LR Challenge Tix
You will need 1 of "LR Challenge Tix" for this gacha.

Check out the featured LR weapons!


Zeno Typhon(※Excluding Shield)

Slot information(Weapon・Shield)
・Each equipment come with 4 Slots (Red x1/Blue x1/ Yellow x1/ Green x1)

【Common Abilities】
・You will have more attack power based on your current HP compared to the Max HP.

・Damage Limit 0: +10,000 > 1: +5000 > 2: +5000 > 3: +5000 > 4: +5000 (4 times total +30,000)
※With main equipment/sub equipment
※+60,000 (at 4th limit break) with 2H Sword/ 2H Axe/ 2H Spear/ Staff/ Knuckles/ Bow when set as main equipment

Check out the featured LR weapons!


Holy Eques(※Excluding Shield)

Slot information(Weapon・Shield)
・ All items include 4 Slots (Red / Blue / Yellow / Green) at random
・2 initial Slots have been released

【Common Abilities】
・Damage Upper Lim+4500
※With main equipment/sub equipment
※+9000 with 2H Sword/ 2H Axe/ 2H Spear/ Staff/ Knuckles/ Bow


Monster Clown(※Excluding Shield)

Slot information
・You can get 1 Green Slot (already opened)
・Slots 2 and 3 are random (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)

【Common Abilities】
・Increased element value each time you max out the weapons! (Limit break 1: +25 > LB 2: +50, LB 3: +75 > LB 4: +100)
※Max 300 (Initial value 200 +100)
※Only for main equipment (Sub equipment gets 1/2 . Decimals are rounded up)

・Damage Limit +4500, and +5000 during 4th Limit Break
※With main equipment/sub equipment
※+9000 with 2H Sword/ 2H Axe/ 2H Spear/ Staff/ Knuckles/ Bow as main equipment, damage limit +10,000 (+1000) during 4th Limit break


Slashing Darkness(※Excluding Shield)

Slot information
・All items include 3 Slots (Red / Blue / Yellow / Green) at random

【Common Abilities】
・Critical damage increases each time you Limit Break
※Main gear only
※ 1H Sword, 1H Axe, Dagger, Shield: Max 15%
※ 2H Sword, 2H Axe, 2H Spear, Staff, Fists, Bow: Max 30%

・Damage limit +3750
※With main equipment/sub equipment
※ 2H Sword, 2H Axe, 2H Spear, Staff, Fists, Bow +7500

LR ★★★★★:15%
UR ★★★★:85%

LR 1H Sword Tix

1H SwordFireZeno Typhon Sword R
1H SwordWaterZeno Typhon Sword C
1H SwordEarthZeno Typhon Sword H
1H SwordWindZeno Typhon Sword D
1H SwordFireRote Burg Sword
1H SwordWaterBlaue Burg Sword
1H SwordEarthGoldene Burg Sword
1H SwordWindWeiße Burg Sword
1H SwordFirePierrot Sword
1H SwordWaterJoker Sword
1H SwordEarthClown Sword
1H SwordWindJester Sword
1H SwordFireHeat Light Sword
1H SwordWaterFlood Light Sword
1H SwordEarthFreeze Light Sword
1H SwordWindStorm Light Sword
1H SwordFireKiku-ichimonji Fire Sword
1H SwordWaterKiku-ichimonji Water Sword
1H SwordEarthKiku-ichimonji Earth Sword
1H SwordWindKiku-ichimonji Wind Sword
1H SwordFireFable Bobbin Rapier
1H SwordWaterMiracle Bobbin Rapier
1H SwordEarthMagical Bobbin Rapier
1H SwordWindApostle Bobbin Rapier
1H SwordFireBlack Cherry Sword
1H SwordWaterWhite Cherry Sword
1H SwordEarthCherry Blossoms Sword
1H SwordWindRed Cherry Sword

LR 2H Sword Tix

2H SwordFireZeno Typhon Blade R
2H SwordWaterZeno Typhon Blade C
2H SwordEarthZeno Typhon Blade H
2H SwordWindZeno Typhon Blade D
2H SwordFireRote Burg Blade
2H SwordWaterBlaue Burg Blade
2H SwordEarthGoldene Burg Blade
2H SwordWindWeiße Burg Blade
2H SwordFirePierrot Blade
2H SwordWaterJoker Blade
2H SwordEarthClown Blade
2H SwordWindJester Blade
2H SwordFireHeat Light Blade
2H SwordWaterFlood Light Blade
2H SwordEarthFreeze Light Blade
2H SwordWindStorm Light Blade
2H SwordFireIzuminokami Fire Sword
2H SwordWaterIzuminokami Water Sword
2H SwordEarthIzuminokami Earth Sword
2H SwordWindIzuminokami Wind Sword
2H SwordFireFable Bobbin Scissors
2H SwordWaterMiracle Bobbin Scissors
2H SwordEarthMagical Bobbin Scissors
2H SwordWindApostle Bobbin Scissors
2H SwordFireBlack Cherry Blade
2H SwordWaterWhite Cherry Blade
2H SwordEarthCherry Blossoms Blade
2H SwordWindRed Cherry Blade

