[4/8 Update]New Event "Cherry Blossom Festival ~Part 1~" Starts!


[4/8 Update]
We have confirmed an issue where some items in Kurana's Exchange in the event "Cherry Blossom Festival" have wrong names.
However. the preview shows the correct image, so please check the preview images of the furnitures before trading.
[Wrong names][Correct names]
Street Performer TopBamboo Shoot x2
Street Performer BottomsBamboo Shoot x2
Street Performer HatTrash Can: Burnable x2
Large Glass BottleTrash Can: Burnable x2
Bamboo Shoot x2Trash Can: Non-burnable x2
Trash Can: Burnable x2Trash Can: Non-burnable x2
Trash Can: Non-burnable x2Uguisu Mochi x2

We are planning to fix this issue during our maintenance on April 14.

Trash with evil spirits have appeared in the clean sanctuary.
The priestesses are having trouble dealing with the situation, so they ask the Explorers for help.

Why did Mamonos appear inside the barrier that's supposed to keep evil spirits away?
Will we able to hold the Cherry Blossom Festival!?

Everything depends on the Explorers....!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2021/4/7 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2021/5/12 (Wed) 13:59

How to Participate
① Let's join the Event from NAVI!
Accept the event "Cherry Blossom Festival" from Navi and select "Move" to start the event!

1.Open "Navi" from the Menu on the left.
2. Accept "Cherry Blossom Festival" from Event tab.
3. Select "Move" to start the event story and move to the event map "Cherry Blossom Festival: Reception".
※Please note that you have to clear "Main quest Ch.14 The two maids" to join this event.

② Let's collect event items!
How to collect the event item "Mysterious Trash"

You will have a chance to get "Mysterious Trash" by defeating certain Mamonos on the event map.
Cherry Blossom Festival: Beg-Big Trash
Cherry Blossom Festival: Int-Big Trash
Cherry Blossom Festival: Adv-Big Trash
Cherry Blossom Festival: Adv+Lv60 or higherBig Trash
Cherry Blossom Festival: HellLv70 or higherBig Trash

③ Progress the event and you will be able to trade the items you collected with other great items!
Trade items(Kurana)
ItemPrizesNumber of times to trade
Mysterious Trash×800Street Performer Top×1Infinite
Mysterious Trash×800Street Performer Bottoms×1Infinite
Mysterious Trash×1000
Moving Trash×1
Street Performer Hat×1Infinite
Mysterious Trash×1500
Large Glass Bottle×1Infinite
Mysterious Trash×1000
Moving Trash×1
30L Trash Bag×1Infinite
Mysterious Trash×1500
Moving Trash×2
Trash Picking Tongs×1Infinite
Mysterious Trash×1000Autumn Leaves Clip [Red]×1Infinite
Mysterious Trash×1500Autumn Leaves Clip [Green]×1Infinite
Mysterious Trash×1000
Moving Trash×3
Autumn Leaves Clip[Orange]×1Infinite
Mysterious Trash×1500
Moving Trash×3
Autumn Leaves Clip[Purple]×1Infinite
Mysterious Trash×750
Moving Trash×3
Drill Box×15
Mysterious Trash×750Core Box×110
Mysterious Trash×750
Moving Trash×3
Moving Trash×5AreaBossTicket×35
Mysterious Trash×100Pleasure Box A×1Infinite
Mysterious Trash×300Weapon Box A×11
Mysterious Trash×900
Moving Trash×1
Weapon Box A×11
Mysterious Trash×900UR Armor Lotto Tix×11
Mysterious Trash×2700
Moving Trash×5
UR Armor Lotto Tix×11
Mysterious Trash×25Fire Enhance Sword-R5×5Tradeable twice a day
Mysterious Trash×25Water Enhance Sword-R5×5Tradeable twice a day
Mysterious Trash×25Earth Enhance Sword-R5×5Tradeable twice a day
Mysterious Trash×25Wind Enhance Sword-R5×5Tradeable twice a day
Mysterious Trash×80WaterofLife×2Tradeable once a day
Mysterious Trash×80SilverWater×2Tradeable once a day
Mysterious Trash×80GoldWater×2Tradeable once a day
Mysterious Trash×80MoonWater×2Tradeable once a day
Mysterious Trash×80StarWater×2Tradeable once a day
Mysterious Trash×5EarthOrb(S)×2050
Mysterious Trash×10EarthOrb(M)×2050
Mysterious Trash×20EarthOrb(L)×1015
Mysterious Trash×500Rainbow Orb×310
Mysterious Trash×500Housing Medal×2001
Moving Trash×5Housing Medal×2001
Mysterious Trash×1500
Moving Trash×10
Housing Medal×2001
Mysterious Trash×1000
Moving Trash×15
Mysterious Trash×15Bamboo Shoot×210
Mysterious Trash×30Bamboo Shoot×2Infinite
Mysterious Trash×15Trash Can: Burnable×210
Mysterious Trash×30Trash Can: Burnable×2Infinite
Mysterious Trash×15Trash Can: Non-burnable×210
Mysterious Trash×30Trash Can: Non-burnable×2Infinite
Mysterious Trash×15Uguisu Mochi×210
Mysterious Trash×30Uguisu Mochi×2Infinite

Event Panel Mission is here!
You can get rewards by clearing missions related to the event quest.
During the event, tap the icon on the left of your screen to display the missions.

Event limited item


※The event period is subject to change without notice.