeat Light Mace1
1H AxeWaterFlood Light Mace1
1H AxeEarthFreeze Light Mace1
1H AxeWindStorm Light Mace1
2H AxeFireHeat Light Hammer1
2H AxeWaterFlood Light Hammer1
2H AxeEarthFreeze Light Hammer1
2H AxeWindStorm Light Hammer1
SpearFireHeat Light Spear1
SpearWaterFlood Light Spear1
SpearEarthFreeze Light Spear1
SpearWindStorm Light Spear1
DaggerFireHeat Light Dagger1
DaggerWaterFlood Light Dagger1
DaggerEarthFreeze Light Dagger1
DaggerWindStorm Light Dagger1
StaffFireHeat Light Staff1
StaffWaterFlood Light Staff1
StaffEarthFreeze Light Staff1
StaffWindStorm Light Staff1
BowFireHeat Light Shooter1
BowWaterFlood Light Shooter1
BowEarthFreeze Light Shooter1
BowWindStorm Light Shooter1
KnucklesFireHeat Light Knuckles1
KnucklesWaterFlood Light Knuckles1
KnucklesEarthFreeze Light Knuckles1
KnucklesWindStorm Light Knuckles1
ShieldFireHeat Light Shield1
ShieldWaterFlood Light Shield1
ShieldEarthFreeze Light Shield1
ShieldWindStorm Light Shield1
Accessory-DLUp Earrings [SR]1
Accessory-HateUp Earrings [SR]1
Accessory-HateDown Earrings [SR]1
Accessory-HPUp Earrings [SR]1
Accessory-ATKUp Earrings [SR]1
Accessory-DEFUp Earrings [SR]1
Accessory-MATKUp Earrings [SR]1
Accessory-MDEFUp Earrings [SR]1
Accessory-Fire ATK Earrings [SR]1
Accessory-Water ATK Earrings [SR]1
Accessory-Earth ATK Earrings [SR]1
Accessory-Wind ATK Earrings [SR]1
1H SwordFireAlmandine Rapier1
1H SwordWaterTurquoise Rapier1
1H SwordEarthHeliodor Rapier1
1H SwordWindJade Rapier1
2H SwordFireAlmandine Blade1
2H SwordWaterTurquoise Blade1
2H SwordEarthHeliodor Blade1
2H SwordWindJade Blade1
1H AxeFireAlmandine Hammer1
1H AxeWaterTurquoise Hammer1
1H AxeEarthHeliodor Hammer1
1H AxeWindJade Hammer1
2H AxeFireAlmandine Breaker1
2H AxeWaterTurquoise Breaker1
2H AxeEarthHeliodor Breaker1
2H AxeWindJade Breaker1
SpearFireAlmandine Spear1
SpearWaterTurquoise Spear1
SpearEarthHeliodor Spear1
SpearWindJade Spear1
DaggerFireAlmandine Edge1
DaggerWaterTurquoise Edge1
DaggerEarthHeliodor Edge1
DaggerWindJade Edge1
StaffFireAlmandine Rod1
StaffWaterTurquoise Rod1
StaffEarthHeliodor Rod1
StaffWindJade Rod1
BowFireAlmandine Bow1
BowWaterTurquoise Bow1
BowEarthHeliodor Bow1
BowWindJade Bow1
KnucklesFireAlmandine Claws1
KnucklesWaterTurquoise Claws1
KnucklesEarthHeliodor Claws1
KnucklesWindJade Claws1
ShieldFireAlmandine Shield1
ShieldWaterTurquoise Shield1
ShieldEarthHeliodor Shield1
ShieldWindJade Shield1
Accessory-DLUp Earrings [R]1
Accessory-HateUp Earrings [R]1
Accessory-HateDown Earrings [R]1
Accessory-HPUp Earrings [R]1
Accessory-ATKUp Earrings [R]1
Accessory-DEFUp Earrings [R]1
Accessory-MATKUp Earrings [R]1
Accessory-MDEFUp Earrings [R]1
Accessory-Fire ATK Earrings [R]1
Accessory-Water ATK Earrings [R]1
Accessory-Earth ATK Earrings [R]1
Accessory-Wind ATK Earrings [R]1
1H SwordFireIvy Sword of Solomon1
1H SwordWaterIvy Sword of Deena1
1H SwordEarthIvy Sword of Norma1
1H SwordWindIvy Sword of Sylphy1
2H SwordFireIvy Blade of Solomon1
2H SwordWaterIvy Blade of Deena1
2H SwordEarthIvy Blade of Norma1
2H SwordWindIvy Blade of Sylphy1
1H AxeFireIvy Hatchet of Solomon1
1H AxeWaterIvy Hatchet of Deena1
1H AxeEarthIvy Hatchet of Norma1
1H AxeWindIvy Hatchet of Sylphy1
2H AxeFireIvy Axe of Solomon1
