"Divine Packs" Now Available!
Notice from Alchemia Story team.
Limited to 1 per person! 2 luxurious "Divine Packs" are now available!
Divine P: W includes a Gacha Tix which you can use to get a LR weapon.
Divine P: A includes "Ability Armor Set Box" that guarantees you an UR armor set that has already reached its max limit break.
Don't miss this chance!

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2023/5/25 (Thu) 15:00
End: 2023/6/1 (Thu) 14:59

Here are the products!
Divine P: W
パックDivine P: W
Gems (Paid):9800
Available 1 per person
L Fest G 2021 Tix1
Couple Drive Fes Tix1
[High] Rune Potion1
Master Slot Drill:R1
Master Slot Drill:B1
Master Slot Drill:Y1
Master Slot Drill:G1
Lv4 High Core Box3
Vulcanus Smelted Stone30

Divine P: A
パックDivine P: A
Gems (Paid):9800
Available 1 per person
Ability Armor Set Box1
Couple Drive Fes Tix1
[High] Rune Potion1
Master Slot Drill:R1
Master Slot Drill:B1
Master Slot Drill:Y1
Master Slot Drill:G1
Lv4 High Core Box3
Vulcanus Smelted Stone30

Ability Armor Set Box
SetFireExorcism Cap R(Head)
Exorcism Robe R(Top)
Exorcism Boots R(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterExorcism Cap B(Head)
Exorcism Robe B(Top)
Exorcism Boots B(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthExorcism Cap W(Head)
Exorcism Robe W(Top)
Exorcism Boots W(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindExorcism Cap G(Head)
Exorcism Robe G(Top)
Exorcism Boots G(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireMarshal Command Beret(Head)
Marshal Command Top(Top)
Marshal Command Boots(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterNavy Command Beret(Head)
Navy Command Top(Top)
Navy Command Boots(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthArmy Command Beret(Head)
Army Command Top(Top)
Army Command Boots(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindAir Force Command Beret(Head)
Air Force Command Top(Top)
Air Force Command Boots(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireCute Party Hat(Head)
Cute Party Coat(Top)
Cute Party Bottoms(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterCool Party Hat(Head)
Cool Party Coat(Top)
Cool Party Bottoms(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthPassionate Party Hat(Head)
Passionate Party Coat(Top)
Passionate Party Bottoms(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindWild Party Hat(Head)
Wild Party Coat(Top)
Wild Party Bottoms(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireHoly Knight Symbol RD(Head)
Holy Knight Armor RD(Top)
Holy Knight Boots RD(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterHoly Knight Symbol BL(Head)
Holy Knight Armor BL(Top)
Holy Knight Boots BL(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthHoly Knight Symbol BK(Head)
Holy Knight Armor BK(Top)
Holy Knight Boots BK(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindHoly Knight Symbol WH(Head)
Holy Knight Armor WH(Top)
Holy Knight Boots WH(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireNussy Hood [Red](Head)
Nussy Hoodie [Red](Top)
Nussy Jeans [Red](Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterNussy Hood [Blue](Head)
Nussy Hoodie [Blue](Top)
Nussy Jeans [Blue](Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthNussy Hood [Black](Head)
Nussy Hoodie [Black(Top)
Nussy Jeans [black](Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindNussy Hood [White](Head)
Nussy Hoodie [White](Top)
Nussy Jeans [White](Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireSweet Breeze Hat R(Head)
Sweet Breeze Top R(Top)
Sweet Breeze Bottoms R(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterSweet Breeze Hat N(Head)
Sweet Breeze Top N(Top)
Sweet Breeze Bottoms N(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthSweet Breeze Hat B(Head)
Sweet Breeze Top B(Top)
Sweet Breeze Bottoms B(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindSweet Breeze Hat M(Head)
Sweet Breeze Top M(Top)
Sweet Breeze Bottoms M(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireCybernetic Gear M(Head)
Cybernetic Skort M(Top)
Cybernetic Boots M(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterCybernetic Gear G(Head)
Cybernetic Skort G(Top)
Cybernetic Boots G(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthCybernetic Gear U(Head)
Cybernetic Skort U(Top)
Cybernetic Boots U(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindCybernetic Gear R(Head)
Cybernetic Skort R(Top)
Cybernetic Boots R(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireWizard Feathers R(Head)
Wizard Top R(Top)
Wizard Bottoms R(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterWizard Feathers S(Head)
Wizard Top S(Top)
Wizard Bottoms S(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthWizard Feathers O(Head)
Wizard Top O(Top)
Wizard Bottoms O(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindWizard Feathers P(Head)
Wizard Top P(Top)
Wizard Bottoms P(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireBeast Shadow Claws R(Head)
Forbidden B Top R(Top)
Forbidden B Bottoms R(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterBeast Shadow Claws B(Head)
Forbidden B Top B(Top)
Forbidden B Bottoms B(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthBeast Shadow Claws G(Head)
Forbidden B Top G(Top)
