[6/29 18:00 Update] Maintenance Notice [End]


[6/29 18:00 (JST)Update]
This is Alchemia Story Team.
The maintenance we have started at 14:00, was completed at 18:00 (JST)

Changes in system
・Changed the following item names
LargeTankardLarge Pint
SummerKonominRapierSummer Konomi Rapier
SummerGeruminRapierSummer Gerumi Rapier
SummerZoruminRapierSummer Zorumi Rapier
SummerMelominRapierSummer Melomi Rapier
LargeIronSwordIron Blade
LargeHeatSteelBladeHeat Steel Blade
LargeFrostedSteelBladeFrosted Steel Blade
LargeSolidSteelBladeSolid Steel Blade
SummerKonominBladeSummer Konomi Blade
SummerGeruminBladeSummer Gerumi Blade
SummerZoruminBladeSummer Zorumi Blade
SummerMelominBladeSummer Melomi Blade
IronAxIron Axe
SummerKonominHammerSummer Konomi Hammer
SummerGeruminHammerSummer Gerumi Hammer
SummerZoruminHammerSummer Zorumi Hammer
SummerMelominHammerSummer Melomi Hammer
HeatSteelAxHeat Steel Axe
FrostedSteelAxFrosted Steel Axe
SolidSteelAxSolid Steel Axe
SummerKonominBreakerSummer Konomi Breaker
SummerGeruminBreakerSummer Gerumi Breaker
SummerZoruminBreakerSummer Zorumi Breaker
SummerMelominBreakerSummer Melomi Breaker
SummerKonominForkSummer Konomi Fork
SummerGeruminForkSummer Gerumi Fork
SummerZoruminForkSummer Zorumi Fork
SummerMelominForkSummer Melomi Fork
SummerKonominDaggerSummer Konomi Dagger
SummerGeruminDaggerSummer Gerumi Dagger
SummerZoruminDaggerSummer Zorumi Dagger
SummerMelominDaggerSummer Melomi Dagger
SummerKonominRodSummer Konomi Rod
SummerGeruminRodSummer Gerumi Rod
SummerZoruminRodSummer Zorumi Rod
SummerMelominRodSummer Melomi Rod
SummerKonominBowSummer Konomi Bow
SummerGeruminBowSummer Gerumi Bow
SummerZoruminBowSummer Zorumi Bow
SummerMelominBowSummer Melomi Bow
SummerKonominKnuckleSummer Konomi Knuckles
SummerGeruminKnuckleSummer Gerumi Knuckles
SummerZoruminKnuckleSummer Zorumi Knuckles
SummerMelominKnuckleSummer Melomi Knuckles
SummerKonominGuardSummer Konomi Guard
SummerGeruminGuardSummer Gerumi Guard
SummerZoruminGuardSummer Zorumi Guard
SummerMelominGuardSummer Melomi Guard

This is Alchemia Story Team.

We will perform a maintenace with the details below.

Scheduled date (JST)
2022/6/29 (Wed) 14:00 - 18:00

Maintenance Details
・Shop Updates
[End of Sales]
 ┗ Destroyer of the Abyss Gacha
 ┗ SP Limit Break Pack

・Added "New World" quest series

・Event Update
 ┗ Double chance campaign for selected Area Boss drops
  Double drop roll chance for "Duroc" and "Ocypete"

Fixed issues
・Some small adjustments and corrections

We apologize for the incovenience caused, and appreciate for your cooperation.

*Please note that items and EXP gained right before the maintenance starts may disappear.
*Please make sure to log out before the maintenance starts.