2H AxeWaterIvy Axe of Deena1
2H AxeEarthIvy Axe of Norma1
2H AxeWindIvy Axe of Sylphy1
SpearFireIvy Spear of Solomon1
SpearWaterIvy Spear of Deena1
SpearEarthIvy Spear of Norma1
SpearWindIvy Spear of Sylphy1
DaggerFireIvy Knife of Solomon1
DaggerWaterIvy Knife of Deena1
DaggerEarthIvy Knife of Norma1
DaggerWindIvy Knife of Sylphy1
StaffFireIvy Rod of Solomon1
StaffWaterIvy Rod of Deena1
StaffEarthIvy Rod of Norma1
StaffWindIvy Rod of Sylphy1
BowFireIvy Bow of Solomon1
BowWaterIvy Bow of Deena1
BowEarthIvy Bow of Norma1
BowWindIvy Bow of Sylphy1
KnucklesFireIvy Claws of Solomon1
KnucklesWaterIvy Claws of Deena1
KnucklesEarthIvy Claws of Norma1
KnucklesWindIvy Claws of Sylphy1
ShieldFireIvy Shield of Solomon1
ShieldWaterIvy Shield of Deena1
ShieldEarthIvy Shield of Norma1
ShieldWindIvy Shield of Sylphy1
1H SwordFireHeat Steel Sword1
1H SwordWaterFrosted Steel Sword1
1H SwordEarthSolid Steel Sword1
1H SwordWindAiry Steel Sword1
2H SwordFireHeat Steel Blade1
2H SwordWaterFrosted Steel Blade1
2H SwordEarthSolid Steel Blade1
2H SwordWindAiry Steel Blade1
1H AxeFireHeat Steel Hammer1
1H AxeWaterFrosted Steel Hammer1
1H AxeEarthSolid Steel Hammer1
1H AxeWindAiry Steel Hammer1
2H AxeFireHeat Steel Axe1
2H AxeWaterFrosted Steel Axe1
2H AxeEarthSolid Steel Axe1
2H AxeWindAiry Steel Axe1
SpearFireHeat Steel Spear1
SpearWaterFrosted Steel Spear1
SpearEarthSolid Steel Spear1
SpearWindAiry Steel Spear1
DaggerFireHeat Steel Dagger1
DaggerWaterFrosted Steel Dagger1
DaggerEarthSolid Steel Dagger1
DaggerWindAiry Steel Dagger1
StaffFireHeat Steel Rod1
StaffWaterFrosted Steel Rod1
StaffEarthSolid Steel Rod1
StaffWindAiry Steel Rod1
BowFireHeat Steel Bow1
BowWaterFrost Steel Bow1
BowEarthSolid Steel Bow1
BowWindAiry Steel Bow1
KnucklesFireHeat Steel Nails1
KnucklesWaterFrosted Steel Nails1
KnucklesEarthSolid Steel Nails1
KnucklesWindAiry Steel Nails1
ShieldFireHeat Steel Shield1
ShieldWaterFrosted Steel Shield1
ShieldEarthSolid Steel Shield1
ShieldWindAiry Steel Shield1
Item-Robot Crystal5
Item-Black Fox Crystal5
Item-Pegasus Crsytal5
Item-C Dragon Crystal5
Item-Chrome Emperor Crystal5
Item-Bear Crystal5
Item-Board Crystal5
Item-Carpet Crystal5
Item-Chair Crystal5
Item-Macaron Crystal5
Item-Kitsune Crystal5
Item-Flying Broom Crystal5
Item-DIY Box Car Crystal5
Item-Coffee Cup Crystal5
Item-Ghost Crystal5
Item-Floating Magic Crystal5
Item-Cat Crystal5
Item-Brown Shiba Crystal5
Item-Black Shiba Crystal5

Lv5High Corebox
ATK Up High Core:R Lv5
MATK Up High Core:R Lv5
DEF Up High Core:B Lv5
MDEF Up High Core:B Lv5
HP Up High Core:Y Lv5
DL Up High Core:Y Lv5
Fire Attack High Core Lv5
Water Attack High Core Lv5
Earth Attack High Core Lv5
Wind Attack High Core Lv5
Fire Defense High Core Lv5
Water Defense High Core Lv5
Earth Defense High Core Lv5
Wind Defense High Core Lv5

Where can I buy these items?
Items are sold at "Shop"!
How to Access the Shop: Tap the Shop button at the top of the game screen,
or Tap "≡" on the left-side of the game screen > select "Shop" > tap "Shop" on the bottom-right.

*Items purchased from the Shop will be sent directly to the Item page. They will not appear in the Present Box.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.