Forbidden B Bottoms G(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindBeast Shadow Claws T(Head)
Forbidden B Top T(Top)
Forbidden B Bottoms T(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireRed Sea Slug Hood(Head)
Red Sea Slug Top(Top)
Red Sea Slug Pants(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterBlue Sea Slug Hood(Head)
Blue Sea Slug Top(Top)
Blue Sea Slug Pants(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthWhite Sea Slug Hood(Head)
White Sea Slug Top(Top)
White Sea Slug Pants(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindPurple Sea Slug Hood(Head)
Purple Sea Slug Top(Top)
Purple Sea Slug Pants(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireGalaxy Witch Hat N(Head)
Galaxy Witch Top N(Top)
Galaxy Witch Bottoms N(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterGalaxy Witch Hat R(Head)
Galaxy Witch Top R(Top)
Galaxy Witch Bottoms R(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthGalaxy Witch Hat W(Head)
Galaxy Witch Top W(Top)
Galaxy Witch Bottoms W(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindGalaxy Witch Hat B(Head)
Galaxy Witch Top B(Top)
Galaxy Witch Bottoms B(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireElectric Frame Sonar A(Head)
Electric Frame Top A(Top)
Electric F. Bottoms A(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterElectric Frame Sonar B(Head)
Electric Frame Top B(Top)
Electric F. Bottoms B(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthElectric Frame Sonar ∑(Head)
Electric Frame Top ∑(Top)
Electric F. Bottoms ∑(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindElectric Frame Sonar Ω(Head)
Electric Frame Top Ω(Top)
Electric F. Bottoms Ω(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireStar Wanderer Hat C(Head)
Star Wanderer Cloak C(Top)
Star Wanderer Boots C(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterStar Wanderer Hat W(Head)
Star Wanderer Cloak W(Top)
Star Wanderer Boots W(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthStar Wanderer Hat N(Head)
Star Wanderer Cloak N(Top)
Star Wanderer Boots N(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindStar Wanderer Hat G(Head)
Star Wanderer Cloak G(Top)
Star Wanderer Boots G(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireRoyal Knight Shoulder R(Head)
Royal Knight Armor R(Top)
Royal Knight Greaves R(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterRoyal Knight Shoulder B(Head)
Royal Knight Armor B(Top)
Royal Knight Greaves B(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthRoyal Knight Shoulder W(Head)
Royal Knight Armor W(Top)
Royal Knight Greaves W(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindRoyal Knight Shoulder G(Head)
Royal Knight Armor G(Top)
Royal Knight Greaves G(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireMagical Girl Ribbon L(Head)
Magical Girl Dress L(Top)
Magical Girl Skirt L(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterMagical Girl Ribbon C(Head)
Magical Girl Dress C(Top)
Magical Girl Skirt C(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthMagical Girl Ribbon H(Head)
Magical Girl Dress H(Top)
Magical Girl Skirt H(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindMagical Girl Ribbon F(Head)
Magical Girl Dress F(Top)
Magical Girl Skirt F(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireMamono-chan Ears L(Head)
Mamono-chan Top L(Top)
Mamono-chan Pants L(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterMamono-chan Ears C(Head)
Mamono-chan Top C(Top)
Mamono-chan Pants C(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthMamono-chan Ears I(Head)
Mamono-chan Top I(Top)
Mamono-chan Pants I(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindMamono-chan Ears P(Head)
Mamono-chan Top P(Top)
Mamono-chan Pants P(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetFireCelebration Hat RD(Head)
Celebration Top RD(Top)
Celebration Bottoms RD(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWaterCelebration Hat BL(Head)
Celebration Top BL(Top)
Celebration Bottoms BL(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetEarthCelebration Hat BK(Head)
Celebration Top BK(Top)
Celebration Bottoms BK(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】
SetWindCelebration Hat GN(Head)
Celebration Top GN(Top)
Celebration Bottoms GN(Bottoms)
【max limitbreak!Lv1】

Lv4High Corebox
ATK Up High Core:R Lv4
MATK Up High Core:R Lv4
DEF Up High Core:B Lv4
MDEF Up High Core:B Lv4
HP Up High Core:Y Lv4
DL Up High Core:Y Lv4
Fire Attack High Core Lv4
Water Attack High Core Lv4
Earth Attack High Core Lv4
Wind Attack High Core Lv4
Fire Defense High Core Lv4
Water Defense High Core Lv4
Earth Defense High Core Lv4
Wind Defense High Core Lv4

Where can I buy these items?
Items are sold at "Shop"!
How to Access the Shop: Tap the Shop button at the top of the game screen,
or Tap "≡" on the left-side of the game screen > select "Shop" > tap "Shop" on the bottom-right.

*Items purchased from the Shop will be sent directly to the Item page. They will not appear in the Present Box.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.
*Limited time only items may be sold again after the sales period ends.
*Once an item is sold out, sales for this store update will end.
Items may be sold again as limited time only items, limited quantity items, or items without time or quantity limitations.