Limit Break the Mount You Like! "Choose Miracle Drop P" Is Here!
Limit Break the Mount you like with "Choose Miracle Drop Pack"!

Sales Periods (JST)
Start: 2021/7/26 (Mon) 15:00
End: 2021/8/2 (Mon) 14:59

Featured items!
パック『Choose Miracle Drop P』
Gems (Paid):5,000
Available 1 per person
Choose Miracle Drop Tix×1
Couple Drive Tix+×1
Pendulum Stone×200

Choose Miracle Drop Tix
Flying Broom Miracle Drop
Bear's Miracle Drop
Board's Miracle Drop
Carpet's Miracle Drop
Chair's Miracle Drop
Macaron's Miracle Drop
Kitsune Miracle Drop
DIY Box Car Miracle Drop
Coffee Cup Miracle Drop
Ghost Miracle Drop
Floating Magic M. Drop

※You can trade the ticket at Liz's Mystical Shop > Mount Exchange > Choose Miracle Drop Tix > select the Miracle Drop.

※Find details about Couple Drive Lotto Tix+ here!

Where can I buy these items?
Items are sold at "Shop"!
How to Access the Shop: Tap the Shop button at the top of the game screen,
or Tap "≡" on the left-side of the game screen > select "Shop" > tap "Shop" on the bottom-right.

*Items purchased from the Shop will be sent directly to the Item page. They will not appear in the Present Box.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.