LR 1H Axe Tix

1H AxeFireZeno Typhon Hawk R
1H AxeWaterZeno Typhon Hawk C
1H AxeEarthZeno Typhon Hawk H
1H AxeWindZeno Typhon Hawk D
1H AxeFireRote Burg Hammer
1H AxeWaterBlaue Burg Hammer
1H AxeEarthGoldene Burg Hammer
1H AxeWindWeiße Burg Hammer
1H AxeFirePierrot Scythe
1H AxeWaterJoker Scythe
1H AxeEarthClown Scythe
1H AxeWindJester Scythe
1H AxeFireHeat Light Mace
1H AxeWaterFlood Light Mace
1H AxeEarthFreeze Light Mace
1H AxeWindStorm Light Mace
1H AxeFireKijinmaru Fire Sword
1H AxeWaterKijinmaru Water Sword
1H AxeEarthKijinmaru Earth Sword
1H AxeWindKijinmaru Wind Sword
1H AxeFireFable Bobbin Hook
1H AxeWaterMiracle Bobbin Hook
1H AxeEarthMagical Bobbin Hook
1H AxeWindApostle Bobbin Hook
1H AxeFireBlack Cherry Axe
1H AxeWaterWhite Cherry Axe
1H AxeEarthCherry Blossoms Axe
1H AxeWindRed Cherry Axe

LR 2H Axe Tix

2H AxeFireZeno Typhon Axe R
2H AxeWaterZeno Typhon Axe C
2H AxeEarthZeno Typhon Axe H
2H AxeWindZeno Typhon Axe D
2H AxeFireRote Burg Breaker
2H AxeWaterBlaue Burg Breaker
2H AxeEarthGoldene Burg Breaker
2H AxeWindWeiße Burg Breaker
2H AxeFirePierrot Hammer
2H AxeWaterJoker Hammer
2H AxeEarthClown Hammer
2H AxeWindJester Hammer
2H AxeFireHeat Light Hammer
2H AxeWaterFlood Light Hammer
2H AxeEarthFreeze Light Hammer
2H AxeWindStorm Light Hammer
2H AxeFireBanshuu Fire Sword
2H AxeWaterBanshuu Water Sword
2H AxeEarthBanshuu Earth Sword
2H AxeWindBanshuu Wind Sword
2H AxeFireFable Bobbin Axe
2H AxeWaterMiracle Bobbin Axe
2H AxeEarthMagical Bobbin Axe
2H AxeWindApostle Bobbin Axe
2H AxeFireLarge Black Cherry Axe
2H AxeWaterLarge White Cherry Axe
2H AxeEarthLarge Cherry Blossoms Axe
2H AxeWindLarge Red Cherry Axe

LR Spear Tix

SpearFireZeno Typhon Spear R
SpearWaterZeno Typhon Spear C
SpearEarthZeno Typhon Spear H
SpearWindZeno Typhon Spear D
SpearFireRote Burg Lance
SpearWaterBlaue Burg Lance
SpearEarthGoldene Burg Lance
SpearWindWeiße Burg Lance
SpearFirePierrot Spear
SpearWaterJoker Spear
SpearEarthClown Spear
SpearWindJester Spear
SpearFireHeat Light Spear
SpearWaterFlood Light Spear
SpearEarthFreeze Light Spear
SpearWindStorm Light Spear
SpearFireHozoin Fire Spear
SpearWaterHozoin Water Spear
SpearEarthHozoin Earth Spear
SpearWindHozoin Wind Spear
SpearFireFable Bobbin Spear
SpearWaterMiracle Bobbin Spear
SpearEarthMagical Bobbin Spear
SpearWindApostle Bobbin Spear
SpearFireBlack Cherry Spear
SpearWaterWhite Cherry Spear
SpearEarthCherry Blossoms Spear
SpearWindRed Cherry Spear

