Accessory Ⅴ Selection Lotto


Get selected SR Avatars from "Accessory Ⅴ Selection Lotto" !

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2021/6/10 (Thu) 15:00
End: 2021/6/17 (Thu) 14:59

1x draw bonus included in the x5 draw!!
1 DrawGems: 300
5 DrawsGems: 1,200

Check the featured items!

For both male/female
SR Dragon [Black]
Part: Accessory
Element: Fire+15

For both male/female
SR Chubby Dragon [Black]
Part: Accessory
Element: Fire+15

For both male/female
SR Thunder Spirit [Scarlet]
Part: Accessory
Element: Fire+15

For both male/female
SR Carol Feathers
Part: Accessory
Element: Fire+15

SR ★★★ :100%
Rarity:SR ★★★(Tap Here)

AccessoryFireDragon [Black]0.600%
AccessoryWaterDragon [Blue]0.600%
AccessoryEarthDragon [Yellow]0.600%
AccessoryWindDragon [White]0.600%
AccessoryFireChubby Dragon [Black]0.600%
AccessoryWaterChubby Dragon [Blue]0.600%
AccessoryEarthChubby Dragon [Yellow]0.600%
AccessoryWindChubby Dragon [White]0.600%
AccessoryFireThunder Spirit [Scarlet]0.600%
AccessoryWaterThunder Spirit [Silver]0.600%
AccessoryEarthThunder Spirit [Gold]0.600%
AccessoryWindThunder Spirit [Black]0.600%
AccessoryFireCarol Feathers0.600%
AccessoryWaterAnthem Feathers0.600%
AccessoryEarthLament Feathers0.600%
AccessoryWindOratorio Feathers0.600%
AccessoryFireJunior Explorer Symbol P2.517%
AccessoryWaterJunior Explorer Symbol B2.517%
AccessoryEarthJunior Explorer Symbol O2.517%
AccessoryWindJunior Explorer Symbol G2.517%
AccessoryFireBlack Dragon Tail2.517%
AccessoryWaterBlue Dragon Tail2.517%
AccessoryEarthYellow Dragon Tail2.517%
AccessoryWindWhite Dragon Tail2.517%
AccessoryFireBlack Dragon Wing2.517%
AccessoryWaterBlue Dragon Wing2.517%
AccessoryEarthYellow Dragon Wing2.517%
AccessoryWindWhite Dragon Wing2.517%
AccessoryFirePure Longbow5.017%
AccessoryWaterMysterious Longbow5.017%
AccessoryEarthPassionate Longbow5.017%
AccessoryWindSteady Longbow5.017%
AccessoryFirePure Arrow Stand5.017%
AccessoryWaterMysterious Arrow Stand5.017%
AccessoryEarthPassionate Arrow Stand5.017%
AccessoryWindSteady Arrow Stand5.017%
AccessoryFireRed Raven Accessory5.017%
AccessoryWaterBlue Raven Accessory5.017%
AccessoryEarthBlack Raven Accessory5.017%
AccessoryWindWhite Raven Accessory5.017%

*Items won from the Lotto can be received from the Present Box.
*You may win the same item multiple times.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.
*We may re-sell the limited items after the campaign period has ended.
*The images are for illustrative purposes only and may look slightly different due to the equipment combination and our system.