July Screenshot Contest Starts!


We're having another "Screenshot Contest"!!

The topic this time is "Underwater Fashion Show
Use the "Underwater Adventure!" event map to create various situations

Alchemia Story team will select the best pictures and present wonderful prizes!
We are looking forward to your entries!

Application period
Start: 2021/7/14 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2021/7/28 (Wed) 13:59
※To be announced in mid-August.

How to apply
You can apply via Twitter. Please make sure to apply with an account that meets the following requirements.
・Your tweet is NOT set to private
・You are following Alchemia Story official Twitter (@alchemiastory)

Please make sure you have the following in your tweet before posting.
【1】Attach 1 screenshot (Required)
・Please post a screenshot you took on the "Underwater Adventure!" event map.
・We will not accept tweets with multiple screenshots.
・We will not accept tweets with multiple pictures.
・Please make sure to take the screenshot with the Camera button in the app (Bottom right of the screen).
・Please do not edit the picture.
・We will not accept screenshots that cannot be taken during normal game play.
【2】Add Hashtag『#アルストショット (Required)
【3】Comment (Optional)
・Please note thar we may publish the comment during result announcement.
※We will not accept comments including inappropriate language and comments about other companies.

・Grand Prize 1 person: Best screenshot selected by Alchemia Story Team
Gems: 6000

・Winning Prize 3 people: Winning screenshots selected by Alchemia Story Team
Gems: 3000

※We will only accept users that follow Alchemia Story official Twitter account.
※Please attach only one screenshot per one Tweet.
※If similar/same pics are submitted, the user who posted first will be eligible for the contest.
※We will send the details about the prizes to winners by DM from Alchemia Story official Twitter (@alchemiastory).
※Users who don‘t follow Alchemia Story official Twitter (@alchemiastory) during the result announcement will not be eligible for the prize.
※Please post a screenshot taken by yourself.
※Please make sure to take the screenshot using the Camera button in the Alchemia Story app.
※You are able to apply with as many screenshots as you want from 1 Twitter account (separate tweets).
※If the same screenshot is posted via multiple different accounts, we will only accept the first picture and the tweets posted later will not be accepted. (We will check the times of the tweets)
※Please note that it is not possible to withdraw from the contest after posting your tweet.
※Please note that we may need to edit the screenshots, such as adjusting the size, when posting on our official website.
※We are unable to respond to messages sent via Twitter DM, so please use the in-app contact form if you have any questions.
※Asobimo Inc. will have the copyrights and usage rights of the submitted works/designs.
※We will not qualify pictures that do not follow the purpose or match the themes of this contest.
※Please do not make posts that violate Alchemia Story Terms of Use or Policy Violation.
※We will not qualify posts that violate the property rights, intellectual property rights including copyrights, honor, trust or privacy rights etc. of Asobimo Inc., other Users or third parties.
※We will not qualify posts that violate the public order and morals.
※We will not qualify posts that Asobimo Inc. deems inappropriate to present.
※Please note that we are unable to answer questions regarding the judging criteria.
※We may change or cancel this campaign without notice.
※Please note that we may cancel your prize if we find out any problems regarding the above after the results are announced.