LR Dagger Tix

DaggerFireZeno Typhon Dagger R
DaggerWaterZeno Typhon Dagger C
DaggerEarthZeno Typhon Dagger H
DaggerWindZeno Typhon Dagger D
DaggerFireRote Burg Dagger
DaggerWaterBlaue Burg Dagger
DaggerEarthGoldene Burg Dagger
DaggerWindWeiße Burg Dagger
DaggerFirePierrot Knife
DaggerWaterJoker Knife
DaggerEarthClown Knife
DaggerWindJester Knife
DaggerFireHeat Light Dagger
DaggerWaterFlood Light Dagger
DaggerEarthFreeze Light Dagger
DaggerWindStorm Light Dagger
DaggerFireNagasone Fire Dagger
DaggerWaterNagasone Water Dagger
DaggerEarthNagasone Earth Dagger
DaggerWindNagasone Wind Dagger
DaggerFireFable Bobbin Needle
DaggerWaterMiracle Bobbin Needle
DaggerEarthMagical Bobbin Needle
DaggerWindApostle Bobbin Needle
DaggerFireBlack Cherry Dagger
DaggerWaterWhite Cherry Dagger
DaggerEarthCherry Blossoms Dagger
DaggerWindRed Cherry Dagger

LR Staff Tix

StaffFireZeno Typhon Rod R
StaffWaterZeno Typhon Rod C
StaffEarthZeno Typhon Rod H
StaffWindZeno Typhon Rod D
StaffFireRote Burg Staff
StaffWaterBlaue Burg Staff
StaffEarthGoldene Burg Staff
StaffWindWeiße Burg Staff
StaffFirePierrot Rod
StaffWaterJoker Rod
StaffEarthClown Rod
StaffWindJester Rod
StaffFireHeat Light Staff
StaffWaterFlood Light Staff
StaffEarthFreeze Light Staff
StaffWindStorm Light Staff
StaffFireTsujikura Fire Umbrella
StaffWaterTsujikura Water Umbrella
StaffEarthTsujikura Earth Umbrella
StaffWindTsujikura Wind Umbrella
StaffFireFable Bobbin Rod
StaffWaterMiracle Bobbin Rod
StaffEarthMagical Bobbin Rod
StaffWindApostle Bobbin Rod
StaffFireBlack Cherry Staff
StaffWaterWhite Cherry Staff
StaffEarthCherry Blossoms Staff
StaffWindRed Cherry Staff

LR Knuckles Tix

KnucklesFireZeno Typhon Claws R
KnucklesWaterZeno Typhon Claws C
KnucklesEarthZeno Typhon Claws H
KnucklesWindZeno Typhon Claws D
KnucklesFireRote Burg Fist
KnucklesWaterBlaue Burg Fist
KnucklesEarthGoldene Burg Fist
KnucklesWindWeiße Burg Fist
KnucklesFirePierrot Puppet
KnucklesWaterJoker Puppet
KnucklesEarthClown Puppet
KnucklesWindJester Puppet
KnucklesFireHeat Light Knuckles
KnucklesWaterFlood Light Knuckles
KnucklesEarthFreeze Light Knuckles
KnucklesWindStorm Light Knuckles
KnucklesFireJinchuu Fire Gauntlets
KnucklesWaterJinchuu Water Gauntlets
KnucklesEarthJinchuu Earth Gauntlets
KnucklesWindJinchuu Wind Gauntlets
KnucklesFireFable Bobbin Puppet
KnucklesWaterMiracle Bobbin Puppet
KnucklesEarthMagical Bobbin Puppet
KnucklesWindApostle Bobbin Puppet
KnucklesFireBlack Cherry Guard
KnucklesWaterWhite Cherry Guard
KnucklesEarthCherry Blossoms Guard
KnucklesWindRed Cherry Guard

LR Bow Tix

BowFireZeno Typhon Bow R
BowWaterZeno Typhon Bow C
BowEarthZeno Typhon Bow H
BowWindZeno Typhon Bow D
BowFireRote Burg Bow
BowWaterBlaue Burg Bow
BowEarthGoldene Burg Bow
BowWindWeiße Burg Bow
BowFirePierrot Shooter
BowWaterJoker Shooter
BowEarthClown Shooter
BowWindJester Shooter
BowFireHeat Light Shooter
BowWaterFlood Light Shooter
BowEarthFreeze Light Shooter
BowWindStorm Light Shooter
BowFireRaijodo Fire Bow
BowWaterRaijodo Water Bow
BowEarthRaijodo Earth Bow
BowWindRaijodo Wind Bow
BowFireFable Bobbin Bow
BowWaterMiracle Bobbin Bow
BowEarthMagical Bobbin Bow
BowWindApostle Bobbin Bow
BowFireBlack Cherry Bow
BowWaterWhite Cherry Bow
BowEarthCherry Blossoms Bow
BowWindRed Cherry Bow

*Items won from the Gacha can be received from the Present Box.
*There may be overlaps of same items won as well.
*Rare item is LR ★★★★★.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*There may be changes in even session without notice.
*There may be time for resell of limite-time-items, after the session.
*The picture appearing may differ according to the combination of equipment and system.
*The animations of avatars with special animations may not work on the preview screen.