New Event "Gerumi Party! ~Part 2~" Starts!


Finally it's time for the main event!
Fight against poweful enemies in the Colosseum!

Your opponent is the Gerumi clan chief, who was helping with opening the new Gerumi area!

Let's fight and win prizes!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2021/11/24 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2021/12/8 (Wed) 13:59

How to Participate
① Let's join the Event from NAVI!
Accept the event "Gerumi Party!" from Navi and select "Move" to start the event!


1.Open "Navi" from the Menu on the left.
2. Accept "Gerumi Party!" from the Event tab.
3. Select "Move" to start the event story and move to the event map "Part 2: Reception".
*Please note that you have to clear "Main quest Ch.14 The two maids" to join this event.

②Defeat Area Boss "Anniversami" and collect items!
You need "Anniversami Tix" to fight the Area Boss!
Trade "Mysterious Stone" Birijia's Exchange!

*You will have a chance to get "Staff Armband" by defeating certain Mamonos on the event map.
Part 1: Beg-Furyomi
Part 1: Int-Fukami
Part 1: Adv-Colormi
Part 1: Adv+Lv60 or higherRaggedy Gerumi
Raggedy Konomi
Raggedy Zorumi
Part 1: HellLv70 or higherMochimi
White Chocomi

*There is no reward for defeating Area Boss "Sea Conqueror" in Hell level.

