Get Bonus Items! Bonus Gem Campaign is here!


Get special items according to the total of Gems you purhcase during the campaign period!

*The number of Gems purchased during the campaign period will be counted.
*The number of the added extra Gems will not be counted.
Ex. When you purchase 10000+2800 Gems, only 10000 Gems will be counted. The extra 2800 Gems will not be counted.

Campaign Period (JST)
Start: 2023/2/1 (Wed) 0:00
End: 2023/2/7 (Tue) 23:59

Bonus Details
Amount of Purchased GemsBonus Items
120Mix Style Gacha Tix
720Lil Rabber Doll
3500NPC Gacha Ticket BOX
5000UR Armor Gacha Tix
7500UR Weapon Gacha Tix
10000Master Drill Box
15000D Burst Box
20000Burst Box
30000L Fest LR Gacha Tix
Burst Box
D Burst Box
50000Lv 10 Core Box
70000High Core Box×10
Ultra-Precise Slot Drill
90000Limit Breaker Sword-R5

*You can get one "Limit Breaker Sword" for weapons from "Burst Box".
*You can get one "Limit Breaker Sword" for armors from "D Burst Box".
*You can get one of the 7 NPC Gacha Tix from "NPC Gacha Tix BOX".
*If you already have an item with the same name in your Present Box, the new item may be added to the amount only (it won't be displayed separately).
*"Limit Breaker Sword-R5" can be used to break the limit of any weapon of rarity LR or lower.

Find more about [L Fest LR Gacha Tix]here
*You can win only "Zeno Typhon" series weapons with the "L Fest LR Gacha Tix".

NPC Gacha Ticket BOX(Tap Here)
Courage & Adventurer Tix Please refer here for details
Cook and Waitress Tix -Please refer here for details-
EffortsButlerticketsandselfishprincess -Please refer here for details-
Master & Servant Tix -Please refer here for details-
Miko Priestess Tix -Please refer here for details-
Tropic Merchant Tix -Please refer here for details-
Professional Avatar Tix -Please refer here for details-

High Core Box line-up list(Tap Here)

If you use "High Core Box", you can get 1 of the following.
ATK Up High Core Lv41
MATK Up High Core Lv41
DEF Up High Core Lv41
MDEF Up High Core Lv41
HP Up High Core Lv41
DL Up High Core Lv41
Fire Attack High Core Lv41
Water Attack High Core Lv41
Earth Attack High Core Lv41
Wind Attack High Core Lv41
Fire Def High Core Lv41
Water Def High Core Lv41
Earth Def High Core Lv41
Wind Def High Core Lv41
ATK Up High Core Lv31
MATK Up High Core Lv31
DEF Up High Core Lv31
MDEF Up High Core Lv31
HP Up High Core Lv31
DL Up High Core Lv31
Fire Attack High Core Lv31
Water Attack High Core Lv31
Earth Attack High Core Lv31
Wind Attack High Core Lv31
Fire Def High Core Lv31
Water Def High Core Lv31
Earth Def High Core Lv31
Wind Def High Core Lv31
ATK Up High Core Lv21
MATK Up High Core Lv21
DEF Up High Core Lv21
MDEF Up High Core Lv21
HP Up High Core Lv21
DL Up High Core Lv21
Fire Attack High Core Lv21
Water Attack High Core Lv21
Earth Attack High Core Lv21
Wind Attack High Core Lv21
Fire Def High Core Lv21
Water Def High Core Lv21
Earth Def High Core Lv21
Wind Def High Core Lv21
ATK Up High Core Lv11
MATK Up High Core Lv11
DEF Up High Core Lv11
MDEF Up High Core Lv11
HP Up High Core Lv11
DL Up High Core Lv11
Fire Attack High Core Lv11
Water Attack High Core Lv11
Earth Attack High Core Lv11
Wind Attack High Core Lv11
Fire Def High Core Lv11
Water Def High Core Lv11
Earth Def High Core Lv11
Wind Def High Core Lv11

*Gems that you get from "Miracle Set A" will not be counted.
*You will automatically get the bonus items once you reach the prescribed number of Gems. The items will be sent to your present box.
*You can use only one account for this campaign.