③Get items from the event Mamonos and "Anniversami" and trade them for various prizes!
Trade items(Birijia)
ItemPrizesNumber of times to trade
Shiny Gerumi Badge×1General Rune [1H Sword]×1【NEW!】Tradeable once a day
Shiny Gerumi Badge×1General Rune [2H Sword]×1【NEW!】Tradeable once a day
Shiny Gerumi Badge×1General Rune [Dagger]×1【NEW!】Tradeable once a day
Shiny Gerumi Badge×1General Rune [1H Axe]×1【NEW!】Tradeable once a day
Shiny Gerumi Badge×1General Rune [2H Axe]×1【NEW!】Tradeable once a day
Shiny Gerumi Badge×1General Rune [2H Spear]×1【NEW!】Tradeable once a day
Shiny Gerumi Badge×1General Rune [Staff]×1【NEW!】Tradeable once a day
Shiny Gerumi Badge×1General Rune [Bow]×1【NEW!】Tradeable once a day
Shiny Gerumi Badge×1General Rune [Knuckles]×1【NEW!】Tradeable once a day
Shiny Gerumi Badge×1General Rune [Shield]×1【NEW!】Tradeable once a day
Celebration Badge×1000Master Drill Box×1【NEW!】1
Celebration Badge×200Tincture×1【NEW!】1
Celebration Badge×1000Tincture×1【NEW!】3
Celebration Badge×1500Ether Liquid×1【NEW!】3
Celebration Badge×900Lv5Corebox×1【NEW!】5
Celebration Badge×700Gems×100【NEW!】1
Staff Armband×10Anniversami Tix×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×200Gyorumi Head×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×100
Shiny Gerumi Badge×2
Blue Gyorumi Head×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×300Soft Gerumi Cape×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×150
Shiny Gerumi Badge×2
Soft Konomi Cape×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×300Soft Zorumi Cape×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×150
Shiny Gerumi Badge×2
Soft Gomami Cape×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×300Gyorumi Costume×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×150
Shiny Gerumi Badge×4
Blue Gyorumi Costume×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×100Gerumi Hairband×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×100Konomi Hairband×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×100Zorumi Hairband×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×100Gomami Hairband×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×200Maid Puppet×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×300
Shiny Gerumi Badge×4
Friend Puppet×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×10Curved Bench: Stone×2【NEW!】10
Celebration Badge×10Konomi Plushie×2【NEW!】10
Celebration Badge×10Wall Deco: 4th Anniv.×2【NEW!】10
Celebration Badge×15Neon: Gerumi×2【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×15Neon: Maou-chan?×2【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×15Xmas Tree Deco: Maou-chan×2【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×15Xmas Tree Deco: Gerumi×2【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×20Gerumi Doll (Big)×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×20Gerumi Statue×1【NEW!】Infinite
Celebration Badge×20Topiary: Gerumi×1【NEW!】Infinite
Staff Armband×10Rocket Fireworks×1【NEW!】Infinite
Staff Armband×10Mice Fireworks×1【NEW!】Infinite
Staff Armband×10Jet Fireworks×1【NEW!】Infinite
Staff Armband×10Fireworks×1【NEW!】Infinite
Staff Armband×10Heart Fireworks×1【NEW!】Infinite
Staff Armband×30WaterofLife×2Tradeable once a day
Staff Armband×30SiLverWater×2Tradeable once a day
Staff Armband×30GoldWater×2Tradeable once a day
Staff Armband×30MoonWater×2Tradeable once a day
Staff Armband×30StarWater×2Tradeable once a day
Staff Armband×50Vulcanus Smelted Stone×1Tradeable once a day
Staff Armband×20Lv3Corebox×1Tradeable once a day
Staff Armband×300
Shiny Gerumi Badge×5
Sexy Knit Top W×1Infinite
Staff Armband×150
Shiny Gerumi Badge×10
Sexy Knit Top B×1Infinite
Shiny Gerumi Badge×10Sexy Knit Top K×1Infinite
Staff Armband×300Sexy Knit Top N×1Infinite
Staff Armband×500Sexy Knit Top R×1Infinite
Staff Armband×300
Shiny Gerumi Badge×5
Sexy Knit Top O×1Infinite
Staff Armband×150
Shiny Gerumi Badge×10
Sexy Knit Top M×1Infinite
Staff Armband×300
Shiny Gerumi Badge×5
Exciting Shoes B×1Infinite
Staff Armband×150
Shiny Gerumi Badge×10
Exciting Shoes R×1Infinite
Shiny Gerumi Badge×10Exciting Shoes M×1Infinite
Staff Armband×200Fluffy Meat Bun×1Infinite
Staff Armband×100Popcorn [Gerumi]×1Infinite
Staff Armband×200Ice Cream [Konomi]×1Infinite
Staff Armband×100Gerumi Donut×1Infinite
Staff Armband×15Ribbon Block×5Infinite
Staff Armband×15Clover Block×5Infinite
Staff Armband×15Flower Block×5Infinite
Staff Armband×350Drill Box×15
Staff Armband×500
Shiny Gerumi Badge×5
Staff Armband×250Tincture×11
Staff Armband×350
Shiny Gerumi Badge×10
Staff Armband×250AreaBossTicket×35
Staff Armband×100Pleasure Box A×1Infinite
Staff Armband×100Weapon Box A×11
Shiny Gerumi Badge×10Weapon Box A×11
Staff Armband×250
Shiny Gerumi Badge×10
Weapon Box A×11
Staff Armband×5Orbofnone(S)×2050
Staff Armband×10Orbofnone(M)×2050
Staff Armband×20Orbofnone(L)×1015
Staff Armband×150Rainbow Orb×310
Staff Armband×250UR Armor Lotto Tix×11
Staff Armband×750[Low] Rune Potion×11
Staff Armband×100Housing Medal×2001
Shiny Gerumi Badge×6Housing Medal×2001
Staff Armband×250
Shiny Gerumi Badge×10
Housing Medal×2001
Staff Armband×700
Shiny Gerumi Badge×30
Staff Armband×15020000 zell×11
Staff Armband×30020000 zell×11
Staff Armband×45020000 zell×11
Staff Armband×60020000 zell×11
Staff Armband×75020000 zell×11
Staff Armband×15Check Block: Orange×1010
Staff Armband×15Check Block: Blue×1010

New Rich Orc's Exchange Items
*Go to New Rich Orc to get "Box Lotto", which includes random items.
*You need "5 Festival Confetti" for 1 Play of the Box Lotto.
*Complete the event quest part 2 to play the Box Lotto.
*If you draw the Box Lotto, but you don't have any space in your bag, the item will be stored in your storage.
Box Lotto
Thin Wa Crystal Dagger×11
Core Box×110
Water Orb(S)×330
Water Orb(M)×320
Water Orb(L)×110
Rainbow Orb×12
Water Enhanced Sword-R3×150
Water Enhanced Sword-R4×120
Water Enhance Sword-R5×110
Alchemy Box×1100
Furniture Box×135
Magic Coin [Bronze]×250

[Event Panel Mission is here!]
You can get rewards by clearing missions related to the event quest.
During the event, tap the icon on the left of your screen to display the missions.

Event limited item




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